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Saturday, May 9, 2009

BREAKING: Reeshard tests positive for prohibited substance in Miami

Richard Gasquet has apparently test positive for a substance classified as a recreational drug in Miami. The news was confirmed by an official in the French Tennis Federation.

Via (Googley translated, of course):

The french tennis player was tested positive for a prohibited substance during a check carried out on the 1000 Miami Masters in late March.

Richard Gasquet, 23, tested positive at the 1000 Miami Masters in late March. The news has been confirmed by an official of the French Tennis Federation, and a source close to the Team Lagardère, whose structure depends on the player. Medical source, the sample A of the French showed signs of a substance prohibited in competition by the World Anti-Doping Code, such as recreational (cocaine, cannabis, etc.). The audit was conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The Biterrois, 23rd global player, had to enter the tournament in the 2nd round against Spaniard Albert Montanes before forfeit a few hours before the game because of pain in the right shoulder. " Absent this week's Estoril tournament, the player of Team Lagardère withdrew today from the Madrid Masters in 1000, which was used as a launching pad for the tournament at Roland Garros.

Gasquet could encounter "only" 3 months of suspension. His presence at Porte d'Auteuil would be strongly compromised. Tennis has seen other cases of doping with cocaine: Mats Wilander (3 months) and Karel Novacek in 1995 (3 months), Martina Hingis in 2007 (2 years). FFF has not officially reacted to the news, nor is the Team Lagardère. Earlier in the afternoon, Francis Gasquet, the player's father, told RMC that his son had "fallen from the nude" in learning what was still a rumor.

Apparently, it was cocaine - potential for two year ban based on amount found in his sample. Savannah's World has the scoop.

I'm feeling so sad for Reeshard right now. Clearly he's struggling with something. Hopefully better days are ahead for the Frenchie baller.

(via savannah's world, image via getty)


  1. Wow, this is really unfortunate. I hope everything works out for the best for him and I hope whatever is causing the distruption in his life gets resolved. I don't know how I feel about suspending a player for cocaine or pot...I realize they are banned substances but they aren't really performancing enhancing are they? Regarless, hang in the Richard, you will continue to have my support.

  2. WTF, bb!? W T F?

  3. Fuuuuck!!! I can't believe it! Richy and cocaine? WTF!?!?! He's no Martina...

    Now, seriously. I wonder what's going on with him. Is he struggling with unfulfilled potential as a child protegy now that he's getting older and his results worse?
    I mean, he's always been the No.1 young French top-gun, with the most beautiful 1HBH I've ever seen. But since last year we have Jo-Willy, Gilles and LaMonf who not just caught up on him, but overtook him all the way to the top 10. Those three probably caused more headlines this one year, than Richy did the last 5.

    Maybe I'm wrong and sth else is bugging him, but he clearly must have some serious problems in his live when he does cocain.
    With the always increasing doping controls he must have known that he most likely would get caught. Still he chose to consume them, thereby gambling with his tennis carreer as well as his health.

    I hope that if he doesn't get banned he gets his life back on track somehow.

  4. He should come out already. Just follow his country woman's lead. Then he will play freely.

  5. *sighs*

    I certainly don't want to judge the guy. I don't know what his life is like or what pressures he's under. It's hard to be "angry" with him as a person when we don't even know the why/etc.

    I think mostly I'm just really disappointed as a fan. He's so talented and absolutely gifted with a beautiful game, and he's doing nothing with it. If he gets a two year ban, he should just forget it.

    And you have to wonder, in this hyper-sensitive time of testing in tennis, (just ask Andy Murray obviously!) who would be so daring mid-tournament to put drugs in their system? You have to assume chances are more positive than not, you'll be caught. Gambling with a drug test or its timing, not so smart. And if he wanted to get caught, (which I doubt but who would know?) that's just a pathetic postscript to add to your career.

    I'm anxious to hear if he has a statement about all of this. Hopefully he'll make one one way or the other for his fans' sake, whether he feels he owes it or not.

  6. I'm hurt, not because I take it as a personal offense or anything like that but because Richard is ridiculously talented and the fact that he's going through all these things in his career is incredibly sad. I hope that he knows that we, his fans, are still behind him.

    I've seen this on several websites but where's the official confirmation? In this article, his dad calls it a only a rumour which has left Richard "thunderstruck" NOT "fallen from the nude."

  7. Tennis ObserverMay 9, 2009 at 9:35 PM

    Goddamn McEnroe, he could get away with any substances in his time! The Golden Era of pro tennis!


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