Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Nipple tassels sell racquets, don't they?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Nipple tassels sell racquets, don't they?

A big thanks to tangerine for tipping me off to this hysterical new video featuring Novak Djokovic pimping out HEAD!

The sexy Serb, who partnered with the racquet maker on the brilliant "Speed Lessons" videos, is shown mid-match running off the screen for a ball hit at an incredibly severe angle. And what ensues is pure hilarity, Nole-style.

But let me just say this: I'd give my left teste to be on oil-rubbing granny right about now. CLASSIC.


(via HEAD)


  1. djoker is hilarious and so is the ad!

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  3. aww yay novak is hilarious i loved it! it really makes me happy to know that the novak a lot of us came to love 2 years ago is still in there!

  4. I love how he releases the bucket of water on himself!! Hot!

  5. It just kept getting better and better. Flashdance revisited! FLOVED it!!!

  6. Only Vaidisova or Kournikova would sell this way.

  7. OMG you guys - I keep watching it! And when I'm not watching it I'm reliving it in my head (of course replacing granny with me).

    And the announcer: "For the love of God!"


    The Djoker is back - full force!!!!

  8. But we still don't know which exact
    Head racket he uses! Why is it such a secret, i don't get it.

  9. The funniest thing I have seen in a long long time

  10. irene.s - here's info on the new YOUTEK stick Nole's working now courtesy of tennisidentity:

  11. ROFL!!!!

    Luckiest. Granny. Eva.

  12. What I find fascinating is that one of the commentators is named Rich. I think Novak is secretly sending you messages Rich, just like Rafa.

    P.S. The nipple tassles are horribly disturbing.

  13. That was classic! LOVED IT!!!! This makes Nole's shaky transition to a HEAD racket totally worth it! Well almost :P

  14. Sara: OMG it's true! Nole's calling for me.

    *books package deal to Monaco*
    *packs Jelena disguise*

    He likes to play dress up obvs.

  15. Pretty funny,I can see this in the next TBS funny commercial special.
    Thumbs up Head.

  16. Great video - With Marat on the way out (big tears), we need a Djoker on tour. Love him or hate him, we need him.

    OT - does anyone know if it's confirmed that Federer is having a boy??? Here is an excerpt from his Monte Carlos presser:
    Q. Did you already decide the name of your son?
    ROGER FEDERER: Not yet. You know, we’ll see. There’s quite a few books around that are that thick, so we’ll see where it takes us.
    But, no, we haven’t decided anything yet. Yeah, I have no clue yet right now myself. Thank God we got time left, right, to decide.

    Ummm, Rog, why do you need the books, Mango Blackberry has already been chosen for quite awhile! ;)


  17. Ooooh it's a boy! How wonderful and exciting.

    (FYI I would have responded the same way if it were a girl)

    Rich: Have fun! Just make sure to be done with him in time for Wimbledon.

  18. That actually scared me a little bit..haha. Where'd he get those? Were they just hiding in his closet somewhere?

  19. According to this it will be a boy.


  20.'s still killing me! The commentators just make it all the better. And the Navy seals.

    HILARIOUS! And nice of them to do a shout out to you there. XD \m/

  21. Just when you think the scenario has gone too far, it goes that much farther. Bravo Nole! I was laughing so hard that tears just started flowing. My roommate thinks I'm losing my mind because just think about the video makes me burst in to giggles.

  22. Ummm....I guess I'm the only one who DIDN"T find it funny. Whatever!

  23. That was really funny. His moves with the 90s band boys were the best part.
    And is it true? Fed is having a boy? Even though Mango Blackberry is awesome, I still think he should name him Rafael ;)

  24. OHMYGOD, hahahahahaa!!! Hilarity, indeed! :D

    Classic Djokester, we've missed you!

    FLOVE the Flashdance reference. And what disturbs me is that I find him so sexy throughout the whole commercial (ok maybe except for that nipple moment...).
    He would've had me with the balloon doggie already, hehe.

  25. oh my god....this is such a cringe but strangely attractive (excluding the aforementioned nipple tassle moment!)

    I don't know what the ad guys at HEAD are on - seriously! First speed lessons and now this can full of crazy, loool.

  26. omg best ad ever!


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