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Sunday, April 12, 2009

PHOTO OP: The baller boys go casual chic for Monte-Carlo launch party

A few of the top baller boys joined host Prince Albert II of Monaco for the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 1000 launch party at the Grimaldi Forum last night.

It seems the mood was most definitely casual chic as most of the boys mixed tailored pieces like blazers, jackets, and button-down shirts with sportswear such as jeans, zipper-front sweatshirts, and cardigans. Check it out.

Rafael Nadal: Much improved from his Miami disaster. See what a little effort can do Rafa?

Fernando Verdasco: DITTO. Cheeseball no more (at least for now.) But could Nando look more constipated?

Jelena Ristic + Novak Djokovic: So good to see Jelena out with Nole again - still going strong I suppose. But do you think Rafa + Nole discussed their outfits before showing up? Maybe they should have.

Andy Murray: I love mixing sportswear and a blazer but I would've preferred the zipper-front sweatshirt in a more high-end fabrication and a bit more fitted while the jean a little darker for the occasion.

Feliciano Lopez: First - deflove the cardigan geek-chic moment. But the necklace, interlocking G belt, and whitewashed jeans are a bit cheese. Now, the jawline - TO DIE.

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  1. Honestly, I have to say that I don't like what Rafa's wearing. His blazer is too big, or is it me?
    Nando looks great! I really like this on him, good choice.
    I like Nole's blazer but it would have been better without the blouse underneath it.
    Do I see a smile on Andy Murray's face? It's a miracle!
    Feliciano's jeans and belt are horrible, but his face makes up for everything. He looks hot!

  2. OH my god, Rafa pls could you next time pick a jacket that fits you, you have done so before, just try again! only Fernando saving the spanish pride here,looking his usual sleek self. Feli you couldnt look more gay even if you´d try. As from Murray I dont expect much from you, just proved me right.

  3. Rafa needs to be introduced to the magic of a tailor, NOW. This is only the last of many times I've seen him swim in formal clothing. He should ask Roger to recommend someone.
    As for Feli I can't comment on his clothes because for some reason when I look at him he's completely nude. Weird. My brain has something against the beautiful men+clothes combo so it refuses to acknowledge it.

  4. looool nole and rafa and their matching outfits, BFFs <3
    also good to see jelena there!

  5. Eh, not really feeling Rafa's outfit here. Nando looks the best & as yummy as ever.

  6. Haha, Sara I suffer from that disorder too. By suffer I mean greatly enjoy.

  7. I third Sara's disorder.

    Yeah, Rafa can dress it up but lately hasn't given a crap. But from Miami to here def showed some progress. Now someone needs to introduce him to a tailor as was mentioned before - STAT.

  8. Hmm so if Rafa was in Monte-Carlo yesterday evening does that mean he didn't get an invite to the wedding of the century? Are they not that close after all. Good friends with fashion sense tell friends when they look bad, and introduce them to tailors.

  9. Funny, I don't find Feli a hunk, he seems clownish to me with this fake awful hair, and so wrong style.This white almost feminine belt, yeah, so manly, grrrrr...just no, NEXT.
    Nole's coat or whatever that is made my eyes wide open from disbelief.Jelena approved it?Omg, my man could never be seen with me wearing *that*.
    They really need a stylist ASAP, all of them!
    I love Jelena's jacket,that's like all.

  10. Dear Xisca,

    Please take your boyfriend shopping and give him tips! Geez what you good for girl??

  11. Feliciano is ironing his jeans with his jaw!

  12. Is it just me or are anyone else's eyes drawn unstoppably to the area below Feli's belt buckle?

  13. *grumbles* Jelena. And she has to look good as well. Not bitter, me. No.

  14. Louise, that part below Feli's belt buckle begs to be looked at. Aside from that, he looks somewhat gay to me so I can't get too excited about him. Nando on the other hand....

  15. ok first and foremost, jelena, it is NOT ok to let novak leave the house looking like he borrowed your jacket.

    rafa looks better than he did at the miami party but still in desperate need of a stylist, i'm avaiable to help you rafa and your friends too.

    nando and feli save the spanish here. i oddly enjoy both of their looks. damn them for making me like them!

    let's just come to accept that most of the atp boys are not so great when it comes to fashion sense but we love them for it, kind of makes have a little more boyish charm. clearly roger wasn't there to save them all, while i'm not attracted to him, i have to say the man knows how to dress.

  16. Rich, WHAT?! Do you really think this is an improvement for Rafa from Miami?!
    This guy is 22 years old. TWENTYTWO! He should not be wearing clothes that look like something even my dad would have rejected. In the 90's.
    I sooo prefered him in Miami. I mean Lanvin trainers. Say no more.

    And the hair here?! Greasy products is always a 'no no' when you have dark, Spanish locks.

    Mum, Xisca, sister, grandma...where the hell are you?!

  17. I hate to admit it but The Parrot aka Nando looks best here.

    Rafa's jackets are always too big which astounds me because he's a huge, muscly guy. What size is that, XXXXXXL???
    And the wet hair... Get thee a blowdryer, honey!
    Don't get me wrong, I'd still do him though, hehe.

    As for Nole: He's wearing a woman's jacket, for crying out loud! And it's too big as well. LOL, what went wrong here?

    And only a guy as heavenly gorgeous as Feli could make THAT outfit work. *checks her eyes*
    Wait, I think I might have that disorder, too...

    Andy: Meh.

  18. The white jacket on Rafa looks terrible, he should have worn blue.

    Why is Novak wearing his sister's winter coat?

    What's that? He doesn't have a sister? Oh uh ohhhh

  19. I'd do 'em all (especially the Spaniards). Oh and not the prince.

    Rafa: HOT, as always. Who cares what he's wearing!

    Feli: FLOVE that metro! Wouldn't change a thing.

    Nando: FLOVE that metro! Hot Sauce cleans up well.

    Nole: A smidge dorky but so smiley and cute.

    Andy: IS THAT A SMILE?! He looks cute.

  20. LMAO Tennis Observer...

  21. Nando= hot hot hot

  22. One day later and still staring at Feli's picture. o_O


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