Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa + Ana putts around Crandon Golf

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PHOTO OP: Rafa + Ana putts around Crandon Golf

Rafael Nadal + Ana Ivanovic were spotted putting on the 11th green at Crandon Golf in Key Biscayne today as part of another promo for the Sony Ericsson Open.

Anyone else think Rafa would kill to have Ana's outfit on right about now? Oh the memories...

(image via Marc Serota/Getty Images for Sony Ericsson)


  1. They look cute together. I like Ana, she's not like the other divas that the WTA tends to produce.

  2. they do make a pretty hot promo...Rafa is just too adorable.

  3. oh god, she fist-pumps during golf, too. Please make it stop.

  4. She fistpumps in auto-irony.

    They are super cute and really friendly, chatting away in Spanish.

    Watch out, Rafa, you may fall for her yet.

  5. LOL, i do think rafa was feeling a bit nostalgic as soon as she saw ana walking up with capris on, haha!

    yep, although these pics are very nice, im still a rafa&xisca supporter ;)

    just because two people look good together doesn't mean they've gotta succumb to the wishes of all us (pathetic) tennis fans and get together :P

  6. My God, they look so good, adorable and cute together. Ana looks gorgeous. Ah, natural beauty...

  7. Beautiful people...

    They do look pretty damn good, but I love Xisca.

  8. Xisca better hurry up and get to Miami!

  9. They're so genuine that if they were a couple everybody would think they're in love for true.

  10. "oh god, she fist-pumps during golf, too. Please make it stop."


    And Rafana? BIG. FAT. EW.
    The day that happens, I'll burn my Rafanatic Pass.
    They both look good but that's about it. He's so thoughtful and genuine, and she's so immature and seems really shallow to me.

    No no!

  11. HA Sonja! Yeah I can't see them together either though she has more to gain than he does. Ana could learn a thing or ten about mental toughness from Rafa.

    But dating? HELL NO. Xisca would CUT her!

  12. Sonja,

    There is one word ten out of ten sports journalists that have already talked to Ivanovic use to describe her: thoughtful. A second word they use is smart. Unfortunately, most agree she doesn't know how to use her "deep thinking brain"(Matt Cronin's words..) on court. But I'm always puzzled when someone says that Ana is shallow.. and even airhead... she might be immature on court, but there is no evidence she is like that off court. In fact, every evidence, from people that have had contact with her, point out to the extreme opposite. Ask Bodo, Wertheim, Tignor, Cronin.. and even players on the tour.

    They look great together.. and NaturAna is gorgeous once again. But I agree that the pairing is not happening..

  13. Sonja, I SOOO agree with you. BIG. FAT. SLIMY. EW. to RafAna.
    They look so unnatural in these photos and Rafa looks really uncomfortable.
    And I think Rafa is more than happy with his Xisca...

  14. Anon, I know many people would disagree with me, and of course I don't know her personally - it's just an impression and/or gut feeling I have about her from what I've seen (which is on-court mainly, but also some interviews).

    I guess she's just not my cup of tea.

  15. Rich: So true. Xisca would take her in about 10 seconds flat...

  16. ''Xisca would take her in about 10 seconds flat...''

    LOL. Yeah, right...
    Girl plays tennis, she knows how to hit.

  17. "Girl plays tennis, she knows how to hit."

    HA! True enough she knows how to hit. so let's hope it's a serving showdown then. Outcome? Not so clear.

  18. Ouch. Harsh, Rich. Very harsh.

    And so damn true.

  19. is rafa really likely to touch nando's sloppy seconds?! i doubt he'd want to be compared to tabasco between the sheets...ana's always been after rafa, why do you really think she bought a house on mallorca, shame rafa's building his holiday home on ibiza


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