Google Down the Line!: Reeshard still injured and unsatisfied, shakes up Team Gasquet

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reeshard still injured and unsatisfied, shakes up Team Gasquet

Richard Gasquet, who high-kicked his way right out of Miami with a recurring shoulder injury, has made some major changes to his team.

The Frenchie headcase began the season well, making the semifinals in Brisbane + Sydney, but has struggled recently with his game. According to his website via L'Equipe:

There was a lively "team" Gasquet. Untill recently, the Frenchman, following Murray’s example, was accompanied by his coach, a physical coach and an osteopath, Since a few weeks, he does not work with his physical coach, Nicolas Pérotte, anymore and right now he also stopped working with the osteopath, Francois Teissedre.

It seems as if a disagreement about the way to deal with his recurring shoulder injury is behind the separation. “I have wished to make the relation between coach and player closer”, comments his coach, Guillaume Peyre. “Richard is only nr 25 in the world, and there were too many people around him. In addition: many people, many opinions." Gasquet, who still suffers from an inflammation of a tendon in his right shoulder, is in Béziers at the moment working on his lower body and is still not sure whether he will participate at the tournament in Monte Carlo (12-19 April). He will use the competences of specialists at the team Lagardère to deal with his physical condition.

It seems Reeshard may have been getting too many voices in his ear about the best way to handle his injury - sometimes this kind of set up works (Andy Murray) but apparently not for him.

I'm all for making major changes in Team Gasquet right now. His results are severely inconsistent and this injury can become career-threatening if not diagnosed and treated correctly. Plus, it must be a drain on his already shaky mental game to be worrying about his shoulder.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Rich,
    You have a teensy, tiny crush on Gasquet, don't you? ;)

    Sorry to go OT again, but you HAVE to go to Murray's website and check out the forfeit pix. Ross in a wig and make-up is making me think about becoming a lesbian...

  2. HA! I do like him - not in THAT way though. The high-kicking was a def turn off. Now if he was wearing the cheeleader outfit...

    Speaking of drag (which now seems to be the theme of the day with the Shrieka interview ealier) I saw those but I wish they weren't so grainy. Plus, I'd wanted too see the whole look head to toe. Hopefully lots of short skirts and hairy legs. That always goes well with dinner.

  3. Richard!! Hire Carlos Rodriguez....

  4. Richard is such a mystery to me - all the talent in the world and the results won't come. I thought the relative success of Tsonga and Simon would help Richard by taking some pressure off of him but I guess not.

    I've given up on him. . .almost!

  5. Yeah I've just about given up on him too. But I hold out hope because the right combo with his talent could lead to good stuff. But tick tock tick tock Reeshard.

    I do like Uvijek's idea of Carlos Rodriguez working with him but for some reason I sense he'd like to work with a baller from the beginning, like Justine. He seems to like a long-term deal (emphasis on the LONG). But who knows - he helped Justine learn how to be aggressive even though as she would always say it wasn't really in her nature.

  6. Remember when Chakvetadze when to him for advice? He conclude that she had talent,but she have serious problem in the head ( for not to said COO COO). I think same diagnostic will be for Richard.

  7. there's someone else who could help Roger.

    Gasquet's beyond help. I just don't get why so many players like him want to be professionals in the first place. As Harry S Truman so famously said, "If you can't stand the heat...get out of the kitchen." Why are you playing tennis professionally if you don't want to win? So many of us would have KILLED to play professionally if only we had enough talent. These athletes just waste it. GAH!
    *takes deep, cleansing yoga breaths*
    Ahhhhhhh...rant over.

    ...although...if anyone gives me enough incentive, I'll find out where Gasquet is and go kick his ass. I'm pretty sure I could do it, even though he's a lot younger than me. ;)

    Oh yes, Richie, you're right about the poor quality on the forfeit pix. (I did think Miles looked a bit like Olivia Newton John in Physical, though.) Maybe if we put Andy in a cheerleader outfit for Wimby? That could generate some press at least.

  8. I'd love to see him work with someone who is completely the antithesis to the French style - someone like Brad Gilbert. I know that's NEVER going to happen, but Richard could benefit from some of that Florida-style big-bashing, bulked-up mentality. Don't want him to change his game, of course, but look at how much good BG did for Murray, even though Murray hated his guts. . .

  9. I think Rodriguez would be perfect for Roger as a coach and I would be perfect for Gasquet (in no way would our relationship involve coaching).

  10. Hopefully Reeshard won't change his osteopath to a psychopath!


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