Google Down the Line!: JD injures back, forced to retire in Paris

Thursday, May 28, 2009

JD injures back, forced to retire in Paris

The feelgood story of the Aussie Open, Jelena Dokic's comeback, turned to heartbreak in Paris when the Aussie baller was forced to retire from her second round match against Elena Dementieva with a painful back injury.

JD had already won the first set and was up a break in the second. However, Elena won the next two games and she called it quits.

According to JD,

I went for a return and I just went down and couldn't get back up. It's very painful and very disappointing because I felt as if I had the match in my hands.

It was her first trip back to Roland Garros since 2004.

It must be so tough for JD since she was playing so well and seemed on her way to a huge upset. And with ALL that she has been through it seems unfair.

I hope she gets better soon.

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  1. That was heart breaking. :( That girl is seriously due some good karma.

  2. On one side i feel for dokic, on the other i can't help but not notice how huge elena's arms are.

  3. Elena would have won this one anyway. We all know that.

    And V's ass is being kicked at this very moment. By an off-form Szavay, no less. I knew that dress was cursed. Seriously.

  4. I feel so bad for her. With all that she's been thru you'd think some good Karma would be kicking in.

  5. WHAT?! No more hot coach and boyfriend in the box?

  6. I felt awful for her. It's heartbreaking, I hope it isn't something too bad and she can get back to playing soon.


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