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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seles' upcoming autobiography too clean, needs a little dirtying up

Sarah Thurmond offers a review of Hall of Fame inductee Monica Seles' soon-to-be released (April 21) autobiography Getting a Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self for which she describes as "part memoir, part personal-growth journal".

Sarah had a few issues with Moni's writings, the biggest being the lack of details or "
behind-the-scenes dirt":

About leaving the Bollettieri’s in 1990, she writes that there was “a miscommunication, misunderstanding, and a lot of hurt feelings.” She leaves out the specifics. She handles the horror in Hamburg, where a deranged Steffi Graf fan stabbed her in the back during a changeover in a match, in the same manner. Seles writes that Steffi visited her at the hospital and acted “as if nothing happened.” She’s angry that the tournament continued without her, but holds back from telling us how she really feels about Graf.

Oooh how disappointing. I think we'd all love to know what exactly transpired in the hospital room that day and what their relationship is like now. Oh Moni, do tell!

*fingers + toes crossed*

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  1. Good gravy Marie! Even I'm still angry with Steffi for her lack of emotion over that. I know it's her nature, and none of the guy's actions are her fault, but for chrissakes, the woman was stabbed!

    I hope Monica discusses how her not dealing with those feelings caused her to gain weight, and hinder her comeback. It could be a nice lesson to help a younger generation learn.

  2. Yeah it's like she really didn't know HOW to react so she just didn't or something. I'm so curious to know if they have any relationship now at all - I doubt it.

    I'm def going to read it, but from the review it seems she doesn't exactly connect the dots. She discusses having the issues and how she dealt with them.

  3. I'd also love to know how she feels about Steffi now - but I kinda understand she took the high road and kept those emotions private.

  4. Doubtless Steffi Graf suffered from shock when the stabbing happened. As such, it's not unlikely that she also suffered, at least slighty, PTS following the tournament - especially considering her 'involvement' with the attacker, and subsequent, potential, feelings of guilt.

  5. According to Steffi's version of the event (she only talked about it once), nothing much was said in the hospital room - both women mostly cried she said.

    I really do think that Steffi was in shock and her nature has always been reserved. I agree with Rich, I don't think she knew how to react and Monica's father didn't help when he blamed Steffi for Monica's attack and called her (Steffi) "The Knife Number One". Steffi kind of shut off contact to Monica after that...


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