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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FASHION FIX: Shrieka defeats Anastasiya, debuts secret Nike dress

Maria Sharapova made her debut at Roland Garros yesterday dropping the first set against Belarusian Anastasiya Yakimova but storming through the last two for a 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 opening round victory. And even though she hit 7 double faults, the 3-time Grand Slammer cracked 36 winners against 29 errors.

Shrieka also unveiled the top secret Nike dress she mentioned in her recent Weekly Doodle. The billowy tank dress has interesting detailing most noticeably the gauzy lighter blue tiered fabric that drapes asymmetrically around her waist.

Okay - the blue coloring (which continues the trend of her last few RG dresses) is striking against the crushed brick and the design is intriguing especially when it's in motion. But the dress hides any hint of her body lines and certainly couldn't be worn anyone who isn't as skyscraper tall as Shrieka.

Always leave it to the Russian, though, to bring something special to the party.

(images: Getty, AP )


  1. Rich, are you looking at these pictures through post-holiday hangover glossy eyes???

    That dress is HIDEOUS!!! Not as hideous as Venus's dress mind you, but a total disaster nonetheless.

    If anyone's dress is striking against the crushed brick it's Jankovic's. I can't stand lefty, so shame on the tour letting her take the title of cutest apparell this year! I suppose there is still hope that Serena can save the day (ROFL!!!)


  2. The color of this dress is beautiful. That's the only positive thing I can say because this dress is genuinely terrible.

  3. Rich, you must have fashion beer-goggles on because *that* is the ugliest dress on court. Ugly. Fugly, if you will.

  4. HA! Don't you guys remember I'm the one that liked her MC Hammer pants in Miami??!

    As a whole I don't like it but I can appreciate some of the detail. It's true - my fashion beer goggles are on.

  5. This dress is fug!

    The colors are meh. The cut is WTF?. The fit is totally off.

    It looks like she took her FO 07 mesh-layer dress and her AO 06 babydoll, sew them together and Dolce tore them apart!

    I have no idea what the idea behind this god-awful mess was, but Shrieka must have been thinking "Charlie always tells me I would even look beautiful in a potato sack"No Shrieka. Just no!
    You're in Paris for King Karl's sake! It's the fashion capital and you're the reigning Glamazon of tennis and you wear this!?!?!?

  6. I like the top bot the bottom is really messy. Too bad cause I really liked the dress she wore before the tournament.

  7. ICK!! What an ugly dress! Actually, I hate all the dresses... JJ's, Masha's, V's... all fugly to me!

    Me thinks the brands are trying way too hard to make something different that hasn't been there before... it's not working! Sometimes LESS IS MORE. Seriously.

  8. Hey - give her a credit!

    It's true that the dress does NO good at all to Shrieka's body,
    but it is so far the most creative, unique, brave design on tennis apparel!

    The picture doesn't do justice either - the dress looks so much better in live action.

  9. She should have kept this a secret. She tries too hard with the fashion stuff. Cute and sporty always works.

  10. Never bought into this fashion glamazon nonsense with Maria, but when she's not trying so hard she's had some genuinely nice that have suited her. But everything she's worn this year has been a nightmare.

    Why has Nike stuck her in a strange blue tent w/o any design to it? They don't have to put her in skin tight spandex, but this dress is like a swimming pool, the colour is meh and overall it does absolutely nothing for her.

  11. WHat´s the name of this dress? Please, I can´t find it nowhere and I love it!


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