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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SIGHTING: Kate Hudson grabs a pair

Actress Kate Hudson was spotted sharpening her tennis game in LA recently.

I really can't say where her game is right now, but Kate certainly knows it's better to grab balls with warm hands rather than cold ones.

*shivers up spine*

(via jezebel courtesy of x17)


  1. does anyone know the name of the shoes kate is wearing?

  2. what the hell is she doing?? anywho, I just watched this vid on ATP's youtube channel and they have a vid of favorite movies of the men's tour and I just have to wonder what was so great about the movie Gladiator????? It really hit deep with some of the guys..LOL

  3. anon 12:44 - I'm guessing the Nike Max Breathe Free II. Anyone???

    anon 2:11 - must be the alpha male thing unless they were checking out russell crowe. wait, that was me.

    the more the merrier though.

  4. Anon #1:
    Nike is the brand she's wearing (Anon#1: Thanks, Captain Obvious)

    Number 1:It may be b/c Gladiator is the latest film they've seen in Spain (most of the players who mentioned it were Spaniards). And probably its the only film they can relate to since the movie is about tanned and hard-sweaty-muscly men and they like that.
    Number 2: They can relate since they are tanned and hard-sweaty-muscly men and they like that.

    Either way 1 & 2 go hand-in-hand.

  5. Anon 8:28 What do you mean it's "the latest film they've seen in Spain"? Gladiator premiered in Spain in May of 2000 a few days after it premiered in the US.

  6. I am aware of that Anon 10:49. My point was that they haven't seen any worthwhile movies starring tanned, hard-muscly men after Gladiator enough for them to say that it would be their favorite. I mean you would think that they've seen '300'. But I guess now it goes to show how often they hit the theaters...or is it how much the film market affects them or all of Spain for that matter.


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