Google Down the Line!: Serena joins the masses, launches Twitter page

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serena joins the masses, launches Twitter page

Serena Williams is a officially a twit.

The 10-time Grand Slammer is the latest baller to start up her own Twitter page and made the announcement via her website:

I am still in Miami for the Sony Ericsson, just in case you forgot. I am feeling great and ready to play but I can't just sit around doing absolutely nothing. I enjoy purchasing music from itunes, reading, playing with Jackie (my Jack Russell), and logging on to myspace, facebook & of course

So, I was searching the web last night in search of more information related to I have been hearing so much about twitter that I wanted to be apart of this social site. At first, I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of writing quick updates. Seriously, isn't that what myspace & facebook are for but then I realized the impact which I found to be relevant for me.

Twitter will allow me to write quick updates when I am to busy to write lengthy blogs. There are moments when I want to write a quick note to you but I don't have the necessary time. But, with twitter I am allowed to express myself quickly with feedback from you, my fans.

ReRe's page can be found at here. She joins Andy Murray + Andy Roddick who are already twittering (am I missing anyone else?). Oh and *shameless self promo moment* you can follow DtL's here too!

PS - Apparently ReRe just had her nails painted orange to match her Miami outfit. *vomits*

(image via twitter)


  1. Orange nails that match her outfit? How very JJ of her...

  2. So she's now a NIT-TWIT LOL! I actually like twitter. I don't do it myself but I like reading it. Christopher Walken's is the best. He's hilarious but for some reason they suspended his page.

  3. maja: HA! I guess someone has to "JJ" these days...we all need our fix, no?

    anon: Christopher Walken had one??! OMG I had no idea. He's hysterical. But it was suspended? Hmmm - I wonder if it was really him. One never knows...

  4. What a retarded background picture. Or is it supposed to be funny?

  5. Apparently Rafa, but I don't believe it because his English and Spanish are off (English too good, Spanish too bad) and there would have been an announcement on his homepage. Ah well.

  6. courtney: drats. good call, that one looks suspect. yeah i've never seen an announcement either. PR ploy perhaps? Or evil spanish-american twin??

    I wonder why randoms start these pages. There's no ad revenue to gain and I don't think Team Rafa would be interested in buying the URL or page. It's kinda creepy.

  7. Hehe, I don't want to believe it's not Rafa, cause he started following me first, and I want to preserve that feeling of honor. :)

  8. marija: HA! But he hasn't requested to follow me yet...

    *wears very sad face*
    *burns Rafanatics membership card*

    Eh, maybe that was too hasty.

  9. LOL oh man, this is sure to be too good not to follow.

    *adds immediately*

    Yeah I got excited over the Rafa one until I realized the date today, and that I hadn't had any caffeine yet to get my brain working. But I do so love the idea of Andy teaching Rafa the ins and outs of twittering...

  10. RICH the Christopher Walken page apparently wasn't real and has been taken down. I don't care if it was fake whoever was writing it was hilarious!

  11. Ditch myspace and Twitter...what about Facebook?


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