Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Enjoying some Spanish chorizo on Miami Beach

Thursday, April 23, 2009

PHOTO OP: Enjoying some Spanish chorizo on Miami Beach

The Spanish chorizos (minus the biggest chorizo of 'em all) took part in a sexy photoshoot in Miami last month for Elle Spain.

Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo, David Ferrer, and Nicolas Almagro hit the beach and got all shirtless for our viewing pleasure.

Check out more images from the shoot below and more here.

A big thanks again to Lana over at Great Tennis Photos and DtL reader Narik!

(Photos by Bernardo Doral via,


  1. Very nice! But what is with that polka dot swimsuit Ferrer is wearing!

  2. What is up with those shorts?

  3. Needs more Rafa. Other than that, Spain wins in beauty points.

  4. fuck how hot is robredo? i checked out some more of those pics and i had totally forgotten about his hotness yum and feliciano where do i begin? those eyes, those abs, he can so easily just change careers and be a professional model good lord it hurts just toolook at him he's so good looking, those shorts are hilarius btw david ferrer also looks hot here verdasco's a bit hit n miss for me
    wow i need to go to spain for my next holiday :P

  5. see the effect of these chorizos?! i can't even spell my name correctly!

  6. Ohhhh, such heavenly creatures. Never will I tire of looking at these pictures! Thanks for posting them!

  7. Right?? Right???? How could they be missing the freaking number 1 in the world, who is as sexy as if he's brushed in gold???

    *seethes with anger*

  8. LOL @ jo(a)hanne!!!

    I'm thinking Rafa wouldn't want to show off his chorizo in this way. He likes to give it up in private no doubt. Tease.

  9. Such a tease is Rafa...but wait, didn't he supposedly have his own private photo shoot in Miami?!

    *crosses paella* ;)

  10. *visualizes crossed paella*


    That's surely one pissed-off paella...

  11. It looks like Almagro is trying to do something to Ferrer's crotch in the last picture. I need to find Feliciano, too bad he's into older women.

    I'm going to continue to pretend that age is the only impediment to a sordid love affair with Feliciano.

  12. Anon 1:53 - AMEN!
    I was gonna say exactly that!

    Robredo, how could I have forgotten about your hotness??
    The good thing is, he reminds me of a guy I know... sheesh, that changes everything!! o_O

    And Feli is simply to die for. He could totally be a model. So. Pretty.

    The Parrot? Meh.

    *dozes off dreaming about Tommy and Rafa canoodling Sonja in Miami beach*

  13. They are all hot, but I'm sooooo sorry there is no Carlos Moya here, my favorite Spaniard! :))


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