Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: On the ground, on the practice court with Rafa

Monday, March 16, 2009

PHOTO OP: On the ground, on the practice court with Rafa

FreakyFrites over at GOTOTENNISBLOG spent the weekend over at Indian Wells and will providing some on-the-ground coverage for DtL a little later today - yay!

In the meantime Rafanatics, here are some great photos they took of your boy during his practice session to tide you over. No worries Fedophiles - they took cool shots of Roger Federer and I'll post some of those too.

Enjoy guys - and I have a feeling you will. Just make sure to provide the the comments section only....sillies.

"Ay, where's the mark? If only this were clay..."


Blake: "What's it like being No.1?"
Rafa: "It's super cool - still have to carry my own racquets, though. Toni's rules. I know, I know - yawn."

BOOTY BONUS: Self-explanatory, no?

(via GOTOTENNIS, images courtesy of J. Nguyen)


  1. The caption for the picture with Blake was so cute. lol

  2. Ahhhh...bless you for the booty bonus, Rich!

  3. Well my day is vastly improved! :D

    i want that hat!!!!!! I hope they sell them in BCN.

  4. So hot! That's exactly what I need after 10 hours of school...

    No if only he'd taken his shirt off...

  5. I feel like such a perv when I see Rafa's ass. But I'm not sorry! jaja


  6. the booty shots never gets old! ahahha.... sometimes it like his pants are going to rip when he bends over! =P

  7. I just got back from Indian Wells and the major objective was to meet Marat and the second objective was to meet Rafa and I was lucky enough to accomplish both. Rafa is super nice and humble and that made him that much hotter in person. It was funny because I was standing near the players lounge waiting for Marat and literally ran into Rafa as he walked out because I wasn't paying attention, then I got mobbed by group of people that pushed me right into was nice.

  8. Terry Lee, I am sooo jealous!

    I'm amused that in the series of practice photos, you can see this progression of sweat forming. Heh.

  9. Terry Lee: Do tell Do tell more! Would you be willing to put finger to keyboard and type us your observations for DtL??? Unless what you wrote here in the comments is all that there is...let me know at

  10. I would be glad too Rich, I can even include some photos.

  11. Terry,

    Details please!

  12. Ooooh that ass.. Ooooh that everything!

    Someone please help me.


  13. "Then I got mobbed by group of people that pushed me right into was nice."

    LOOOOL oh that just sounds like my perfect day. Wanna know more!!

    The booty bonus... YUM as always. And smile & sweat bonus as well. YAY!!

  14. Rafa is such a beautiful man.

  15. I don't have too many details, getting pushed into Rafa was definitely a good thing, he just smiled at me and kept me from falling,the kid is super strong. Marat was the best though, he is large in person and he was so nice; I gave him a pat on the back as he walked by me and it was like hitting concrete. I was so star struck by him that I couldnt say anything...i was frozen, I thought it would be impossible but he is more handsome in person, you can feel his emotions just being near him, he is pretty electric. People kept telling him not to retire and it was like he became vulnerable and just said it was time....

  16. yummmm.. I would eat that ass for a century.


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