Google Down the Line!: Fed gets jump start on clay season, accepts wildcard into Monte Carlo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fed gets jump start on clay season, accepts wildcard into Monte Carlo

Thanks to a number of readers for alerting me to Roger Federer's recent change of heart.

The 13-time Grand Slammer has decided to play Monte Carlo next week to get an early jump on his clay-court season:

Via his website:

Dear Fans

I have decided to accept a wildcard into the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters tournament that begins on Monday. I will head there this weekend to start the clay court season.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

All the best,


I guess Fed's season isn't going as he probably planned - duh. At least this will give us fans an early opportunity to see where his clay-court game stands in relation to the big boys. Let's hope it's further along than his hard-court game, though.

(image via getty)


  1. Any tournament is better with both Rafa and Fed in the draw. And there's a little more give on the clay if Fed chooses to show his emotions again.

  2. If Fed loses early, or loses to Rafa in the final again ... I think we should start a suicide watch for his hard-core fans.

  3. Woohoo! The more practise Fed gets the better!
    Let's hope he won't suffer anymore devastating (and that's what they were) losses. It would be too bad if another Mr. Wilson bites the dust ;)

    Still wonder what changed his mind...
    Does he want the extra matches?
    Did he get some appearance fee?
    Does he want to secure his No.2 ranking for RG? (Would be awful to see Rafa vs Fed in a RG or Wimby semi!)
    Or does Mirka just want to go shopping in MC and dragged Fed along...LOL

  4. YES! Hope Roger will gain his confidence in Monte-Carlo!!
    Go, Roger, Go!!

  5. I wonder if they'll make sure to put him in the opposite side of the draw from Rafa...very curious...

  6. I bet he drove his girlfriend insane and she told him to get to work before she killed him.

    Yeah and if Fed loses early or to Rafa again I don't think his hardcore fans are the ones we need to be starting the suicide watch for.

  7. I don't think he's in-form enough to challenge Rafa, but it's a pretty smart move on his part for quite a few reasons.

    The least of which is that, if he can get a win or two against MacMopey during the clay season, it will curb some of the MacMopey owns Fed talk and steal back some confidence.

  8. PS - I'm not a huge Fedophile, but I gotta give the guy credit for being so smooth and slick - he changed the background color of his webiste to match the clay season.

    LOL - it's SO Federer! :)


  9. I'm in the camp that says he's protecting his points but also testing out his game. Fed needs to get an early read on where his game is and also where everyone else's game is on clay sooner than later.

    He's pretty shaken up right now after his shaky results and behavior on the hard courts so he's looking to attack his schedule versus just letting it happen IMO.

  10. Smart move on his part I would think. I am still not sure why he was skipping it to start with. He's running out of chances to win his dream trophy.

    I wonder if we peeked into Roger's house he would have this carved into his walls repeatedly:

    6-1, 6-3, 6-0


  11. I'm so glad he chose to play. I was considering just checking up on scores n stuff not really keep a close eye next week BUT...Roger is now playing I'm happy :D

    and @ Tin: Roger's site always changes the back ground colour according to the court he plays on...In June it will be Green for Wimbledon<3

  12. Protecting his ranking, obviously.

    Or trying to. Like he tried last year to protect No. 1 by playing despite mono/lack of training/bad form/bad back. He tried to play himself into form instead of taking a break and regroup.

    Which was a panic-mode thing to do, as I'm afraid it is now. This is risky, if he loses early it could further destroy confidence (and he could still lose No. 2). He obviously hopes for some sudden miracle of great form, but it's a high-risk game.

    Though, this last move is consistent with all his recent behavior: dramatic, unpredictable, sudden, unexpected. No steady planning there. Doesn't bode well.

  13. Beautiful Monte Carlo marred by all that doom, gloom and angst that is Federer nowadays. Hogging the limelight once more.

  14. >> johanne said...

    I wonder if they'll make sure to put him in the opposite side of the draw from Rafa...very curious...<<

    Even though he got a wildcard he will still be the No.2 seed. So he cannot face Rafa before the final...
    OMG, imagine he was unseeded and would draw Rafa in the 1st round!! LOL!

  15. Really glad Fed is playing!!

  16. Seems like he wants to protect his rank...either that or he really was that excited about clay season.....

  17. well the way clay plays, it gives him lots of time to practice his strokes.

    That and with Murray playing so well consistently, it was a lot of points to give up before the F.O.

  18. Guess he's running scared of protecting his Nº 2 spot with young pups Murray and Djokovic snapping at his heels... not the best way/state to enter a tournament where he has a lot of finalist's points to defend.

  19. OMG!


  20. Well, at least we know now what he thought he'd be doing with his holiday weekend!!

  21. Good Move ,Roger!!!Better start hunting again!


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