Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Did Broddick tie the knot today?!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

(UPDATED) THE LOW DOWN: Did Broddick tie the knot today?!

Rumor has it (at least according to an anonymous DtL comment) Andy Roddick + Brooklyn Decker got married today a day after RoKa officially announced their secret nuptials:

Hmmm.. not content with raining tears on Rafa's parade in Melbourne, RF has now also upstaged poor Andy Roddick's Easter wedding.

HA - they made a funny! Anyway, can someone confirm whether it's true or not?! Inquiring minds are DYING to know (pictures would be great too.)

Damn. These baller boys are dropping like flies. So much for the athlete/man-whore cliche. Uh, on second thought, scratch that one. Right Nando?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sara for sending over more info on Broddick and their upcoming nuptials. According to Deadspin the wedding is supposed to happen next weekend at the Westwood Country Club in Austin, TX. Stay tuned!

(image via wireimage)



    not according to this

  2. thanks sara! interesting...very interesting. a decoy perhaps?

    we'll have to keep our ears peeled.

  3. Andy's wife is much hotter though. =/

  4. "Roddick was flipping through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
    when he spotted Brooklyn Decker, a fashion model. He had his agent
    contact hers. The two have been dating since at least the 2007 Davis

    OMG.If this is true, it sooooo lame!God, could Roddick BE more of a douche?And could Brooklyn BE more of a________ yeah.(you fill the gap)

    "Being an athlete is nice. You get to use the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue as a mail-order bride catalog."
    All I can say on this wedding is ...this is the best comment ever!And I'm gonna go barf now.

  5. Hmmm...Westwood is nice. Not the most hoidy-toidy place in Austin, but nice.

  6. Wow! I live in Austin. Looks like I'll have to be doing some lurking next weekend.

  7. Tessa: it is true, and it is gross.
    Brooklyn said in an interview on E! that it wasn't as bad as it sounded, or something like that, but that's not a very romantic story to tell your grandchildren (if they actually last that long). Yeah, I picked your grandma out of the SI Swimsuit edition :P

  8. So confused about this wedding,been so many rumours! Anon from Austin,please keep an eye out! Can't wait for pics & congrats to a beautiful couple.

  9. Tessa, this might be the most shallow lovestory ever. Those people make me sick.

    *joins Tessa in barfing*

  10. Yeah, I picked your grandma out of the SI Swimsuit edition :P

    ROFLMAO!!! WOO HOO - Happy Monday morning everyone. What a way to start. LOVE these comments - hyster!!!!

  11. Wow, that's a charming story. What an ass! I mean, seriously. Who thinks 'oh yeah. She's hot. I'll have my agent put in an order for a date.'

  12. Congrats to Andy and Brooklyn on getting married before she got pregnant! ;)

  13. I will give it 5 years, brooklyn will start to realize what a total douchebag roddick is and leave his ass. LOL

    No seriously, they won't last long I think. Brooklyn is 21 years old? And roddick is already starting to lose his hair, will start to be grumpier when he stops tennis.

  14. I totally agree. He's a crabby person if he didn't have tennis. His patience is from none to zip. AND he losing his hair before 30. Whatta trip.

  15. Well at least he has a reason to skip Monte Carlo. He stinks on clay and probably wouldn't have made it past the second round anyway.


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