Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: ANTA reveals Roland Garros dress for JJ + Lefty

Friday, May 22, 2009

FASHION FIX: ANTA reveals Roland Garros dress for JJ + Lefty

Here's the ANTA dress Jelena Jankovic + Lefty will be wearing as they go for their first major at Roland Garros.

It's hard to see the detailing here but the blue color is really striking and should pop nicely against the backdrop of red clay.

But, why do JJ + Lefty look like they're becoming more Chinese here? Do you think that was part of the sponsorship agreement??

(via Women's Tennis Blog)


  1. Cute dress. GREAT color; more blue for the courts. Anyone want to get me one in China? It is odd what they did with the retouching!

  2. From what we can see of it, I like it, too. To quote the kids, the color is "awesome".
    Somebody got happy with the photoshopping, or whatever it is they do. Even her perfect legs are way over done.

  3. Holy crap Natch I didn't even notice the legs. It looks like they removed 3/4 of her body mass. Anyway, I like it and I love the color; it really looks pretty and I am SOOOO happy she's done wearing that hideous thing she has been wearing lately. I'd like to see a better picture so I can comment on the detailing around the waist. I hope it looks good on tv.

    Does anyone know what the chinese stuff says?

  4. HA! She prob requested they strip some mass of those legs since she's not too happy with bulking up in the off season.

    Plus, her head now looks to big for her body too!

  5. ohhhh I lovvee the color alsoo! Blue really works with the red clay courts

    HAHA Rich, it does though!! and she looks way too Chinese :S

  6. I love the blue! but it turns out that JJ won't be the only one wearing blue for the next two weeks. Shrieka posted on her site that her dress is going to be different shades of blue as well, matching her Tiff earrings.

  7. *** Also, does anyone see a trend with Shrieka for RG? For the past 2 (now 3 yrs) she's been wearing blue/greens to the event.

  8. hey here's a huge version of the picture. It's been posted on JJ's official website:

    I think it looks really nice! Dark blue works for her, as opposed to the baby blue Reebok dress she wore to RG last year.

  9. Yup I agree with Chris, dark colors really does suit JJ. I really can't stand it when she wears all the "baby" colors. Darker colors look better on her skintone. =)


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