Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) VIDEO VAULT: What did Wilson ever do to you Fed?

Friday, April 3, 2009

(UPDATED) VIDEO VAULT: What did Wilson ever do to you Fed?

Roger Federer may want to retire his denial dance once and for all this season.

The 13-time Grand Slammer was all out of sorts (to say the least) and was bounced from the Sony Ericsson Open today by Novak Djokovic 3-6, 6-2, 6-3. The Serb will now face the winner of the Andy Murray-Juan Martin del Potro match tonight in Sunday's big final.

So how out of sorts was the supposedly serene Swiss? Well, I wouldn't ask his now-deceased Wilson stick. Just sayin'.

*blows air kisses to Maja*

UPDATE: Click here for the transcript from Fed's post-match presser - it's a MUST READ (thanks Tessa!). Someone is PISSED though I think Wilson should be more - may he rest in peace. Boo hoo.



  1. Floved it! He really destroyed that thing, too.

    Uhmmmmmmm...can you tell I've done the same thing once or twice?

  2. He really did Natch. I've thrown racquets too but Wilson was road kill after he was through with him.

    Nasty temper much?

  3. dayum! he really needed to let out some aggression, but i was still really shocked to see it!

    i don't know if he can do it, but i'm really cheering for nole to lift the trophy now (i think it was the embarrassing camping story in addition to my vivid imagination of what the celebration party would be like). murray bores me, sorry. no personality! so vacant and absent. smile! change your facial expression! do SOMETHING! same with delpo. he looks asleep 90% of the time. are you awake?! hello!! HA HA sorry, clearly i'm just cracking myself up. /drivel by jo :)

  4. omg.I mixed the time, thinking it will start in a couple of hours, but it's over, he lost?!Why didn't I watch this???Noooo.
    This is all going downhill Fed, wake up!
    Was Fed bad, with million UE and mental as usual in last defeats or was Nole, as I doubt it, brilliant?

  5. clearly i'm just cracking myself up

    and me too - HAHAHAHA!!! love it. celebration party? well def shirtless and lots of champagne tossed around to bathe in. i think they'll need more party peeps there - for support of course.

    *books group trip to miami*
    *packs slut-wear*

  6. Johanne I have to disagree with you when you say Andy Murray has no personality, he has one, it's just a very annoying one.

  7. I love Andy Murray, nothing annoying about him to me, great smart game, fair player on court, politte and quite rational in interviews, funny with his pastynes, and so sweet goofy smile!Big love for Andy.

  8. Tessa,
    Fed was gadawful. Honestly, you've never seen him like this before. But the racquet smash? A thing of beauty. I gained a whole lot of respect for him after that. Sometimes, you just need to be violent (against an object.)

    All the ones I destroyed looked like Fed's. It's so great when you can do it in one shot. You feel like if you've accomplished nothing else, you've done at least THAT. Usually, that frees you up and you can play better. But Fed was too far behind and his forehand was AWOL.

  9. tessa: yeah his forehand went from ferocious to feral in this match. sad state of affairs - but he can def change things if he chooses to get his head shrunk or grabs a spare coach from somewhere.

    natch: i guess it never worked for me - girlie arms and all. *sobs*

  10. ZOMFG! I don't who saw the match, but it was BAD! I started watching when Fed lead 5-1 in the 1st set and thought this would be an easy win for Fed but then... I don't even know what it was, but he just kinda imploded!
    He sprayed his forehand everywhere, just not in court!
    You could almost feel how he got more and more frustrated and then - BOOM! - he sends his poor racquet to racquet-heaven...

    At this point, does anyone doubt that his problems are bigger than he want everyone (including himself) to believe?
    I'm not just talking about his level of play, but first and foremost about his mental toughness!
    He developed from being The Mighty Fed to becoming a mental midget when conditions get rough.

    Just for comparison:
    Both him and Rafa played their worst matches of the year in Miami, but even though Rafa blew that double break lead in the 3rd set, he kept fighting until the end.
    Roger just gave up! He got upset with himself, the conditions, everything!
    In the hand he even refused to shake hands with the umpire!

    As a Rafanatic and Fedophile, this have been the worst two days in a long time and I want this sh!t to stop!

    Ps. thanks for posting it!

