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Thursday, April 9, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Murray take their hard shoes off, put their clay feet on

Rafael Nadal, who was spotted putting around Mallorca yesterday, has begun his clay-court preparations with Monte Carlo beginning next week. The world's top baller is the 4-time defending champ at the tourney.

After the practice session, Rafa sat down with IB3 to discuss his results so far and his prospects for the clay season. Here's some of what he had to say according to his site:

About the beginning of the season:

I’m very happy with my results so far as they give me some kind of peace inside; however, it’s only the start of the year.

About the first clay-court tournament of the year:

I can only try to do the best I can in Monte Carlo and try to play at my highest level. That’s the only way I can have good results. The last 4 times there I won, there is something about that tournament that just fits with my game but you never know of course.

About Barcelona…

Barcelona is one of the best clay court tournaments, it’s good history and it’s special to me. I’m playing there for a special reason…I don’t get points or a title, so instead I’m playing there because some of the best players in history have played there.

Andy Murray also hit the red clay for the first time this season in Roehampton. He only went for a light hit since he's still recovering from his triumphant run in Miami and the long trip back home.

So, Andy maybe inching closer to Rafa in terms of his game and his recent results but his arse? Not so much. Nice try though.

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  1. So, according to, Roger has accepted a wild card into Monte Carlo. Suppose he didn't want to give up all those points after all.

  2. Thank you for posting! He's so humble when he speaks. Sometimes it's almost like he doesn't want to give himself enough credit for what he has already achieved. I was watching a bit of TTC's replay of last year's MC final. Can't wait to see Rafa in action doing his magic on the muddy surface.

  3. That vid shows that Rafa was practicing with the Nike Court Ballistecs. I wonder if he's finally comfortable enough to wear them during match play. Don't know if I'm there yet either - I still LOVE my Breathe Cage IIs. But the Ballistecs look cool as hell in the yellow and green colorway.

  4. anon: I just bought the Ballistecs in the all black with the silver swoosh and the fluorescent green inner lining - LOVE.

    I'm about to play in them. I had been wearing the Vapors forever so I'm hoping these play well. We'll see!

  5. I love seeing Rafa getting dirty, er, playing on clay.

  6. Whooh that last picture.*fans self*

  7. HA! You do love you some Ginge huh? Go ahead *fan* away...

  8. *throws clay around like glitter*

    I can't waaaaaaaaaaaait! I hope Andy takes one of the last three wildcards into BCN. He probably won't but, he played last a girl can hope. :)

  9. Is Djokovic playing BCN? I hope so, he is a great player.

  10. I do like me some Ginge. I try not to but I can't help it. Must be the pastiness. Or the snaggletooth. It's still a mistery.

  11. b2012,
    Uhmmm, I going to take a wild guess that you love the clay season? ;)

    I still think I'm going to hire Murray to clean my house. He does a nice job with that broom.

  12. natch,

    will you send him over to mine when he's done? Thanks.

  13. Natch,
    I know, I'm so hard to read...XD

    Next year I'm finally going to go to Roland Garros...and I'm already excited :)

    My heart just feels so much more full this time of year. :D


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