Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Rog looking quite regal in Nationale Suisse ads

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Rog looking quite regal in Nationale Suisse ads

Roger Federer will be featured in a series of ads for insurance company Nationale Suisse and a number of behind-the-scenes videos from the shooting of the spots have been released.

The videos, which are in Swiss German I believe (correct me if I'm wrong and please translate if you can!), showcase the 13-time Grand Slammer in different scenarios wearing different duds including a suited up Fed speaking with a gathering of colleagues and standing next to a car speaking with a woman, and a casual Rog playing with some kids and attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Say what you want about his ego/personality (and you usually do - one way or the other) but the man can work a scrumptiously tailored suit - wowzers.

looks absolutely stunning in these spots with nary a hair out of place (can I borrow it for a day?) and the clothes fitting perfectly.



  1. Hey Rich!
    I think the ads are in German. . .I pestered a German friend for assistance in translating. But not wanting to drive my friend nuts, I only pushed him for the general gist, which is basically "If you aren't as perfect as Roger Federer, you might want to buy some insurance." In the last spot you have, Roger mentions how he doesn't like taking risks, except for driving fast cars, and that his biggest fear is skydiving. . . mmmhmmm.
    Agree with you on the suit and hair angle, of course! And I for one like his personality and ego just fine :)

  2. I love Roger I think he has such charisma and sexiness about him. He has to be the second best dressed man in sport behind David Beckham. I love his style he is always so slick, tailored and chic.

  3. Goodness, this man is so suave, articulate and sexy. I love him; he's perfect. I don't live in Switzerland or need insurance but I want to buy what he's selling.

  4. Okay, okay--even I can admit he looks good in these ads....but the cougar in the car is just a STRANGE dynamic. Where the heck is Mirka??????

  5. Roger is HANDSOME! DAMN!!!!!!

  6. Roger gorgeous :) And after all, he HAS earned the right to an ego, though that doesn't mean he should keep flaunting it all over the place. Miss the long, sexy locks, however. And I reckon his personality's all right. Unfortunately, bet he's still afraid of Rafa now, dammit. :) Either way, love the man.

  7. Fed is an ugly jerk.

  8. Yeah, anon 129, way to go with the great command of language and everything.


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