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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Some boys dream of being a gladiator while one likes to dirty dance

Thanks to an anonymous DtL reader and Miri at Nadal News for tipping me off to this video of the ATP baller boys discussing their fave films of all time.

So what was tops on the lists? Gladiator. No, seriously. I'm thinking it must be all that sweaty man-on-man least that's why I love it. Oh, and a swarthy Russell Crowe working the Caesar cut. Hawtness.

Another shockeratti? Roger Federer loves the Rambo series and Dirty Dancing. I know, I know.

And what does Rafael Nadal like? Apparently he has too many faves - another typical non-answer, no?

(via TennisTV)


  1. *arrives with blue cigars for everyone*
    *tosses confetti*
    Yay! One of my favorite humans in all the world, one of my best friends--the guy who taught me to play tennis, has a son!
    *smiles, cries*

    Alright, sorry to go OT. I'm just so happy!!! :D
    What is WRONG with these idiot ballers? The greatest movie ever made is Citizen Kane.

  2. Rafa is very guarded and private. He really doesn't like to reveal much. You only get to know him a bit by different bits of interviews and that's not much!

  3. natch: Yay to your friend!!! Babies abound!!!

    *tries smoking cigar*

    anon: true, hence the "typical non-answer" part!

  4. Thanks, Richie! natch very, VERY happy. They picked a normal name (no stupid spelling, either), too. *smiles more*
    Sorry about the cigar. I forgot I laced a couple for Rafa. You must have gotten one of his. ;)

  5. Braveheart is peppered in there too. More sweaty man-on-man action for the ballers.

    I f-ing LOVE that Fed listed "Top Gun" and "Dirty Dancing" (classic!) and then goes on to say he "likes action films." LOL! He cracks me up!! :)

    Rafa seems to be laughing off the question, like "Whatever, let's move it along." HA!

  6. LOL, do you think maybe 'dirty dancing' was a slip of the tongue by fed? Haha! Classic.

    Brownie points to Igor, Gilles (duh, lol) and to Murray for fangirling Will Ferrell.

  7. Dirty dancing for Fed, so funny!

    Tsonga really says gladiator so sexy with that french accent. I really love accents :)

  8. Rambos, James Bond, Top Gun... Dirty Dancing. - Classic.
    Reckon that's where he got his ballerina moves? xD

    Andreev and Ljubicic seem to be the only ones who watch good cinema.

  9. Rafa has often mentioned "Gladiator" as being his favorite movie, I wonder why he didn't say so here?

    Roger loves Dirty Dancing, lol.

  10. I had to love how Roger said he like Action movies, but listed Dirty Dancing?.

    Does anyone think the ATP had a movie night the day before? Showing Braveheart and Gladiator of course...

  11. Why does Sam Querrey piss me off everytime he comes up in these Q&A sessions, same with Mardy Fish?

    Roger I love you but Dirty Dancing is not an action film.(Why do I get the feeling that he listens to ABBA?)lol

    *Imagines Roger dancing to Dancing Queen*
    *joins him*

  12. Gladiator's only redeeming feature is Joaquin Phoenix. Though he is quite a big redeeming feature.

  13. HAAAAAA! I love how Roger thinks Dirty Dancing is an action movie! What about Ghost and Pretty Woman, Fed? There was tons of good action in those. . .sigh. . .he' such a dork.

    Ivan Ljubicic is obviously the intellectual of the bunch - I saw the food video the ATP did and he gave quite a long and thoughful answer to that one, too.

    Love how Sam Querrey talks about Happy Gilmore like it's Fellini. . .

  14. Why does Sam Querrey piss me off everytime he comes up in these Q&A sessions, same with Mardy Fish?

    you have something against happy guys who like comedies?

  15. Sara the same thing happens to me with Sam and sometimes Mardy but more Sam. Maybe it's becaust he reminds me of stoned high school boys trying too hard. One of the many reasons high school is not an okay experience.


    Anon if I had something against happy guys who like comedies I wouldn't be married.

    P.S. I want to do Tsonga.

  16. OMG - Guilty Pleasure Alert: I have a fondness for ABBA. It's true! And I may, MAY, have danced a time or two to Dancing Queen. So I guess Fed and I have more in common than just a love of preppy fashion. Eeks.

    But does my Gay Card get me out of it? P-P-P-Please??! Or maybe more like it explains it. Ugh.

    *goes back inside closet*
    *secretly listens to ABBA on iPod*

  17. Did they like round up all the tennis players at some point and force them to watch a special screening of Gladiator or what?! It looks like that's the only movie they've ever seen....

  18. Rich there is absolutely NO shame in being an ABBA fan. I myself am a fan. It takes a special person to appreciate and I just started getting that vibe from Roger.

    *happy sigh*
    The list of ABBA fans only keeps growing: Rich, Roger, me, Freddie ljungberg(see link)

    P.S. Joan I'm glad you agree with me but hands off. I claimed the Frenchies a long time

  19. *joins rich, sara, roger and the hot dude in the picture on ABBA dancefloor*

  20. I don't know but somehow my gaydar went up (again) at the mention of Dirty Dancing. I'm sorry Fed fans but I get that vibe from him sometimes. *giggles*

  21. Oh yes Freddie! That makes the the ABBA love SO worth it. Oh, and Sara, Fed, and anonymous person. C'mon, the more the merrier people!

    *listens to ABBA out and proudly*

  22. LOL I just randomly ask if anyone has seen this vid on YouTube and BAM!!! A blog about it!!!!! And I forgot to put my name down. This makes my day!!!! Unless you weren't able to or just didn't watch movies growing up, everyone has to have a favorite movie!!! I swear Rafa's horrible English limits him from fully answering questions. He should work on that on his downtime. This is too cool. LOL

  23. Dirty Dancing is an action movie... just not that kind of action movie.

  24. *joins the ABBA fansquad*

    OK, I'll say it now: I love Abba, I love Dirty Dancing, and I effing love Gladiator, and MAN I'm so in love with Russell Crowe. AND I'M NOT ASHAMED OF IT!! *LOL*

    The fact that Fed loves all those cheesy 80's movies is so adorable to me. Flashdance, anyone??

    Sam weirds me out going on and on about Happy Gilmore. What's with this guy?
    Ivan cleary is the intellectual one there. Kudos.

    And can Rafa PLEASE give a FRIGGIN' answer to that simple question??? Just mention any film you particularly liked, dammit - it's not like it could be the wrong answer (unless it's Happy Gilmore, hee hee). ;-P

  25. Seriously, Gladiator!? It's a great movie but I really wish these guys would think outside of the box. Have they never heard of Ben-Hur? Blows Gladiator out of the water any day!

  26. Rich: I'm going to come out too... I absolutely LOVE Abba and have danced to them on several occasions. *joins dance party*

    Sonja: I also love Gladiator and Russell Crowe and I refuse to be ashamed of it anymore!

    Phew. Glad to have put it all out there...


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