Google Down the Line!: Serena's site relaunched, gets a bit of botox

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Serena's site relaunched, gets a bit of botox

As promised, Serena Williams finally went under the needle. Well, more like her website did, that is.

The top lady baller has just relaunched her site and left a message for her fans while in New York for Monday night's BJK Cup:

Hey everyone!!

I'm so excited for my new site to be up. It's been a long, withstanding effort to get it just right. I hope you all enjoy it!

I am in NYC, having a fantastic time. I loved playing the Billie Jean King exhibiton at Madison Square Garden. I'm soooooo happy I won! It was a blast, and I absolutely love the fans in New York. I have been going from photo shoot to photo shoot. Long days, but so much fun. I love being involved in fabulous fashion spreads. It has been bitterly cold here, but the SNOW is amazing! I got in a snow ball fight with my assistant, Nikki and slipped and fell! LOL! I'm more sore from that, than playing tennis. I will post a video of it soon!

Thanks for coming to my new site. I would love to hear your feedback.


There doesn't seem to be much new in the way of content besides a new tab for her philanthropic efforts. I'm just hoping she gets back to her vlogging ways. You know, comedy relief and all.

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  1. Right - but isn't that one of the great benefits of being a celeb? They'll always make you look flawless even if it's because they photoshop your ass to death.

    Do me, do me!

  2. Right Rich. Anyone ever see a Maria or Jelena match or post match interview in HD? Skin issues is an understatement.

    Anyway the site is ok, she needs to put up the ranking list and fan forum again for those who are into that.

  3. I have and it can be pretty scary - especially in HD. Yikes! Can you imagine if HDTV would also photoshop you on the spot?

  4. That would actually be hilarious. Patent the idea before Sony or some other conglomerate steals your genius scheme.

  5. "Can you imagine if HDTV would also photoshop you on the spot?"

    I know I read something about that a few years ago...

  6. are you serious babz? totes kidding but...

    *imagines flawless, humanoid looking celebs on HDTV*

    ooh, scary! where do i sign up???

  7. I definitely read something about that, the movie blogs were all in an uproar over it, saying what's the point of HD if they're just gonna cover all flaws and blemishes anyways. But it was years ago and i cannot for the life of me begin to search for it.

    But hell yea! Sign me up with you! Next we know everyone's gonna look like something out of pc games.


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