Google Down the Line!: QUOTE OF THE DAY: NaturAna

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sometimes I wish I could get away from everything and go somewhere where nobody knows me. But I know I can't just disappear.

- Ana Ivanovic talking with Steve Tignor at Indian Wells

Uh, I think you got into the wrong profession, NaturAna. Good luck with that one though.

(image via womenstennisphotos)


  1. that was a nice piece from tignor. i'm not a big ana fan but this write-up made me like her even more. it warms the heart when people who are as good-looking, smart and talented like her are really nice and genuine. it seems that tignor was mesmerized by her. imo, it's probably one of the best that he's written this year.

    have you read his post on azarenka? that girl needs to have her attitude checked, blech. i hate the sharapova comparison too.

  2. It was and it seems he couldn't get over how "half glass full" she was about mostly everything until she let on about things like this quote.

    She's a tried and true emotional lady baller and it would be good for her to relax on herself a bit on court. I think saying things like this quote is a way of her doing that - just saying what she's really feeling.

    Behind all the giddiness and smiles is this loner type person who sometimes would rather be anywhere but in the middle of a media mob.

    She's human after all.

  3. Aw, poor beautiful rich girl. LOL


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