Google Down the Line!: Rog still living his own reality, Rafa + Murray "not really" a problem

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rog still living his own reality, Rafa + Murray "not really" a problem

Roger Federer, who defeated a resurgent Taylor Dent 6-3, 6-2 in Miami, is still living a self-delusional lifestyle.

In his post-match presser, the second seed was asked about the being in the role of "huntee" after years of getting chased by the rest of the ATP World Tour:

Q. Obviously for years you were the hunted, No. 1. Do you enjoy the hunting, being on the opposite side of that? Does it entail a change of mind or attitude in any way?

ROGER FEDERER: Umm, not a whole a lot. You know, I mean, I had more of an issue with myself, you know, getting myself back in shape for the last year. That's been my problem, not really Rafa or Andy or Djokovic, or you name it. Those comes naturally if I play well that I can beat these guys.

Uh, you have 9 combined, consecutive losses to Rafa (5) + Murray (4) - I'd say that's a BIG problem. And I think we're all still waiting for these supposed beat downs of those two ballers to happen Fed.

As they say, acknowledging the problem is the first step to recovery. I don't think it'll happen until he suffers losses to ballers ranked below him or them, though. He can still believe he's right there with them because Rafa + Murray are in the upper echelon of the sport so the losses aren't really "bad ones". But if gets hit with a few losses by the likes of Andy Roddick, Gilles Simon, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or anyone outside the Top 10, reality may finally take hold.

Tick tock, tick tock...

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  1. Oh! Good one Rich! You almost got me there! But this must be an April fool, right? Right???

    I mean, it's good that he's not beating himself up, but he needs a serious reality-check! STAT!!!

  2. maja: April fools - HA! No this is FOR REAL. I honestly can't believe how much in denial he's become about his struggles. In fact, based on what he says he has no struggles, with anyone, just with himself.

    It's becoming ridiculous at this point, even for the Fedophiles. I mean, when they start to wonder about their boy, you KNOW he's got problems.

  3. The point everyone is forgetting is this - Roger Federer is a profesional athlete. What is he supposed to do, announce to the world, that yeah, oh shit, these guys are so much better than I am. I have to find a way to beat them. Come on, he is a pro, how many of you in your fields of endeavour are going to announce to the world when competing for a job, that hey, I know that guy is better than me because he got 2 more contracts than I did and he actually beat me out both times. I am sure that Roger admits it to himself and Mirka and the rest of the team, but why should he divulge that to the press. That is what I like about Serena/Venus, not only do they not consider anyone else better than them, but they actually say it and people call it arrogance - no it is called self belief and the minute you do not have that in this sport, you may as well hang up your racquets - case in point - Dinara Safina.

  4. Yeah, come on Roger! Geez! If anything, embrace the new status! It seemed to me that he was thinking along the lines of being the hunter at the U.S. Open last year. Sometimes it can be good to sneak under the radar.

  5. How does the saying go?:

    If you think you'll lose, you'll find a way to lose, consciously or not. You have to expect to win.

    Fed has been winning for so long, and isn't prone to letting people think that he thinks he has a problem. He's not my favorite, but it's admirable. It's what champions do.

  6. The point about Venus + Serena: how many active lady ballers, besides the two of them to each other, have beaten the Sisters 4 or 5 consecutive times and have clear winning records against them? It's not a fair comparison IMO. They have every right to feel the way they do.

    I think there's a fine line between being confident in yourself and your game and being in denial about the reality of your situation. Why not say something to the effect of, "Rafa + Murray are the biggest challenges I've faced so far based on their records against me, but I believe I have the game to beat them. When I'm playing at my best level, I'm tough to beat."

    There's an acknowledgement of what everyone can see but also believing you have the stuff to win against them again. And I believe he does, but it's totally mental. It certainly doesn't help the mental game when you sit there and act as if the guys who obviously own you are a "problem".

  7. Maybe stuff is getting lost in translation, I don't see the problem with what he's said.

  8. Classic. My issue with this kind of talk is his inability to credit players for their wins and/or their level of play. Sure he'll throw a compliment in here and there (tho it's usually a backhanded one). My favorite is when Fed blames his losses to Rafa on the fact that he's not also a lefty. Ridiculous.

