Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Murray a pain in the arse for Nando

Friday, April 3, 2009

PHOTO OP: Murray a pain in the arse for Nando

Fernando Verdasco's hopes for another Andy Murray upset were dashed in Miami last night.

After pulling an arse muscle in the second game of the first set, the Spaniard was quickly brushed aside by the relentless Brit baller falling 6-1, 6-2 in 75 minutes. Nando had shocked Andy in the Oz Open fourth round back in January. The 21-year old will now face an upsetting Juan Martin del Potro for spot in his first Miami final.

Nando doesn't think the injury will hamper him, though, for long:

I hope not too much. I didn't push so much after I feel it, so I hope that in few days I will be fine. Anyway, I just finish the match. I decide to come to the press straightaway to then have all the time I need to make the treatment. You know, then with the doctors and the physios, they will tell me what they think I should do. But I think that in a few days if I take rest I will be fine.

Injuries in a big match are always disappointing so hopefully Nando recovers both physically and mentally from the set back. He's had some injury issues of late which makes me think he may be over doing it in Las Vegas. But big props to him for finishing the match (Nole, are you listening?).

He may want to pull back on the training now and get some match-consistency.

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  1. He definitely deserves credit for finishing the match. But gawd, what a yawner. He was never in the match from the gitgo.
    I hope the Murray/JMDP match is a good one. JMDP better have something left, physically AND mentally, or I'm gonna be pissed...

  2. yeah i was happy he finished the match, even tho there was no hotness left in his sauce. crazy day yesterday. i thought THIS would be the exciting match and rafa v. delpo would be the snoozefest LOL. gotta love tennis!

  3. Yeah I LOVE that Nando finished the match. True enough Johanne - I honestly didn't think the Rafa/Delpo match would be THAT good, tight in spots but nothing like the way it turned out. It was so fun - I wasn't happy Rafa lost but happy Delpo got his big win FINALLY.

    That win should do him well - maybe not against Murray necessarily but certainly *cough* down the line. Somebody stop me!!!

  4. jo,
    I am so sorry, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. He's just so blech. Then they kept showing his father, who is even more blechhhhh.
    Oh well. To each his (or her) own, right? ;)

    I thought the Rafa/JMDP match would either be fantastic or a snooze-fest, depending on JMDP's mental state. Federer, he worships. Rafa? Not so much. Respect, yes. Idolize, no.

    Murray's still making some dumb mistakes, so maybe JMDP can keep the win streak going. I doubt it, but you never know.

    I was happy for JMDP, too. He played unbelievably well.

    But I was much happier to see Fed smash that racquet today. That HAD to feel soooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood. Now maybe he's hit rock bottom, and will get himself into a 12-step search for a coach and therapist.

  5. natch: no worries, i know you don't find tabasco attractive! likewise i would probably vomit if stefanki touched to each her own indeed! :D

  6. YES! Can Fed please stop performing his denial dance now? "World No.4 Roger Federer" has a weird, yet fitting, ring to it, no? He's most certainly on his way.

  7. jo,
    I ALMOST mentioned my newfound lust for Stefanki and your likely ewwwwwwwwww factor! :D See? Great minds.

    I honestly think the best thing that can happen to Roger is he falls out of the top 10, begs Andre to coach him at least part time (slams), gets an Andre-approved coach for the rest, Andre accepts and then Fed wins another couple of slams when he's 29-30ish.

  8. Nando should stop being breast fed from Gil Reyes' boobs! Enough muscles already, this is tennis, not Mr. Universe competition.

  9. Anybody catch the handshake a net? What was up with Nando explaining what he did to Murray?


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