Google Down the Line!: + THURSDAY NETCORDS: If I force a smile I know I'll be much happier right now

Thursday, March 19, 2009

+ THURSDAY NETCORDS: If I force a smile I know I'll be much happier right now

* More stories on Comeback Clijsters are popping up. NEWSFLASH KIMMIE: We all know you're returning to the game. Just announce it already. Geesh. [Sporting Life]

* Rumors continue to surround the pairing of Fernando Verdasco + Caroline Wozniacki. I suppose next to the definition of "man-whore" in the dictionary is Nando and his hairy situation(s). Don't you get it by now ladies? PS - Thanks Kirsten! [Crazy World of Tennis]

* Tom Perrotta gives his mid-term grades for Indian Wells and *shocker* FSN/MSG+ get an "F" for their U.S. broadcast. Ahhh - it's good to know they took the heaping criticism from last year and improved upon it. AIG bonuses for all! [TENNIS]

* Which lady baller said the following: "My favorite tennis player is Serena Williams. I like her because she plays a very aggressive game. (Ever talk to or meet her?) No, no [smiles]. I mean, I saw her in locker room but she's like big star"? [tennis week]

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  1. Wow, Verdasco is really sharing himself, what is he ADHD on love, does he actually have a "to do next" list, wtf.
    But the question is, how can I get on the list?!?

  2. I thought it was Sania. Boy he moves fast and I'm not talking about court movement.

  3. LOL@ Nalby's face! Must have been bad wasting those 5 MPs last night... but he def showed promise!

    I thought he was with Camilla Belle, Masha's ex? Seen pics of her during his match...
    Please, stay away from Caro! She's way too cute for him!

    And boy, am I glad that Anando is history! He's such a little ho ho ho!

  4. Maja - This Camilla Belle seems to be some little ho ho ho too. Isn't she supposed to be dating one of the Jonas Brothers?


  5. Well, the fact she was sitting in a box doesn't mean she is screwing Verdasco.And the rumour about Caro is probably just that, so I think noone is a ho ho here,except media and very accurate commentators!Camilla fiancee puh-lease!

  6. Wozzi's legs look sizzlin' in that shot with Tabasco. Dang. They'd make a hot couple, IMO.

    Btw, we have absolutely no t.v. coverage of IW here in Chicago. None. But apparently it's not that different from having FSN/MSG...pathetic. I don't know what I'd do without live streaming!

  7. I heard the Camilla rumor too b/c she was in his box (HA) so who knows. Maybe he's doing all of Hollywood + the WTA Tour. Like I said, MAN-WHORE.

  8. But I want to know who said that about Serena!!

    Was it Julia Roberts?

  9. Wozzi was totally in Tabasco's box during the Fed match. Now he'll prob try to find comfort in her box after losing (HA HA did I just say that?!) But seriously, Hot Sauce should have won that second set. I wanted to see more tennis! Congrats to Fed though...the semi with Murray should be very interesting!!

  10. Camilla was there during the Fed match for sure (all the gratuitous camera shots - Mirka and Gwen will be gettin' jealous), but I didn't see any shots of Caro???

    If they were both there, then he is a bigger man-whore than I even thought possible! ;)

  11. Anon, they were both there. At one point they showed his entire box and Camilla and Woz were separated by 1 or 2 people.

  12. The last one's Ula! XD


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