Google Down the Line!: Serena, JJ, Venus, and Ana gather at Sony Club for free lunch, will visit Donna Karan for free clothes (life sucks)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Serena, JJ, Venus, and Ana gather at Sony Club for free lunch, will visit Donna Karan for free clothes (life sucks)

Serena Williams, Jelena Jankovic, Venus Williams, and Ana Ivanovic all gathered with WTA CEO Larry Scott for a luncheon/media moment at the Sony Club in NYC a day after taking part in the Billie Jean King Cup at Madison Square Garden. The meet up was hosted by the Tour, Sony Ericsson, and the Luxury Marketing Council and emceed by U.S. FED CUP captain Mary Jo Fernandez.

I think ReRe looks great here followed, surprisingly, by JJ + Left Side, then Ana. I won't even comment on V's "I just rolled outta what?" look. Oops, just did.

Anyway, after the staggering amounts of monies these ladies "earned" for a quarter day's work (talk to Peter Bodo about that one) you'd think they'd be finished, right? Wrong-o.

The foursome are reportedly being invited as special guests to Donna Karan's flagship store on Madison Avenue for some "retail therapy" (read: free clothing). Say what?!

Well, I suppose it IS mentally exhausting lugging all that fast cash around during this economic crisis.

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  1. Jelena looks great!

  2. Serena and Jelena looks nice. Venus looks way under dressed. Ana is too cute to wear something you'd find on the set of Golden Girls. Ugh!

  3. What tha heck is Vee wearing. I swear my mum wears tht when she goes grocery shopin or to pick up my lil sister frm school.

    JJ looks amazing.Pete Bodo isn't liking this at, i on the other hand am very jealous at the girls.

  4. I know - I'm surprised by how great JJ looks here and how badly V came dressed. Ana, well, she's a wildcard: can look great some times, strangely amateurish on others.

    ReRe hands down is my fave here. She has a really good stylist these days. Anyone know who she works with for clothing?

  5. Rich, she works with someone who studied fashion for more than twenty minutes like her. LOL, she looks great, Venus well there's nothing I can really say.

  6. I'd rather wear V's duds than Ana's. The Golden Girls comment was spot on. Bleh. On the other hand, S & Lefty look fab!

  7. Everyone looks great in their own way. Serena and JJ are well dressed, and Venus and Ana have great smiles, 'specially Vee.

    And yea, I am jealous of them for getting those huge lumps of mula.


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