Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Spain + Serbia get drawn, press get their "money shot"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Spain + Serbia get drawn, press get their "money shot"

Here's video of the Davis Cup draw for the Spain versus Serbia tie in Benidorm today.

The press made sure to get the "money shot": Rafa + Nole hand in hand on stage. Good thing I wasn't invited because an entirely other shot would've been requested and it has nothing to do with money (though I'd take that too.)

Can I die now?

*circuit overload*

(via merikob)


  1. Man would I seriously love to jump Rafa (AND the entire team for that matter)....VAMOS you sexy boys you!!

    *frantically searches for ticket to ride Spanish train*

  2. If you want to make DC popular in the US, they should require the players to play shirtless and their choice of speedos or "free-ballin" in tennis shorts....I am sure ticket sales would double :) Just a thought.

  3. *disguises herself as Rosana Romero*
    *requests private, "one on one" time with Rafa*
    *sneaks past security*
    *waits in locker room*

  4. I like the way you think, Terry Lee! (Except, someone please lock up the worm before they put these changes into play!)

  5. LOL you guys!!

    That DC clash between Spain and Serbia sure will be a hotfest. :P

  6. matches are postponed till Saturday because of bad weather

  7. Seriously, can i die now?

    *readies obituary*


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