Google Down the Line!: Baby Mango does sound better than Baby Bastard

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Mango does sound better than Baby Bastard

So as I was stuffing my face and drinking myself silly at a local bar as part of a master escape plan from a baby shower Kalil + I were invited to today (did they think we'd have fun there just because we're gaybies?), I was inundated with emails and comments tipping me off to the latest Roger Federer surprise: RoKa finally tied the knot!

The announcement was made via his website:

Dear Fans

Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.


It's been a whirlwind month for the 13-time Grand Slammer: the upcoming birth of Baby Mango was announced, he took out Wilson in Miami, backtracked on Monte Carlo, and now marriage.

But Mirka has her long-awaited ring, a baby bump, and, depending on the laws, at least half of his earnings to boot. Nice moves, though I'm hoping *fingers crossed* she had the decency NOT to text in her vows. Addictions are nasty.

In any case, congrats to RoKa!!!

(image via getty)


  1. OMG Rich! That headline cracked me up! You are very bad boy! LMAO

    Very happy for them both. Mr & Mrs Federer aw

    Somebody better tell Xisca not to get any funny ideas!


  2. I cracked up when I read this post. I seriously hope that the people whose baby shower you ditched don't read this blog.

  3. Congrats and all that, I guess, but...

    MRS. ROGER FEDERER? Are you fucking kidding me?! I'm going with my friends' reaction to this seemingly shotgun wedding:

    "Do you think the cake said RF? Nike swoosh on the dress?"

    "Oh, Roger, you're such a mook."

    "look, it's like he owns her now. are you seriously telling me you don't find that romantic?"
    "You're so right. It's frightfully romantic. And what does she need her own identity for anyway? Everyone's just looking at Roger's hair anyway."

    (I'm a Fed fan, but the announcement on his website was very offensive to some of us in the younger generation who were totally down with the nine year committed relationship set-up)

    Whatever, their choice. It just seems like an odd time to be doing it, like the decision was made based only on the imminent baby and not planned or looked forward to.

  4. Well, it's quite simple: according to people well-versed in Swiss family law, a baby born out of wedlock gets mother's surname. So, the baby Mirka is expecting will be called Vavrinec, not Federer, if not for this shotgun wedding.

  5. Courtney said:

    (I'm a Fed fan, but the announcement on his website was very offensive to some of us in the younger generation who were totally down with the nine year committed relationship set-up)

    I say:

    Get over yourself woman! It's their relationship and their life!


  6. Poor sod, no wonder his game went down the tube: first a baby trap, now a shotgun wedding.

  7. Yeah, if I recall well, he said sometime last year that he's not planning to marry for at least couple of years.

    Presumably until he has surpassed Sampras record.

  8. Bloody brilliant, isn't it? *squeals* Let's hope the kid gets his long fingers and her nose, for God's sake. Oh, and not Mango for a name. :)

  9. As shotgun as this seems (given the lack of hollywood-esque tabloid lead-up), she has been wearing an enormous diamond ring for a while now...

  10. Did he sign a prenup?

  11. Not only has she had an enormous ring, he had a month long gap in his schedule until he agreed to play exhibition events and accepted the wildcard. So perhaps not quite so shotgun after all.

  12. Anon 9:58 totally agree, he didn't plan on getting married for a couple years nor the baby bump I bet.....does tht mean retirement is sooner than expected?!

  13. In that picture, Mirka totally looks like Roger's mom.

  14. About time these two tied the knot. Am I the only one feeling suspicious about this whole "ordeal" though? I'm not one of those religious nuts who only condones having children after marriage, but still. Things that make you go hmmm....wonder what took him so long? And why only shortly after announcing to the general public about the pregnancy?

    Mirka's practically been there for Roger for EVERYTHING. Anywho, I am happy for them and I wish them continued happiness & success.

  15. aaawwwww........ good for them! congrats Roger and Mirka!

    ps. The baby's name is really MANGO? wooow.... I'm used to names such as "apple," "cherry" or "sunshine" mango? hahaha....

  16. Butter: Haven't you been reading DtL? Mango's full name is Mango Blackberry Federer. haha

  17. Sara said: In that picture, Mirka totally looks like Roger's mom.

    She does! Maybe not so much in that pic, but definitely in some others where they have matching big hair and stern expressions.