  11. Slut-wear. BWHA!
    *adds new term to her vocabulary*

    I agree that Murray is kinda boring, but I also like how hard he has had to work, and the fact that he's as white as a sheet. It makes him closer to one of us, rather than perfect like most of the rest of the top ten.
    JMDP I like because of all those names. Plus, he's a big gangly goon capable of just killing the ball. He also plays with a lot of emotion, which always makes natch happy! ;)

    You kids going down,
    Have fun on the group party slutbus tour of Miami!

  12. Richie,
    You can have girlie arms and do it. Use your legs. Bend your knees first. Just like a serve. That's where the power comes from. Of course, make sure you have an extra $300-$500 laying around first.

  13. I wouldn't count on him getting a coach any time soon, read his post-match presser. He actually sounds a little crazy in that (sarcastic and ticked too, which isn't the worst I guess, better than the crazy at least).

    WITHIGOW with him, I'm actually beginning to wonder of impending fatherhood is screwing up his tennis already. Yes, I'm one of those nuts who thinks he didn't actually want this yet (despite all his protestations to the contrary) and that Mirka trapped him after failure to get a ring all those years.
    -Bad Tin! ;)

    PS - I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy, which I can't believe, crazy Rafa fan that I am!

  14. >> celebration party? well def shirtless and lots of champagne tossed around to bathe in. i think they'll need more party peeps there - for support of course. <<

    Word. I'm so there with my slut-wear (hey that rhymes!). Hopefully Nole has Rafa's number so we can call and cheer him up by leaving dirty messages and the like ;)

    Brittany: Pfff! You really got me in your comment, thought you were going somewhere else entirely. But let me clarify: I don't find Murray annoying or anything of the sort. He's just kinda there, doo-do-doo, playing great tennis. And that's totally fine, that's his style. It just doesn't do anything for me. Zzzzz. HOWEVER, when I saw him singing along to Coldplay during Tabasco's injury time-out yesterday, I was amused. But only slightly.

    On topic: I wonder if Fed's presser is posted yet. I'm sure they asked him about the late Mr. Wilson. R.I.P.

  15. @Maja:so it was standard Fed wreck game?Leading 5-1, everything is in your hands, you have all the shots, you're Fed for god sakes, and then SNAP! he's gone mental.
    Oh well.Sadly but this is what I expect now from Federer, to go mental without valid reason.To be a better player, and to constantly give away matches is crazy.
    I so wonder how it's gonna develope in the future, he now has serious problem, that just keeps repeating.
    Will he wake up?Will be interesting to see.I'm sad to see such a brilliant player doing this to himself.I want normal Federer, we already have Safin, two of them are just too much.

  16. What's the big deal? When he was younger, Roger smashed his rackets all the time. I know he has that Mr. Cool image nowadays but really, he never lost that temperment.

  17. Ooops I guess Fed's presser is up...thanks!


    Johanne it's here!

  19. He's just kinda there, doo-do-doo,

    Oh, I though you were talking about Nole for a moment johanne. my bad!

    I check the SEO site and ASAP sports and couldn't find the transcript from his presser. Feel free to leave the link here - inquiring minds are DYING to know.

    What's the big deal? When he was younger, Roger smashed his rackets all the time.

    True enough JadeFoxxy (I always want to type 3 X's - tennisperv). But because of that reason it shows Fed's actually regressing which is a pretty bad sign for his game right now and with Baby Mango on the way. He's going to have less mental bandwith than he has now to work on his game once Mango's born. He may deny it but I think he'll see it's not so easy.

    He needs to start AHORA and get his shite in gear. It's just going to get worse - as evidenced today.

  20. I swear if one more time I hear Fed say "a whole a lot" in his next interview, I'll go and buy a Wilson to smash.
    God.Hate him forcing that in every damn interview.Jeesh.

  21. Federer is going to switch racquet and start using Prince now that Nole has used that stick to beat him... hehehe.

    May be that's the exact reason why Bjork left the game after losing his last Wimbledon match. He can't see himself be an also run in all the tournaments.

  22. Rich:

    I don't know if he's regressing really. I think he basically learned how to suppress it and was successful in doing so for a long time. But it probably takes a lot of work to suppress what seems to be his true nature so it's coming out, little by little.

