Google Down the Line!: JC contemplating retirement, Marat to blame

Friday, April 10, 2009

JC contemplating retirement, Marat to blame

Color me sad today.

Word comes from's ticker that Juan Carlos Ferrero is contemplating retirement at the end of this season:

Juan Carlos Ferrero says Marat Safin's impending retirement has prompted him to think along the same lines. "The motivation is not there after 11 years," said Ferrero, adding that he will make a decision at the end of the year about whether to play for another season.

The former French Open champ, currently ranked No. 115, returned to the tour in Casablanca this week after an abductor problem kept him sidelined during March. Ferrero is 29, the same age as Safin.

Ferrero said that when he does retire, he would like to help train young players and become more involved in his hometown tournament in Valencia, as well as the hotel he owns there.

Damn you Marat - first you break our hearts with your retirement talk and now you've got another cutie thinking along the same lines.

My weekend's ruined before it even began. Happy Friday. Blech.

*head hits keyboard*

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  1. I can't do my sad face anymore. I refuse. Marat will be in Monte Carlo. I just wish for one glorious run to a title. I don't care what title it is, or how small the tournament or the surface. I just want him to win one before he retires.

  2. It's like an entire generation of hotness is leaving.

    Le freaking sigh.

  3. Meh... just when I thought thinks would get better (JJ won her 3RD CONSECUTIVE match) you're killing me with THAT!?!?

    JC was my very first tennis crush! He was the first one who showed me the exceptional beauty of Spanish tennis players!
    I hope he wins some good matches and continues for a year or two or three... *drowns sorrows in Ferrero Küsschen"

  4. ^^
    Well JCF's doing OK in Casablanca where tomorrow he plays one of the semis against Andreev. I hope this is the start to a good clay season for him. It's not so strange that Marat's retirement should make Juanqui think of going too as they grew up together as players in Valencia, spurred one another on to greatness as it was. Andreev, incidentally, is also a product of those same Valencia training schools...

  5. Sorry for being off topic but I just found this and don't quite know what to say.

    That doesn't look like her at all. It looks like an animated character. Do they think that we don't notice?

  6. It's been so long since I've seen him play it feels like he's already retired. The last I remember is JC beating Rafa in Rome and dropping to his knees (unnecessarily especially when you know your opponent's hurt). But maybe that was his "Ah yes - NOW I can retire" moment.

  7. Roger just married Mirka in Basel! Go check his official website for more info (well, not much more...). I guess all the baby critics got to them.

  8. Wow, Fed is really going to extreme lengths to take the attention off his declining form. If he thinks it's going to work, he's sadly mistaken. ;)

    But seriously, congratulations to TMF, Trapper, and Mango.


  9. Rich are u ok? THere's been a huge decline in posting and coverage and DTL has been missing a bunch of new stories like Roger's marriage so are u ok?


  10. Rich -

    So hopefully not -- I'm sulking enough over Marat retiring and trying to figure out how to "persuade" him to change his mind -- but do you think Roger will follow suit soon in light of his - and his wife's - recent announcement?


    Roger Federer MARRIED Mirka TODAY!! now that's news. especially after all the "no engagement ring" stuff..... straight to marriage!! WOW :| :O
    anyway it was a small ceremony in let's talk abt tht

  12. Lilly: Unfortunately, DtL isn't where I make my living and those things have taken over some of my time lately. Thanks for asking though!

  13. Thanks for answering Rich. I was worried about my fellow tennis/yoann gourcuff lover. Glad to hear you're good.


  14. Juan Carlos Ferrer, fresh back from a long injury break, won the Casablanca tournament this weekend so perhaps he'll reconsider retiring.....

    Hmmm.. not content with raining tears on Rafa's parade in Melbourne, RF has now also upstaged poor Andy Roddick's Easter wedding.

  15. anon: are you sure??!!! DO TELL!!!


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