Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: JuJu gives it up for Rafa

Thursday, April 23, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: JuJu gives it up for Rafa

From one dominant dirt baller to another, 4-time French Open champ Justine Henin expresses her admiration and respect for Rafael Nadal's achievements, especially off clay, as he works towards a fifth straight Roland Garros title in the coming weeks.

Damn, was JuJu great on the slippery stuff or what? *sigh*

(via Eurosport)


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  2. TEE,
    You do and you'll clean it up! ;) My apologies, I say that to everyone I can't understand.

    Hmmm...Justine a Rafanatic? I never pictured that.

    *joins Richie in Justine Yesteryear*

  3. Gotta say, didn't really appreciate Justine's greatness while she was playing. Was never a fave of mine nor was I a hater. She was just there for me. But now I'm youtubing former matches of hers and wishing she was still in the game. Damn Justine, if Kimmie's coming back you can too right? Retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. We want to see your game again.

  4. Wise words, Justine.

  5. I know what you mean anon. I didn't give Justine the heaps of praise that she deserved when she was active. It goes to show that you don't know what you have until you lose it. Now I'm crying because she's gone. The other day I watched the 2006 Wimbledon women's final and felt incredibly sad because we'll probably never again see a final between two women with one-handed backhands.

  6. What The???...

    Justine likes Nadal???

    OMG...that's interesting...

  7. TEE, I don't think Rich will appreciate your advertising your website here. Deberias pedirle permiso ;)
    And I miss Justine too. Just when I started to become a fan of hers, she was gone. Come back, Justine, and tell Marat that retirement sucks!

  8. Justine gave a big interview to Eurosport, of which this is only a small bit. Go to Eurosport site tennis videos - extremely interesting stuff. In other segments she tells it with no frills about WTA (she praises Williams sisters to high heaven) and about Federer, for example.

    She believes Federer will never manage to win RG, not strong enough anymore. He could somewhat elevate his game once more, but she's afraid his desire is suspect and once that's gone it's over (just as it happened with her).

    She said few years ago that she used to watch Rafa on TV in players lounge, amused how physical his game was. Now she respects him.

    And Rafa said several times that Justine is a WTA player whose game he likes the most.

  9. It is nice to see that the admiration goes both ways as Rafa has praised Justine in the past.


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