    I do think the fact that he served and volleyed for a lot of the third set means he isn't THAT stubborn and he's willing to change it up.

    And seeing how his problems began before he got Mirka pregnant I don't think it's about impending fatherhood at this point. That can be used as a too easy excuse if one isn't careful.

  23. "I've had like 5 coaches in the last few years."
    Ammmm, OK, is that an answer?!?
    He is out of reality.
    Yeah Fed, but two years ago you were destroying others, now you're destroying yourself, any clues to catch?And they do ask him, what does it take for him to get it...he lives in the last 5 years, but it's this year now, and he's reluctant to face it.

  24. JF: But not only did he used to smash racquets but he also used to serve and volley all the time too in his younger years.

    I think we can agree he's just plain stumped about what to do out there now that two ballers own him outright and he just lost a big one to someone he, let's be honest, has no real love for.

    I'm def not saying the impending fatherhood was the catalyst for his issues because they did start before. But, his focus will undoubtedly be split. He's only human.

    It's tennis and Fed so he can def get his game back together. But he needs to admit he has big issues in his game right now and figure out a smart way to fix them.

    We've seen this time and time again - it's a slippery slope from the top to somewhere down below. But it's not written in stone it will happen, he just needs to start working on it. Like, now.

  25. I feel so badly for Fed. :(

    I'm shocked, but glad he smashed his racquet. He needed to let that out.

    If all goes to plan, Andy will demolish the Elf and the Smurf. Yay! (I hope)

  26. ITA TEssa about the coach comment - ummm, what??? There were other weird things in there as well - what was with that hard court over, on to the clay courts bit???

    And, while impending fatherhood might not be the only reason things are going South, I firmly believe it's part of the reason.

    ITA with Rich that things are only going to get harder/probably worse after Mango arrives. Somewhere I read this article about chances of winning majors after fatherhood. The gist was not good, to say the very least, with lots of stats backing up the article. They had some comments of current tour and former tour fathers, and they all said it was going to be a lot more difficult than Federer realizes.

    So, no matter what Federer says about it, I just really think it's playing on his mind and feeding into the "I might never win another major" mindset he seems to be carrying.

    Obviously "a whole lot" (sorry Tessa I couldn't resist ;) is going wrong, but trapper Mirka and baby Mango are at least part of it.


  27. The only thing I'm saying is that I don't want that poor child (who isn't even BORN yet) become a scapegoat of sorts. His problems to me are more internal than external.

  28. Wait...wait...wait...
    ...WITHIGOW? AHORA?(Who, me?;) )
    ITA, I can figure out. wtf do the other two mean?

    Rog saying it DIDN'T feel good makes me hate him now. Keep on thinkin' that way, loser. You'll be out of the top 50 in no time.
    Alright...constant racquet smashing bad. When-it's-needed racquet smashing? Verrrrrrrrrry good.

  29. Interesting, or not really, not surprising I should say, that he spends a good part of that presser bashing his opponent (and the weather) - and that he just played a bit worse? Me thinks he needs to cancel a few lunch dates with Anna Wintour and start watching some Rafa pressers and see how good sportsmanship is actually shown.

  30. Good point Foxxy - I don't want the poor kid getting blamed either. His/her mother on the hand... No, but seriously, it's not poor innocent baby's fault, it's Fed's and his mentality about it.

    Plus, his refusal to acknowledge what a change this is infuriates me. Not so much, say, as his refusal to acknowledge anything is wrong with his game, or his refusal to acknowledge that he'll never beat Father Time, but it infuriates me nonetheless.

    You are a GOAT candidate for heaven's sake Fed, act like it!!! This infuriation even after all the slack I'm cutting him for the wonderful class-act years he has given us. Come on Fed, don't ruin the legacy!


    PS - I will shut up now, why am I even letting Fed make me crazy, I love Rafa for heaven's sake. ;) If Fed wants to fall, let him fall I guess, or keep up the "great effort" or whatever:

    "So, you know, I finished worse than him. He played so bad in the first set, I had a great effort by finishing even worse than him. It was good."

  31. ^^WTHIGOW = What the hell is going on with...
    The other one? No idea!

    I read the interview and it felt so strange...

    I couldn't really catch the vibe of it and Fed didn't really give any inside. Just the usual blah blah players tell the press after a bad loss!

