Google Down the Line!: MIAMI: Who came out on top and who failed miserably at the Sony Ericsson Open?

Monday, April 6, 2009

MIAMI: Who came out on top and who failed miserably at the Sony Ericsson Open?


1. Murray is the new Magician and could make a great centerfold me thinks - The Brit baller earned his third ATP World Tour title of the year defeating Novak Djokovic 6-2, 7-5 and running the draw ragged with his hefty bag of on-court tricks. And, after also making the final in Indian Wells last week, does anyone doubt Andy is now the second best baller in the world behind...

2. Rafael Nadal needs a time out - The Spanish steamroller entered Miami not only with another Indian Wells crown but also some obvious mental fatigue and possible-off court issues. But the Tour moves to clay this week, Rafa's fave time of the year, so he should be feeling good. Let's hope he takes a much needed, and deserved, break right now.

3. What's next for Juan Martin del Potro? - The Argentine giant scored the biggest win of his career and possibly the biggest upset this season by ousting Rafa in an incredibly brave performance in the quarterfinals. J. Martin won his very first career title on clay last year so expect his form, and results, to gain momentum this spring.

4. Novak Djokovic is inching forward - A great showing from the Serb this week, making the final a year after going out in his opening round match last season. His game is slowly (I repeat, SLOWLY) coming together and he made a statement by snapping a two-match losing streak to Roger Federer and causing the Swiss stylist to snap a little something else.

5. Roger Federer is slipping in all ways now - See video. You decide.


1. Victoria Azarenka has set herself up to win a Grand Slam championship - The Belarusian basher capped off a breakthrough week by defeating 5-time defending champ Serena Williams 6-3, 6-1 for the third, and biggest, title of her very young career. Though ReRe was hobbled by an injury to her left leg, Vika made sure to stay focused - even through numerous double faults - in the match to earn the quick win. The 19-year old's game is big but still raw with much room for improvement - good news for her. The bad news: She's a pretty girl but what the hell is Vika wearing here and why? Scary.

2. Serena Williams is still at the top but for how long? - The world's top lady baller suffered a left leg injury during her quarterfinal match but still managed to defeat sister Venus in the semifinals (evening their head-to-head at 10-all), keep the keys to the WTA Penthouse, and make the final. Word is she may have to give up her set by Charleston, which she won last season, but is there any doubt who really is the World No.1?

3. Svetlana Kuznetsova found some footing - It seems the Russian may finally be getting her marbles together after parting ways with coach Olga Morozova recently. Sveta earned her best result this season here, making the semifinals and pushing eventual winner Vika to 7-5 in the third set. The WTA Tour moves to the clay, a surface she's always performed well on throughout her career. Can she finally turn it all around? I've learned not to hold my breath with Sveta or risk certain death.

4. Venus Williams is neither here nor there - I'm not sure if this tourney told us anything about V's game at the moment. She's playing solidly enough but still can't get past ReRe in a big-time match off her fave green grass. And, I don't see her prospects getting any better as the WTA Tour moves to the slippery stuff but her Acapulco win is encouraging.

5. Jelena Jankovic, Ana Ivanovic, and Dinara Safina have become an after-thought - Does anyone even remember these lady ballers were in Miami? Sad.


1. Shame on you FSN/MSG - Beating the proverbial horse to death here, but when you think FSN/MSG+ couldn't get any worse they blow all your expectations away by ending coverage of the thrilling Rafa-J. Martin match in the middle of the third set tie-break at 3-all. I mean, really? I don't know what else needs to be said besides what I said last week: "Thank GOD for online streaming!".

2. Tennis on Twitter - I have to say I've been loving all the coverage by the incredibly passionate tennis twits on the social networking site. Not only do you get an array of on-site, timely coverage of the matches and pressers but also some entertaining, irreverent musings from some of the best journalists, ex-ballers, and bloggers out there. Great work.

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  1. As a Brit this was a great week. As a Federer fan, not so much.

    Saying that though, with the prospects of us having our first world number 3 in I don't even know how long (Tim and Greg only managed a high of 4 each) the sky is the limit for Andy.

    I'd like to say British tennis may be spurred on by his success but I think we all know the LTA will never let that happen! Gahh. Get out of Britain and train in Spain young ballers!

  2. Like you Rich I'm pleased to see Sveta back. Though the best of the Miami tournament for me was definitely watching Sveta and Momo having fun playing doubles together and carrying off the title to boot!

  3. Look at Andy in the sand. You almost can't make him out, he blends right in. ;)

    I keep telling you I can help you out. In all kinds of ways.
    *puts thumb and pinky to ear* Call me.

    Aza is cute, but that shriek is worse than Maria's. Nope, can't like her.

    I got the whole match on FSN, but I agree they just flat out suck. Hopefully, this is the end of their coverage this year. I love Ted Robinson, but he can only do so much. Thank God for DirecTV.

