Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The King of Clay, well, at least for today

Thursday, April 16, 2009

PHOTO OP: The King of Clay, well, at least for today

"I know they're taking a shot of me and the crown right now. They still think that's funny?"

A big congrats to Stanislas Wawrinka for taking his chances when the going was good and knocking out Roger Federer in Monte Carlo today.

It was a bittersweet victory for the friend of Fed, however:

I am a bit embarrassed to celebrate it. I believe [Federer] hadn't found his rhythm on clay and he made many errors.

Oh, that's nice and everything Stan but stop being so Swiss and celebrate damnit. It's the biggest win of your career, friend or not. You can kiss and make up later. And if you do, please photograph and send it my way. For my private collection. I swear.

(image via ap)


  1. Nice win for Stanny. He's definitely a threat to the big boys these days. Good luck to him.

    >>"Like I told him, the loss doesn't hurt as much just because I know it's against a good guy," said Federer, who has lost the last three Monte Carlo finals to Rafael Nadal.<<

    Interesting sentence from the article...the whole thing - Fed's quote and how the author chose to close it up.

    What do you think, Rich? Is this a veiled reference to Djokovic (who beat him in Miami...some say the 2 boys aren't particulary fond of each other) or to Nadal (Fed's losses to Rafa have often left him feeling "hurt" but they genuinely seem to like & respect each other) or is it nothing of the sort and literally just what Fed said: that Stanny's a good guy so he can accept a loss to him ????

  2. Don't be embarrassed Stan! Enjoy the win and celebrate!

    So, after this loss, where does it leave Fed? After I saw the draw I put my money (literally) on Stan to win the match...
    I'm a Fedophile, but I have the feeling that whenever Rog runs into a player who's game is on he just can't pull it together anymore. It's sad and I want it to stop!
    Maybe it would have been smart to skip MC (especially after the wedding), cause this lost just can't be good for his confidence, even though Stan is a really strong player!

    I haven't read any pressers yet, but I'm almost sure that Fed will ignore the fact that he needs to do SOMETHING -stat- once again. Instead he will say that he just "wasn't feeling it" his game wasn't "on", but he's still waiting for everything to "click, blah blah"

  3. anon: You're right about Fed + Nole not sharing ANY love for each other. Very true. He never had any admiration for Nole's game but the retirements and off-court comments made it a lot worse.

    But in all honesty I think Fed was just giving props to his good friend and apparently told him as much. He knows Stan needs the confidence boost. So I don't think there was a veiled reference to anyone here - it probably just came out weird.

    maja: Spot on. In this article, Fed does say he's glad he played MC because he now knows what he needs to work on. Uh, I figured he would've known what he needs to work on by now (like something in the head maybe?). But I think the denial has been in the way.

  4. Rich: Thanks for you take on it, I think I agree with you. All this reading between the lines (sometimes warranted, sometimes unwarranted) does your head in and you don't know what to think! It's like hmmmm, what are they REALLY saying?? Or maybe that's just me. HA!

  5. Fed does say he's glad he played MC because he now knows what he needs to work on.

    What would that be? He said before he never works on his weaknesses only his strengths.

  6. Fed forget about Anna Wintour and start practicing please. Leave fashion shows to Mirka.


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