Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Whose situation is hairier?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PHOTO OP: Whose situation is hairier?

Andy Roddick was spotted at his Macy's Dadeland meet-and-greet at the Lacoste shop yesterday working another, albeit old-school, hairy situation.

It so reminded me of the hideousness that is Fernando Verdasco's hairstyle right now.

So whose situation is hairier: A-Rod or Nando?


(images via getty, pacific coast news)


  1. *opens door*
    *drops luggage, scuba gear, and racquet*
    Bon Bini! (Actually, I think that means welcome, but it's the only phrase I learned. Well...I did learn one other phrase, but I'm saving that one for Rafa. ;))

    Guess what? During my *lay*over yesterday in Miami, I ran into A-Rod's coach, Larry Stefanki. Let me tell you...he is one SexyBeast. ME-OW. Le mew, le purrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
    I'm going to start cheering for Andy now so I can see Larry in his box!

  2. I'm going to say Andy's situation is worse, because he's losing his hair, so he's got now say in how horrible it looks.

    Nando had enough follicles to have a new and unusual haircut bi weekly if he chooses to do so

  3. I agree with Neil, Ducky is losing his hair (feathers? :d). Nando's full head of hair though looks ridiculous. He looks like a monchichi.

    A bad haircut is always preferable, at least you can always grow it back...

  4. Well, here's the thing,

    Andy Roddick cut his hair like that because he lost a bet and now must suffer through public humiliation as punishment

    Fernando Verdasco cut his hair like that because he thinks it makes him look hot


  5. Well not too sure on the hair but Andy is sure hot!!

  6. Natch you traitor you!

    To both Rod and Dasco:
    Oh. My. Ewwww.

  7. Roddick please leave your hat on.

  8. Seriously, can't decide who's worse.

  9. Babz,
    I'm not dumping Rafa for Larry. I mean, I'm not carazay. But bumping into a rock hard 40+ year old man with gray hair and crinkly eyes...well, that does things to me.

    Where's Richie?

  10. I never thought I would say this but Nandos hair is "better"

  11. Nando's hair may be stupidy lookin, but he's still one fine piece of man meat. Roddick -- ew, no. Just no. Never. EVER.

  12. I never thought I'd say it, but Nando's is better. Or at least less awful. Andy seriously needs to do something about the thinning sitch going on up there...

  13. Just got back from hitting outside! *cheers*

    Hey natch - welcome back! So what was Stanki like in person? Did you exchange pleasantries or did you just feel him up?

    I'm with sonja - both are horrid but like narik said nando is still hotter to me. The body people, not the face, THE BODY.

  14. Richie!!!!
    I'm ready for our match against the Agassis. Got the tan going, too. Although without tan lines it's kinda hard to tell. ;)
    My encounter with LS was brief, but I did consider removing my clothing and inviting him to get a room with me for a few hours. Then I remembered the client I was meeting might run into LS later in the hotel and I didn't want to lose potential business. As I was leaving, I think I did hear him calling for a maid to clean up the drool I left behind. ;)

    Oh yes, and I was sniffing EVERYWHERE in that hotel for signs of Rafa.

  15. natch: As you know your Rafa wasn't in the hotel but was on the 11th green with NaturAna. The Serb's got a death wish I think: Xisca, Rafanatics, you.

    I'd watch my back...or front?

  16. Fernando over Roddick any day. Andy looks like he's stuck in a 1950's musical or something.

  17. *cries over lack of golfing abilities*
    The only thing I've got is a fab chip shot. Put me within putting distance, we'll be out there for hours.
    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...maybe Rafa can give me lessons?
    *books flight back to Miami, books hours on green with Rafa*
    *also books golf lesson*

  18. who told them that this mohawk wannabe look is in????

  19. "The Serb's got a death wish I think: Xisca, Rafanatics, you."

    LOL. Totally. I eat girls like Ana for breakfast though. ;)

    *now imagines receiving golfing lessons from Rafa*
    *Rafarms wrapped around Sonja*

    "You hold the iron this way, no?"

    *Rafa's and Sonja's hands meet*
    *other stuff, er, meets*

    "Is this a golf ball in your pants or are you happy to see me?"

  20. Andy is eek! (he always is)
    Nando is yum! :P


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