Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: You think JJ's at least doing this well?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

PHOTO OP: You think JJ's at least doing this well?

Jelena Jankovic's nasty Serbian Slide hit hyperdrive when the she was shocked by Argentine Gisela Dulko 6-4, 7-6 (5) in Miami after leading 5-2 in the second set and holding 3 set points and then 5-2 in the tie-break. It's her second consecutive loss after failing to get past her opening round in Indian Wells last week losing to a fresh-faced, snake-wearing Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

What's most disturbing aren't necessarily the losses (though they are troubling, no doubt) but HOW she's losing them: straight sets, losing big leads. It seems JJ's missing the fight and desire to dig her ANTA heels in and grind out a match - "winning ugly" as they say though her version seems more like "whining ugly" these days.

(image via getty)


  1. I'm so worried for JJ. I wonder how sick her mother really it

  2. Kimmy is coming back and JJ is getting her bum whipped...can life get any sweeter??

  3. Just as i was thinking Ana might have stopped her Serbian Slide, she crashes out again. I don't even wanna begin to talk about Safina and JJ.

  4. @Jannia: It certanly affects her tennis a lot, besides, she said it herself in her diary.
    As she said she checks if her mom needs anything during the night, so she doesn't get enough sleep, ofcourse she's struggling on the court then.
    I just hope her mom will get over this health problem, and then without that on her mind, game will come back, no doubt.


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