    And yes, there is a very big difference between being arrogant & stubborn, and being confident and full of self belief. Believe me, there's a different way he could go about talking about his colleagues/competition. He chooses this way. Some say "hey he's just being honest!" No, he's being a jackass.

  9. Sorry to go way off-topic, but they just announced Johnny Mac and Pat Mac will be broadcasting the USO for ESPN! Yay!!!!!
    *imagines brotherly fist fight breaking out in booth*

    Getting back to ON topic...
    ...*points, laughs at RF*

  10. Point taken Rich, but I doubt we'll ever hear Fed say that. That's diplomatic and honest. I personally think Fed is scared of both Rafa and Andy M. To admit such, or even a hint of it probably leaves him feeling too vulnerable to his liking.

    You have to know he's thinking "ah crap, these two again?" By the way, when was the last time Fed went into April with ZERO titles? ouch!

  11. Case in point: Nole was asked how he was going to prepare for his match with Jo-Willy after losing to him 4 times in a row.

    He just said that he knew that the match would be difficult since Jo-Willy had the big advantage over him, but at the same time, he would try to play his best tennis.

    To me, that's not hanging your racket, but acknowledging the truth, but still thinking that he has the game to tackle Jo-Willy.

    Note to Roger - Take a page from Nole.


  12. "I feel like I'm about to turn the corner" said Fed further on in that interview.

    Why, oh, why does he make such pronouncements and expose himself to disappointment? Would it not be better NOT saying things like that and actually DO that first? And THEN say "I've turned the corner"? Is he so insecure as to need verbal self-boosting?

  13. natch: Ahhh that will be very interesting, and entertaining, indeed. I SO can't imagine being in that close quarters with my older brother again. Sharing room and bunk beds was quite enough. We might actually come to blows. It would be like Ultimate Fighting at Flushing Meadows.

    anon 1:55 - And there is the contradiction. If there are no problems with his game or the competition, then why would he need to turn a corner? Is it with his health?? Confusing.

  14. What a shock. Federer being an arrogant prick.

  15. Breaking news! Fed is caught saying nothing but positive things about Rafa (no digs, backhanded compliments or slaps in the face!) I was somewhat surprised...seriously.

  16. >><<

    Thanks for that!

    Yeah, Roger seems a alot more genuine towards Rafa and the No.1 ranking. But did you notice how he pointed the OGs out as Rafa's breakthrough? Not Wimby...
    But that's just me being picky, I guess...

    Oh and I love Murrays voice! (how very random LOL)

  17. i have read plenty of interviews where fed said good things about nadal and murray, the same way when murray and nadal were below fed and asked whether or not they could beat him, they always said they could. that's why they are so great.

    i can also feel for fed, the guy is arguably the best player ever and all he gets asked about is how he losses to nadal and murray. a bunch of guys have huge negative records against fed, but they don't get asked about it all the time. i would get irritated too.

  18. All the tops guys get asked about each other all the time, especially when they're about to play each other, or even at the beginning of the tourney when the draw comes out. It just so happens that Fed gets asked about his losing record to Rafa and Murray because that's "the story." Rafa gets asked about losing to Murray 3 times in a row. Murray gets asked about his improvement and how he's beaten Fed & Rafa the past few times. It's all relative. They all answer questions about each other. I'm sure they all get tired of answering those questions, but it's part of the job.

  19. I don't know what is more funny, the Star Wars gag or this. Seriously, get this guy a couch and a therapist stat.

  20. Whoa must really have been April fools day as there have been lots of foolish thoughts in here....funny cause there will come a time when all your hate will haunt you when your dog loses his temporary least roger has had it for a mighty long time..he'll(your dog) be a nutcase too for sure and vultures alike will resurface as you have been doing now and that will be the sweetest scene ill ever savor....for the meantime, you pick and poke on roger as you like because i/we will have our moment.

  21. Thanks for all your concern goes to show that FED in his current predicament has been and still is media/mass his highs and lows you still chose to show some interest and analyze him to death....It must have been awesome to be FED.Hahaha!

  22. Who said anything about hate?? Seems you're the one with the hate Anon 1:04...but it's more fun to point the finger at someone else, right??? The "your dog" thing was so clever, btw.

  23. Somebody who writes sentences like "expression "you when your dog loses his temporary crown" should not be lecturing others about hatred.

    People in glass houses...


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