Google Down the Line!: Vaida showing some solid form at Indian Wells - is a career turnaround next?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vaida showing some solid form at Indian Wells - is a career turnaround next?

Nicole Vaidisova may be starting to put the brakes on her career free fall at Indian Wells.

The Czech lady baller crushed 24th seed Alona Bondarenko 6-3, 6-1 in the tourney's second round and began the week by dismissing wildcard Michaelle Krajicek 6-3, 6-4 in her first match. Now, these wins wouldn't normally be newsworthy but for someone who's been struggling to move past first and second rounds this is a mini-breakthrough. Vaida, who holds the 80th spot in the rankings, will be happy to take whatever she can get from them - namely some much needed confidence.

Moreover, the 19-year old recently reunited with stepdad + coach Alex Kodat who helped steer her to a pair of Grand Slam semifinals (Roland Garros, Aussie Open) in her very young career. It seems some emotional rifts may have been healed.

And, if ever there ever was a sign of growing maturity, this decision might be it.

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  1. And Nicole, i know historically its been hard for ladies to let go of the Worm, but please do so, for your sake.

  2. Neil - You're so right. I hated myself for thinking this, but I truly believe that he had something to do with Martina's white powder issues (the powder that was found in her system after her wimbledon loss.)


  3. Well, if nothing else, he seems to destroy the tennis of the women he dates.

  4. A few days there was an article somewhere in analyzing Vaidisova's free fall. Someone said that it's not fair to blame it on the worm - if it was not him, would've been some other boyfriend.

    I kinda disagree. It is not fair to her to not take the worm into account. She's NINETEEN. Is it really a coincidence that he'd dated 2 women and both got into career trouble? Sure, there are two people in a relationship, but please worm, if you have some kind of compassion towards fellow ballers, keep it in the can, ground, tree branches, whatever, just please stay away from WTA players.

    Srsly, what IS it with him?

  5. well, if she can begin winning matches while still dating the Worm, maybe he's not really such an issue? however, i do think he's not right for her but for other reasons. age, for one.

  6. i cant believe she is that low ranked!!!!! Hopefully reuniting with her step-dad will get her back to where she was a couple years ago!!!! She has a big game ...


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