    When will he finally grow some balls and say what's really on his mind?
    C'mon Fed! You smashed that racquet - and you liked it! *starts humming*
    You completely lost it in that moment! Just admit it!

    And what is that sh!t that he's looking forward to clay now?
    He's just playing 2 tournaments before RG and he must already have nightmares about Rafa trashing him (if he manages to reach the final...)

  32. natch WITHIGOW = What In The Hell Is Going On With lol :=)
    ahora is spanish for now , no?:)))

  33. Is it bad to that I'm glad he did that? Finally!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's human afterall. Maybe, just maybe, he'll wake up and realize that he's actually not the best player on tour right now.

    I'm also glad that it wasn't Rafa or Andy M that did us the honors. This should punctuate the story the rest of the tennis world already knew. The FedExpress has left the building. LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!


  34. Maya, Tessa,
    Thanks. *doffs chapeau*

    You really have worked your undies into a bunch, haven't you? I know, it's frustrating to see someone so good go so bad and say he is still so good.

    *goes back to daydreaming*
    Ahora, Rafa. Ahora.

  35. Yeah he was SO sarcastic in that presser and like Maja said the part about looking forward to the clay??? WTF!!! That was so telling. Does he really think his prospects will be better on the clay than hard courts? He can't get himself to admit, at least publicly, that his game is slipping fast.

    Let's hope he's doing some real soul searching privately. But if today's performance was any indication, nothing's happening behind closed doors either.

  36. I only saw the last three games of the match so, sadly, I missed the smash. Someone back up in the comments said this was his worst match of the year. Really? Worse than how Andy beat him a couple weeks back? Cuz that was some shi**y play from Roger in the third set vs. Murray. And, bless you Nole! You dull the pain of Rafa's loss!

  37. The recipient of the Edberg Sportsmanship Award for 2008 (5 years in a row) does the following when losing: smashes racquet, throws bottles and refuses to shake umpire's hand (for the second time recently).

    He wasn't doing that when he was winning.

    Who votes for these awards? His pigeons?

  38. Narik, it was worse. It was way, way, way worse! Fed totally self-destructed after he won the first set!
    If Djoker had played at 60% of what he's capable of (yes, the quality of the match was THAT low), he would have double-bageled Fed!!

  39. Federer did't shake hand with the chair umpire at the end of the match....did he have a fight with him during the match?

    It is rare to see Federer so ungentleman like.

  40. I wouldn't say it's that's just been portrayed as such. I saw the match and was completely unaware of any argument with the ump. I didn't see/hear anything, but I could be wrong. Anyone?

  41. He didn't give props to Djok in the interview--he's living in denial.

  42. No..he is not living in denial as he said that in his presser that nobody expected him to win that should shut you all up right?gloat AWAY.....As all of you have been saying...he is done so be happy now ok?
    Now move on and forget about him.

  43. Wow..46 comments Rich!!...I think somebody need to smash more racqueeeetts : )

  44. Wow, Maja. I didn't think Fed was capable of playing worse than he did against Murray. Kinda sad. He sounds like he's not putting up the fight he used to.

  45. Anon 10:41 - Sorry you feel that way. We love Rog. We just want his to come out from the land of denial and face reality, that's all. He needs to acknowledge that he's not the #1 anymore.


  46. That was AWESOME! Finally Fed gets real with his emotions. First the crying and now this? Anyone who's played knows your real personality comes out on court. Haven't seen this in the last few years because of all the winning. And you can be measured in a press conference so I could care less about that. That poor racquet fell victim to all those losses to Rafa and Murray. Losing to Djokobitch just put him over the edge. Good times!

  47. Do you remember the last time you broke a racquet, Roger?

    ROGER FEDERER: Could have been here against Rafa. [2005]

    Take a look. He did a better job of smashing it this time round.

  48. I LOOOVVVEE it when they smash their rackets! I wish the women did it more. I don't know why people boo or whistle when they do that, you are allowed to get frustrated. Nothing's more boring than showing no emotion.


  49. Marat approved that smash!

  50. I'm sad to see Roger like that, he look depressed, that's the worst thing that can happen to him.
    He'll be back like he did at the USO 08, I trust him.
    Rogi Wan Fedobi!


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