  4. LOL Natch - I can't get past the Murray pic. It's just wrong on SO many levels; when you do actually make him out in the sand, he looks SO uncomfortable, as if ReRe's bacon was dropped into his lap and he might collapse at any minute (oh, I'm SO bad for a Monday! ;)

    MacMopey sure can play, but he's just not a star (ducks objects from British/Scottish fans ;)


  5. I'm really happy for Andy - he definitely deserved this win. It will be another blink or two of the eye and he'll be in third place running.

    Also happy for Azarenka. Not just because it probably feels good after the Australian Open debacle, but also I picked her to win and won a prize at Tennis Channel. Okay it's probably a lame prize, but it's a prize! :D \m/

    When they cut away in that tie break I jumped up so fast I knocked the chair over and scared the cat. I still am not quite sure how to deal with them...but they have to be stopped. No more coverage please, PLEASE!

    Now bring on the clay!!!!!!! :D

  6. Am I the only Brit out there who really doesn't like Andy Murray? (actually, no, my mother hates him too)... I really hope we don't get our first #3 player (not that I would have other reasons for that, er, Nole)

    Andy drives me insane. He acts so aggressive to other players and is completely rude... I think he gives off a bad image of Britain. But that's just my POV.

  7. Murray's game is based on disruption of the opponent's game. His shots are ugly. His behaviour is boorish and surly. He grunts happily when his opponent commits an unforced mistake. He's physically repulsive and dorky. He's too boring to be a real star.

    The few positives: he's a cunning player, thinks all the time on court; runs and scrambles and retrieves almost everything; is rather measured in his press utterances.

  8. Andy the Friendly Ghost - maybe it'll grow on him.

    So what's the prize B2012? What will Tennis Channel be gifting you?? So dying to know - must take a picture for proof!

  9. Rich I like what Vika is wearing! I think she looks damn good!! But that's because I find jeans and a tank way more sexy & appealing than some stupid dress :)

  10. I am adamantly opposed to frayed jeans with the holes all over them. The tank, meh. But the jeans? Ick.

    I do like that she looks her age and looks relaxed - not like some lady ballers who always seem to be dressing for a pageant they're about to lose. So def big points there for Vika.

  11. I'm with you on the ripped jeans thing by the way. Jeans would have been very cute but, it's a *trophy* photo, I mean...put i some effort, no? And I'm all for a wall of balls but, with that shirt and that wall I don't even see a trophy! /rant

    I wish I had a stack of Andy's books to hand out to people who still don't like him. Aw.

    And yeah the prize is that fancy book, "Winning in Tennis and Life"

    *ponders which players to give it to*

    Is it wrong to wish I had come in closer to tenth so I could get a free shirt instead? LOL Goodtimes, goodtimes...

  12. wall of balls

    Oh the imagery...

    And yes the t-shirt may have been the better prize - but can you lose something like this on purpose? I suppose you could've picked any number of the wannabe lady ballers to win but you had to pick the RIGHT one. Go figure.

    Plus, the t-shirt would have many more uses: as clothing, dust rag, pooper scooper (on those unfortunate days you run outta the house with no baggies - it sucks), you name it.

    And the book? What's the resale on that one?? Would eBay even take it???

  13. "but can you lose something like this on purpose?"

    I think I did that on the ATP one...XD oopsy! At least the t-shirt I could fill it with ice, twist it up, and put on my head if the heat gets out of control at USO. Good side note though, if you do pass out from heat exposure, they rush you through the depths of Ashe and give you all the ice cold gatorade you can stand. So you know, if you're feeling like you've already spent a million dollars and need a break, it's not a bad plan. ;)

    And I'm going to go with a resale value of about, $2.99. If that.

  14. Oh dude...careful on your analysis as you may find yourself wrong in the end!All im saying is its too early to tell whats gonna happen in the future cause you might be burned in the end!

  15. dorky andy is just a flash in the pond.

  16. derangedsoviet you are not the only Brit who can't stand Murray. I hate him. I have yet to find anyone that likes him (this includes the scottish folks at work). He's got this petulant air of entitlement about him. I think I dislike him so much because the press likes him so much and is always hyping him and talking about him over Nadal & Fed. They are conveniently forgetting that he has yet to beat those two when they are at the top of their game. Take Rotterdam for instance - they wax lyrical about that but Nadal was injured and it STILL to Murray three sets to beat him. And all this talk about how fit he is. What about the IW final (where he had his arse handed to him) when he was huffing and puffing from the first set?

    Yeah Murray is playing well but I maintain the other three are not on top form for what ever reason. If they are playing at close to 100% he has got a cats chance in hell of beating them.

    Anyway roll on the clay season and lets see how the great white hope does. Here's hoping he gets knocked out in the first round so I can enjoy some tennis without hearing about Andy flipping Murray.

    Irate of UK


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