Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Mario the Renaissance Man loves ladies of all kinds

Friday, March 13, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Mario the Renaissance Man loves ladies of all kinds

Mario Ancic sat down for a fun Q & A with a show called Ace The Tennis Show.

So on top of being a world-class athlete the towering Croat, who earned a law degree last year, prefers the night over day, reads more books than magazines, likes walks on the beach, and women of all kind.

Single ladies - are you listening? Jump that NOW.


(via Game, Set, Match)


  1. Ammm dear Rich, Mario Ancic didn't EARN his degree, he BOUGHT his degree.
    In Croatia since he made all that fuss, and considering that fact, he is a joke and matter of mocking.
    We in Croatia have highly corrupted system.But also we fight against it, and it's not easy.Here when you have name (as Ancic) and money you can do everything.You rule.
    But law college in Croatia lasts 4 and a half years, and in order to pass each exam, you have to work your ass of DAILY.So, considering there are 15 exams per year, that means you need to study 8 hours every day for two months (while you're studying for each exam), that means students of law in Croatia have 15 exams IN A YEAR to prepare, and each exams requires you to study at least two months for it, 8 hours a day.So you study all the time in those 4 years law college lasts.
    So tell me, being a profesional athlete, training 6 hours a day, having a match, traveling, doing press, massages, where do you find time to study 8 hours a day for two months for just one exam, and then repeat all that for each future exam, and you have 15 exam per year.
    Ancic is a bullshit.And carma is a bitch, so.....just watch.

  2. And ps. he has a girfriend.For years now.Doris Goles, pharmacy student, who is also his neighbour.

  3. Tessa: Alrighty then! How do you REALLY feel??? Love it.

  4. Hate. Hate that woman. Hate. Her.

    I mean the show presenter.

  5. How do I really feel?Well I HATE coruption!Maybe cause my society in Croatia is full of it, and we can't move forward because of it.And it kinda sucks to remain quite, don't you think, when someone who is actually a fraud is being praised.So,loud and clear, that's what I'm talking about.You would understand me Rich, if you work your ass of to get a degree, and someone else who students never saw visit University, suddenly get his oh-so "deserved" degree,even before they do.Yeah, great society!Come over here ya'll!But on the beach, of course.Or if you ever need a lawyer, who's also a pro tennis baller.And Batman by night.

  6. babz: DO TELL!

    tessa: It must be frustrating - corruption sucks. But like you said, if you have money then you can pretty much do or get anything in this world.

  7. Well, yeah true that.But still, carma's a bitch, so careful w/money, all you Batman wannabes!

  8. Ugh. Just dislike her. I mean why on earth did she get the job? I could do so much more. From my college friends I could easily pick out 5 friends who could do better than her. All better looking, with great charm, all so much more interesting than her. She's not a journalist and she's not a good presenter, so why on earth was she hired for this job? Mind you, I *was* a comm major.

    It's her and her looks and the way she speaks and the nonsensical questions she asks the players, how on earth does it encourage awareness of the sport in this region? The way she carried on with that horrid show is so laaaaaame no one's going to listen to her, least of all the younger generation. I'm so frustrated because it's obvious she's either singaporean or malaysian (accent) and I feel so strongly because I did live in Malaysia for nearly a decade, and she is such a FAIL.

    Yes, I know I shouldn't talk so much about nonsensical things when I own the blog I do, but she's working for Star Sports. Like HELLO?!?

    Star Sports, HIRE MEEEEE!!! I promise I wouldn't ravish Rafa on the spot if you do.

    *cross fingers behind back*

    Wow what is it about this post that brought on so much angst. First Tessa, now me. *holds head in shame*


  9. He looks hot and highly do-able in this video. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Thanks Rich

  10. aw @ tessa's comments,
    id like to keep my own image of mario as being a smartie for as long as i can though, thank you very much. but yeah, sucks about the whole paying off to get a degree thing when other people (tessa perhaps?) have to work very hard.
    BUT, are you sure mario's got a full/legit degree in law? wasn't it just a thesis he published?

    lookin' good boy ;)

  11. Ancic is really cute! he and anna would look cute together! they would look like the nature-loving couple! ahahaha

  12. "he really likes his beaches" ahahahahahahahaha.......

    i wish i was the interviewer! he's sooo hot! btw, I think Ancic was just really being polite about the blondes/brunettes question, I mean the interviewer was asian! =P

  13. he is still in my opinion one of the sexiest men on tour!!!

  14. @anon 10:16, yes, he got full degree in law in University of Split, he was old generation of students before new system of Bologna, his college lasted 4 and a half years.Thesis he did is what we all in Croatia have to do no matter what college, and they are the easiest part.After you pass all the exmas, about 40 of them, your work is done, but to pass them ....requires you to as I said study hard for months each year.Thesis is just like the finish touch, just formality, like an essay, it's not anything special.You can also have someone else write it for you.Payed them for ofcourse.Although it's not hard to do it quickly yourself.So thesis is basicly formality at the end.The exams, 40 of them, each consisted of 1000 pages book, that's the college of law in Croatia.And Mario didn't pass them.He bought them.
    And yes, I have to actually study, as other students here to get my degree, what makes me remember I should go and study.

  15. And no matter the shady stuff he still is really sexy and pollite!I agree, definetly.But carma's a bitch, what makes me smile.And appritiate the real champions a lot more.

  16. He's kind of paranoid.

  17. Well there you go Tessa, he's sick again. I hope you're really happy.

  18. hahahahha, well carma's a bitch, not me!:))

  19. No, you're still the bitch.

  20. Tessa vs. corruptionMarch 15, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    hahahaha, are you in love with Ancic baby???Well to bad, what can I say?
    But don't be mad on me cause your baby is corrupted!My god, what a bad mathematician you are!ccccccccc

  21. ^
    So bitter :(
    Chill Tessa!

  22. Tessa vs.corruptionMarch 15, 2009 at 2:45 PM

    What for babe?Someone else is bitter here!

  23. Me? :(
    I don't have a problem unless you're happy that he's ill again. That's just classless, and i'm sure you were raised better than that BABE ;)

  24. I never said I was happy he is ill again, ofocurse I'm not, it's irrelevant to me what he is, I couldn't care less if he moves to Mars.But I'm not sad either, totally aloof.
    Just sayin' it usually goes like that, what goes around comes around.
    Mario has spilled a lot of negative energy and done some shady things, VERY SHADY THINGS, and as I said carma will get on him, as it can be seen already.
    But he can still do some "quality" laywer time in the office, no?:))))If he can't be on court!

  25. hmmm..i'm no believer in 'karma'but you can believe in that all you want. btw he's mentioned doing something with sport and law when the tennis career is over. maybe leave it until then to attack him (you know if he doesn't know anything on the subject there'd be no point bla bla bla).

  26. Believe or not to believe in "carma" ,is so whatever, totally personal.
    No matter the carma there is still the fact he's a shady corupted man and the fact you pay for what you do in life, sooner or later.
    Law and sport after tennis career, yep, that's what Mr. Shady said!He bought his degree, he can do it.But ofcourse, he'll probably finish nuclear medicine first, in his all freetime, y'know!
    I'm done with Mr.Shady, you enjoy his pretty face!:)


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