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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dinara's move in date set, residence in WTA Penthouse "a great honor"

Dinara Safina is set to move into the WTA Penthouse on April 20th after Serena Williams was defeated in her opening match in Marbella yesterday.

The Russian will become only the second lady baller (Sharapova) from her country to hold the keys while she and big bro' Marat are the first brother + sister to have held the top spot.

Here's what Dinara had to say about the honor:

It's a great honor to reach the No.1 ranking and it is a dream every girl who has ever wanted to play professional tennis shares. It is even extra special for me since my brother Marat was able to reach the No.1 ranking and I am happy to share this achievement with him. There's no question that while I am very proud of my results over the past year, I would have liked to reach this achievement in a different manner. I hope to prove to everyone over the coming months that I merit the honor of being world No.1.

Yes, we're all hoping the same thing. Obviously it's not your fault the WTA's system is severely screwy but it is what it is.

So in the meantime, CONGRATS!!!

PS - I'll be looking for my invite to the housewarming. I give good gifts. Seriously.

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  1. hmm i usually hover round this site but i've now felt the need to speak out for soem reason
    anyhoo congrast to dinara hope her game improves if not i'm sure rere will be back on top *sighs* what i wouldnt give to be dinara's friend right now.. celebrating her number ranking, making out wth her brother mm marat so glad he's gonna be playin in monte carlo hope he's hair's grown anyhoo back to dinara, it's so hard to talk about her when her brother is just Sex lol, congrats lve kisses and more to your brother

  2. apologies for my typo's in my previous comment

  3. WTA is screwy? Why wont you call Serena's committment to the game screwy? 2 slams and another final and she cant keep the #1 ranking... speaks VOLUMES to her distain to anything other than a slam - or Miami.

  4. I hope Dinara has a decent year. Her serve will be her downfall. There are so many moving parts to it, it's almost a surprise when she gets a first serve in these days.

    You can always tell when others don't have a clue about the WTA when certain comments are made, but I'll leave that alone.

    Congrats to Dinara.

  5. I love Anonymous' comments about being Dinara's friend in order to get some face time with Marat!! Very funny because I was just thinking the opposite!! How lovely to be Marat's friend just now to be able to get some face time with Dinara. I would love to help her celebrate the new penthouse digs!. Yes, incredibly, there are some of us out here that find her John Wayne swagger, grumpy faces, and inelegant mannerisms actually endearing!

    As for her serve, she just can't seem to stop herself from tossing the ball up into the stratosphere and as Anonymous said, it IS a surprise when she gets the first serve in, so much so that I think she herself is shocked sometimes judging by her reaction time to the return serve. *sigh*. Hopefully her game sharpens up and she can enjoy a run like last year, if only to hush the naysayers.

    Maybe now that the weight of the world has been lifted just a bit, she won't have such a problem with her mental game.

    Congrats Dinara

  6. I think Dinara's press release was a good move on her team's part; good way to address all the negative *how can you be number #1 when you've never won a grand slam* comments. I'm not saying I agree with the rankings system but at least she's dealing with it up front.

  7. Dear Richie,
    I would love to invite you to housewarming, but I am too busy fixing my game and working on my serve. Plus, this old lady natch keeps following me around, yelling at me that I can win if I get it in my head I can win. Then she ask me all kinds of crazy questions about Rafa, like I know him. I find your name and blog address taped to her, so can you take her back, please?
    PS - You can give gift for me to my agent. If I like, I comp you in to USO.

  8. that last comment has got to be kidding god...

  9. LOL at natch!! :)

  10. I'm not happy about this at all....Another slamless #1....

  11. natch: ROFL!!! So really, where's my invite? I'm SO hoping Marat's there and we play party games like "Spit on his", eh, I mean "Spin the Bottle".

    Sorry got confused with the version I play on weekends. My bad.

  12. I love Dinara so I'm happy for her, but I so very much hope she doesn't have to deal with the crap JJ had to. I'm not a JJ fan and I found myself defending her #1 ranking last year/early this year. I hope she plays up to it, but I have a bad feeling about this.

    And please, these are the rules set by the WTA. Don't blame the players.

  13. Richie,
    Marat told me you liked a good game of "Hide the racquet"...

    I just confirmed our Wimby date with Andre and Steffi--I'm able to go! Yay!!!! You better show up. There's no way I can take the two of them all by myself. If Andre zings one of those 120mph returns at me, I'll have to duck and cover.

  14. I love Dinara (in a very different way to the way I love her brother *blushes*), so I'm glad that she's #1. I just hope that she can hold onto it... It would be nice to see her win a slam.


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