    I totally agree with Courtney about the 'Mr and Mrs Roger Federer' thing. Eeek! I'd love the next announcement to be from 'Mr Mirka Vavrinec'.

    But snark aside, I wish them much happiness.

  18. >>Baby Mango does sound better than Baby Bastard<<
    Whoop! That's a little harsh....

    The wedding has shotgun written all over it, but still... The two have been together for sooooo long and now they've finally done it!

    Now they'll have their honeymoon in Monte Carlo (how exquisite) while Fed plays a tourny (how so not romantic) and will probably get his ass kicked by Rafa in the final (when he's lucky)!!!

    But the three things really I'm interested in are:
    1. What did she wear?
    2. Will there be a vogue special about it? You just KNOW Anna is pissed that she wasn't invited...
    3. How BIG is her ring? I'm hoping for a Beyonce sized diamond!

  19. I'm hoping there will be pictures! I love wedding dresses and everything.

  20. what was the cake, a tier of fluffy white cupcakes with that gold RF logo on each one of them?

    Ha! I would bust out on a baby shower too. Though if you get invited to Mango's you better stay. Because there will probably be...cupcakes, with an RF logo on them.

  21. Mrs. Roger Federer is really antique after nine years of being happily non-legally committed. But if they do it for the baby's sake I am all for it. Bastard kids just have it tough .. ;)

    It's weird though, that Fed can't concentrate on two things at once.

  22. P.S.

    Okay, I just checked Fed's homepage, and the German and French versions only say Mr. and Mrs. Federer. Which is not that antique anymore.

    - Anon 8:45

  23. I do certainly wish them all the happiness, it has got nothing to do with him playing tennis or not. And for the shotgun wedding, how long do you see an engagement being sufficient, ten, fifteen years for a "shotgun wedding" to follow? They probably have been surprised about the baby news and therefore rather romantically decided to go for it, but the legal aspect of swiss law has played a role too probably.
    I certainly could have pictured them do it privately and small, then the big huge wedding thing with hundreds of guest etc. despite their love for celebrity lifestyle, their wedding they see as private matter, very swiss like.

  24. Congrats to them. I guess. I like Fed and everything but I've never been one to get excited over weddings. As long as he's happy, it's all good.

  25. Y'know, Rich, if they really named it Baby Mango, could you sue for some kind of recognition?

    Just sayin'. God knows people name their kids whatever these days.

    "Doesn't matter what you name your kids. It's just a sound." ~ Chris Martin, Coldplay, a.k.a the guy who named his kid Apple.

  26. I think it's wonderful they decided to do a small, private wedding. Maybe that's what makes it look like a shotgun one - they kept it a secret because they didn't want paparazzi all over it.

    Me like! I would've hated a big hollywood princessy wedding... Blech!
    And it also was kinda predictable after the whole Mango announcement. ;)

  27. Babz: OMFG @ the Chris Martin comment. Easy for him to say, his name is Chris, not Ballulah. LOL

    Plus, I think it's even more shocking they named their kid not only after a fruit, but after a brand name.

    Maybe it won't be Mango after all, but Nike Federer. :D

  28. Sonja - I know right? He's not the one who has to live with that name. And kids are so mean. I have the most ordinary name but people still find a way to mock. Sigh.

    I'm expecting the name to be something really, really boring. Pete Federer. Rod Federer.

  29. it's just a sound??? then he and Gwynnie could've named her "snap", "crackle", or "pop" instead of apple.

    don't worry about apple though. she's prob going to school with mango blackberry federer and zuma nesta rock rossdale. she should be fine.

  30. wow, you never stop the snarky comments about roger federer, do you? i'm getting sick of this website

  31. You say that like it's a bad thing, Anon 5:52.

  32. BWHA!

    Pheasant Plucker: 1
    Bitter anonymous poster: 0

  33. Anon : 3:43

    LOL..oooops! no, i don't have much time to read/ visit the blog! hahahaha....... I probably have read it here before (?) and forgot! hahahaha... nice one! Mango Blackberry Federer! hahahaa.........sounds like a frozen yogurt chain!


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