Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Is it the dress, the hair, or the bike chain that's all wrong?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PHOTO OP: Is it the dress, the hair, or the bike chain that's all wrong?

Maria Sharapova is diving full-force into the glamorous Hollywood life.

The 3-time Grand Slammer, who is in midst of planning some major TV projects, was the guest of honor at a dinner thrown by fashion partner Cole Haan at the Chateau Marmont in LA.

Shrieka was joined by a bevy of celebs including actors Josh Hartnett, Jason Lewis, Kerry Washington, and Lily Collins.

Clearly she's been having some hairy situations as of late but even her fashion here is questionable. Is that dress being held together by tape? Plus, I don't know even know how she's standing up under the weight of that bike chain around her neck. Ick.


See more images from the dinner here.

Shrieka + Josh Hartnett

Shrieka, Jason Lewis, Kerry Washington, Lily Collins

Thanks to Maja for the link to Marlie taking a relaxing stroll while having cameras shoved in their face. Nice shoes Charlie.

(images via wireimage)


  1. I like shrieka's hair, but her personality is so bleh.

    Jason Lewis on the other hand, well, I'd hit that shit in a new york minute.

  2. Ugh ugh triple ugh. It's her. She's the wrong in these pics. She tries too hard. EVERYTHING is wrong.

    And wtf happened to Josh Hartnett?? He used to be *gulp* hot. Ick.

    *goes back to staring at Pinto pics*

  3. *rolls eyes*

    Why she so flipping orange?!


  4. Ew... I have NO time for people like her. How embarrassing.

  5. Love the color of the dress, don't care for the dress. Her face looks beautiful, which should be a tip off to me because I don't think she is pretty.

  6. she was at the party with charlie ebersol.Search in getty image or go to

  7. I saw this pictures earlier today and WTF?!?!?!?!

    The dress looks like someone went berserk on it with some mean scissors! The chain is way too massive for the dress, the make-up is kinda blah and the hair... well, when she wants to keep her shampoo deal, she should stop havin bad hairdays stat!
    She's trying waaaayyy to hard to be a fashionista or like an Hollywood A-lister(HA!)
    The only thing I like is the color of the dress. That's it!

    Babz, Josh was just released from hospital. He was there because of some tummy ache I believe, so I'd give him a excuse...

    The pic with charlie:

    Funny, Masha is dolled up the ying yang and he is wearing sneakers! ROFL
    + I saw a video and it seemed like they arrived seperated through a backdoor, later walked out the frontdoor (and the paparazzi), to her car, but then he left again...

    Can you say *cough*beard*cough*?

  8. Oh, and just because I had a really bad day:
    Sorry Shrieka, but you need an upper lip to be able to pout! HA!

  9. Why does he hate fashion? Yes I said "he" judging by the first picture that is clearly a man in drag.

  10. I don't mind the dress but Maria must be having a bad skin day because her foundation looks like it was applied with a spatula and it's the wrong shade.

  11. Okay. After looking at some more pics on Getty Images I take back my previous comments re: Maria's dress. Rachel Zoe missed the mark on this one. I kind of like the cut but upon closer observation there's some kind of net lining that peeps through like a figure skating costume.

  12. Oh helllllll no!

    It's all I can say.

  13. She looks aged about 40.

    It must have took a lot of effort to make herself look that bad.

  14. She looks fabulous.

    Maybe you should just stick to commenting on her tennis.

  15. As was already said she looks 40 and orange, wtf?The hair is unbelievable fugly, that makes her head huge...Who would have said that she has millions?!?Plain ugly, and it obviously took a lot of effort to make pretty young girl like Maria look like this mess.

    Maybe Maria should just stick to tennis.

  16. The shoes I like... the cut of the dress is weird, colour is gorgeous though... the hair would be ok if you weren't a friggin' giant... the chain: huh??

    This is obviously another episode of "Masha trying too hard".

  17. This is what happens when girls try too hard to become fashionista's: they lose their own personality and start looking like their auditioning to get the cover of Vogue or something.


  18. At least have to guts to leave a message on my blog WITH your name.

    What a loser.

  19. Is she purposefully trying to look like a younger, more tan version of Tilda Swinton? Much agreed. Get the eff out of Hollywood. You can't act, and you can barely play tennis at this point. All you do is glow.

  20. I've just deleted a bunch of completely offensive comments. Please don't fill up the comments section with this stuff.

  21. Her hair is a HOT MESS!!!!

  22. ok she is officially the new Sharon Stone useless and over and wont go away

  23. what happened to shrieka's face? next to her boyfriend she looks like her mother.

  24. I think some of you are just typing the negative comments just to type them. Her outfit is fine. Not necessarily great, but it's not horrendous. I'd like to be Stacey London for one day and come raid each & every one of you's closets and see all the faux pas hanging up there. I'm not even a Pova fan but there's nothing wrong with her piece or her hair--all of a sudden people have an issue with the 'hump' hairstyle?


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