Google Down the Line!: Venus sets up Serena showdown, charms with "super-sexy voice" in post-match presser

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Venus sets up Serena showdown, charms with "super-sexy voice" in post-match presser

Venus Williams' post-match presser after defeating Iveta Benesova 6-1, 6-4 in the Miami quarterfinals last night was a great mix of interesting commentary on WTA tennis and moments of pure humor. (Seriously, I need to sneak my arse into these media moments.)

She'll face lil' sister ReRe in a blockbuster semifinal bout for a spot in Saturday's final. A win by V would also knock the current top lady baller from the WTA Penthouse.

In the meantime, check out these choice quotes from her presser:

Q. Did you watch Serena struggle at all today?

VW: You know, it wasn't on TV, so I just, you know, could only watch the score. I didn't get to see the match.
Like last year, I love how the ballers can't even watch the actual matches because they aren't even being broadcast in Miami. That's more than super sad.
Q. Do you have a cold or something?

VW: No. It's just a super-sexy voice. Gotta get used to this. I don't know.
LOVE. Now all V needs to do is change all her voice mails using this scratchy yet sultry voice. Not that I've ever done that - pinky swear.
Q. Do you feel like when you and Serena are playing at your best and are sharp, do you feel that you two are the best in the world?

VW: Yes, on the women's tour I believe we are the best in the world. We work hard at it, so...

At the moment my ranking doesn't reflect that I'm at No. 1 or No. 2, but I'm working on it.

Like, duh.
Q. Do you feel like the ranking system is not reflective of the reality of the tour?

VW: Well, the ranking system this year is new, so we'll have to see how it works. The tournaments are weighted according to how you do in the big events, so playing well at the big events important. I think it should be that way.

Q. Is there something wrong [with the ranking system], though? A lot of people are going to No. 1 and they haven't even won a Grand Slam title. That's the big prize.

VW: Well, I mean, Serena has played fantastic.

Q. Well, she's won.

VW: It's strange. It is a little strange that she's having to fight so hard to keep her ranking. Regardless of if she's No. 1 or not, I don't think the person who might take over her place or persons, whoever are up to that -- whoever, I don't know the numbers.

But I don't think that that'll feel that they are the true No. 1. I think Serena right now is the
true No. 1.
So true and everyone knows it (and some have said it), including the pretenders who are shooting to take the keys away. If ReRe loses to V, she'll have to pony up her set to Dinara Safina.

I laugh HEARTILY at that prospect. Puh-lease.

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  1. Venus is so classy and graceful on and off the court. She always has the perfect answers and is always in control of the press interviews. It's so hard to predict who will win between the two sisters nowdays. I hope serena wins only so that dinara doesn't get the number one ranking. Although I do think the williams' have proved many times before that rank doesn't dictate or prove anything. Rich I am glad that you aren't an anti-williams person b/c it seems that quite a few people are. Like I have noticed how whenever you put up a blog about a Williams, there arent as many comments as there would be if it were a story on jankovic or something.

  2. I've always been a big fan of both, more V but also come to appreciate ReRe. They def have their fans and there are other blogs who cover them consistently but maybe their other fans don't read DtL.

    I cover whatever I think is interesting regardless of who it is!

  3. Serena, unfortunately, will lose her key to the WTA penthouse in two weeks time, since she has to win at Charleston to keep maintaining her lead. Safina did not do well last year so she gets to gain points and again have a shot at Serena's crown.

    But I am hoping Venus will win the final this week so that she can get to number 3 in single ranking....

    V, go V!

  4. WTA is a joke.


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