Google Down the Line!: More details on Broddick nuptials, Brooklyn chooses Vera Wang

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More details on Broddick nuptials, Brooklyn chooses Vera Wang

Thanks to an anonymous reader for sending me a link to more info on Andy Roddick + Brooklyn Decker's big wedding weekend.

According to, Brooklyn will be wearing Vera Wang while A-Rod, who supposedly had offers from a few designers including Tom Ford, is keeping his tux designer hush-hush (like anyone really cares what the groom wears anyway.)

Here are more deets on the wedding:

Brooklyn will wear a Vera Wang dress. Vera Wang offered to make the dress. She is a good friend of Andy’s. They know each other because Vera and Andy have stayed in neighboring properties in Hawaii for some time. Andy usually stops in Hawaii every year on his way to play in the Australian Open.

Andy had offers from several designers including Austin-born Tom Ford for his wedding outfit. However, he is keeping the look a secret until the wedding day.

There will be 30 people, mostly family and a few friends, at the wedding.

The reception will be at Stubb’s from 6 or 7 p.m. until 2 a.m.

They have selected an unnamed band or DJ to provide music.

Andy doesn’t want to provide photos to the media. He did get offers from (probably) People and US Weekly and those types of mags. However, he said he wants to keep the event private even though the money paid for a photo could go to his charity. Andy just wants to have a special moment.

Andy and Brooklyn have really never been to a wedding or reception so they planned something very simple.

Elton John will play at the wedding, which will likely be outside.

There isn’t a backup plan if there’s bad weather on Saturday.

So what's with these ballers not giving the media any pictures (yes, you too Fed)? LAME. I understand they want the special day to be private (who wouldn't?) but with all the public news about these nuptials, someone will want photos (read: stalkeratti.)

Good luck with that one Broddick!

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  1. So true. Eventually the Razzi will be bombarding the ceremony with the flashes from their cameras from behind trees and such, and who can say that the event is still considered private?
    All in all public figures such as those two will never get the privacy they desire unless they be even more hush-hush on their nuptials.
    And I mean come, on...Elton John performing? At Stubb's no less, that guest list of 30 would skyrocket to 300 guests. (Welcome or unwelcomed)

  2. Do hope we get a pic or 2.Great Brooklyn's wearing a Vera Wang creation & can't wait to see Andy's outfit either.Wonder what Elton will be wearing too! lol
    Lots of love to Andy & Brooklyn for their special day.

  3. I do not see why Fed/Mirka or ARod/Brooklyn should cave into pressure or feel the need to provide pictures of something so personal and private which was meant for them & whoever they wish to attend...

  4. Who the fcares about those two?
    How old is Brooklyn anyway, like 21?Oh great, this one will last, like for a year, she's damn to young!
    This is like her first serious relationship, cause what, previous was when she was 18?Talk about rushing into things.
    And Wang, really?Now that's a schoker, or like not at all.

  5. They've never been to a wedding????


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