Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JJ + Lefty hit the beach in Marbella then win opening match (no, seriously)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PHOTO OP: JJ + Lefty hit the beach in Marbella then win opening match (no, seriously)

Jelena Jankovic and constant companion Lefty (still worried) were spotted at a beach tennis photo call in Marbella this past weekend for the Andalucia Tennis Experience.

Color me THRILLED to see JJ finally won a match after going on a disappointed 2-match losing streak during March Madness. The former top lady baller defeated Francesca Schiavone 6-2, 6-1 in the tourney's first round - a sign she's gaining some bearings or she's not as lopsided anymore.

In any case, I'm gonna celebrate even if she won't!

*throws glitter sky high*
*throws on horrid fashion*

Damn, that felt good.

(via women's tennis blog, image via andalucia tennis experience)


  1. Let me add something for the fan that are worried for her.
    I saw in her practice in the Miami Open and I don't want to trash her coach cause he help her some, but her drills and practice seems so kinder garden. Not do add that the sparring that the coach got her doesn't impress anybody, and it was a lefty!!! Why you want to practice all the time with a left hand it when you are not playing one?? Its JJ preparing defeat Nadal??
    More impress female practice that I saw:
    Zheng Jie
    Azarenka (Vesnina got badly beat)
    The Williams (even the sparring of Venus its a big guy with no balance)
    Sorry for the long post...this subject can continue on and on.
    My honest opinion JJ need to said "thanks so much coach" and move on to other later.

  2. Thanks Uvijek for that on-the-ground reporting! Yeah the whole left-handed practice partner is strange.

    Does anyone have any more info on Ricardo Sachez - who he's coached and when?

  3. The owner of wtawommenstennis blog was in Miami and wrote on his/her blog that JJ was training with a good partner that pushed her to the limit. Anyway, it was over. It's CLAY now!
    About Ricardo Sanchez, I only remembered someone said he coached Carlos Moya and helped him reached No.1.
    I watched her match against Francesca yesterday, she did pretty well, great groundstrokes, wonderful movement. I'm sure she will do well on clay. Good luck to her!

  4. *Ricardo coached Moya when he was no. 1 or helped him reached no. 1(not quite sure). He worked with davydenko too.

  5. Anon-
    "JJ was training with a good partner that pushed her to the limit." ( I like Marija blog but didn't read anything that she said that). Ok to give a example of that sparring, Sanchez try to do cross cross 3 times and then parallel, but the guy its a lefty and couldn't give her the balls right. That and many other things that wont help her in training.

    Please if you have something, a picture or a article that Sanchez coach Davydenko I will appreciated. From what I know Kolya always practice with his brother, and maaaaaybe somebody in Germany help him with advice for him and his brother, but that's about it.
    You see, coaching in this days are like a job resume, you can lie anytime. They said they trained somebody when a player go and use their facilities just to practice (take Bolettieri as example). So dont take "I heard they practice with...", cause its not all true in the pro world of tennis.

    My trip to Miami was specially to study coaches drills and such ( Im coaching 2 kids at this moment with potential but not high hopes), and there are some coaches that are getting paid really well for nothing, BUT!! the player like him or her and there you have it.

    Once again in the list of good coaches with good advice that I heard
    was all the one that I mention before in the previous post and I can include Radwaska coach,Sven from Adidas and Wozniacki father ( wish was sitting in front of me studying Dokic game for her daughter next game).

  6. Uvijek-
    It's not Marija's blog by the way, the other one. Well, JJ has been working with him since 2006/2007 on a past-time basis because Sanchez was under some contract at that time, it was until last year that he became JJ's full-time coach. Well, only she knows whether he is good for her, it's hard to merely look at it.

    About davydenko, someone on a forum said about it so I'm not sure.

    To me I think mental is an important issue.
    You said Sven is good and I think he is good too but why Ana played badly after she won Roland Garros last year. Does it mean that Sven is not good then?!

  7. *part-time basis.

  8. sven helped ana get to 3 slam finals, win a slam of her own and get to no.1. he was only with her on a part-time basis because he's an adidas employee, ana had to share sven with other players under the adidas dev't program. she needed someone who could focus on her alone when the pressure and expectations piled up (add the thumb injury to the mix as well). sven is currently working with wozniacki and mirza now, let's see how he will be able to improve their games.

    as for jj, i heard that she already fired her strength and conditioning coach. it's a good move, imo.


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