Google Down the Line!: + TUESDAY NETCORDS: Vince has nothing on Nalby's mustached belly bump - or does he?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

+ TUESDAY NETCORDS: Vince has nothing on Nalby's mustached belly bump - or does he?

* Bobby Reynolds gives us the low down on the un-glamorous life of a lower-ranked baller including having to fly around the world in coach. Egads - coach?! Talk about slumming. Good thing I chose blogging. [NY Times]

* Kamakshi Tandon takes a gander at the ladies' Miami draw and she thinks the usual suspects will reign [ESPN]

* Tennis is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. among traditional sports. *faints* [USTA]

* Which rising lady baller said the following: If people spend some time with me they call me crazy, but in a good way. I paint my nails every three days. I have my nail polish with me – about 20 bottles of nail polish. I like shopping also. [Tennishead]

(image via getty)


  1. Is the crazy lady baller Caro Wozniacki? She always has bright nail polish on.

  2. Huh, Vince Spadea. Maybe you can help me, Rich -- how on earth did he get into the main draw at Indian Wells when he was outside the top 100?

  3. anon: check the Tennishead link!

    Libby: No you haven't lost your marbles. He's in the qualies.

  4. Of Indian Wells? I'm looking back a few weeks, and I don't see him on the Qualies draw (here:, just in the main. And in the main he didn't have a "Q" or a "WC" or anything -- just, there he is. #111 in the world, in the main draw.

    I know this is finished-tournament/old news, but I can't help but wonder. What do you think?

  5. Libby: Oh no Miami! That pic came from his match today in qualies at the SEO. Sorry I wasn't more clear on that one!!

  6. Hee! We're almost as bad as those old "who's on first" skits. :)

    But seriously, Rich, I'm curious and looking to be enlightened. Do you know the rules on such things? Why would Indian Wells let a #111 ranked player into the main draw without qualifying, while Bellucci (#69) and Phau (#85) and Robert Kendrick (#96 and an American) all have to do qualies?

    Is there some sort of weird payola involved?

  7. I guess Nastya Pavlyuchenkova, because she always has differnet coloured nails. :)


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