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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHOTO OP: No sweat for Murray - well, maybe a little

Andy Murray was in blazing hot form today in Miami.

The Brit baller absolutely decimated Viktor Troicki 6-1, 6-0 in a paltry 58 minutes. The Serb's serve was his downfall: he connected on only 33% of his first serve deliveries and Andy made sure to take full advantage. The fourth seed will face either Fernando Verdasco or Radek Stepanek for a spot in the final four.

Wow - talk about hitting your stride. Anyone else's mouth extra water-y now for a Rafa-Murray semifinal?

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  1. OMG that was a beatdown of a match, dang. I'm actually REALLY looking forward to Muzza vs. Tabasco AKA rematch AO 2009! Hope it lives up to its potential! And then after that I would def be interested in seeing Rafa play either of those boys...that is, hoping Rafa makes the semis :)

  2. First, I must register a complaint.
    Where's the Frenchy sandwich, Rich???
    No Tsonga/Gilles lovin' at the net pix?

    Alright. Alright. I love watching Murray because even with a tan, he is as white as a sheet. That just makes him so much more lovable. :D
    And, erm, my mouth pretty much waters for Rafa 24/7. You wanna throw Andy in there? Go ahead. (But I'd rather be in the middle of a Rafa Haas sandwich.) ;)

  3. johanne: true enough - gotta get by the quarters first. but i can't help but go to their rematch of Indian Wells. you know the brit baller wants serious revenge and based on his form, he has a good chance. but yes, must get by The Worm or Nando.

    natch: HA! I've been searching the image banks for the Frenchie post-match moment to no avail. See any?

    Yeah Murray is look a bit more tan but the all white isn't helping. it's fun to play peek-a-boo with his black knickers though. Naughty.

  4. Rich: Tabasco crushed The Worm so Andy will have to battle the hot sauce for sure :) And yeah I agree that Andy would love the chance to play Rafa again, but I gotta say, that win for Rafa was HUGE - scoreline AND confidence wise. I think all it takes is just one win for Rafa to feel like he has an edge over someone, and I think he's feeling better these days about his chances over Andy for sure. Before it was like, oh he's beat you all these times in a row, when are you going to win again? And now Rafa has that win. And it was a BIG win, IMO. Windy or not. Both players had the same conditions, no? :) Anyways, Rafa v. Murray will always be a good matchup because they're both able to give each other trouble. It will for sure be interesting to see what happens (should it happen!!)

  5. johanne: The IW win for Rafa was def huge in both the ways you say. He had lost to Andy a few times consecutively and to grab that crushing win in those trying conditions was important for his confidence.

    Andy now has double the motivation for revenge with the two Spaniards in his way. He's been talking about how much more relaxed he is at this tourney because he now has a home there, he sleeps in his bed every night, trained in Miami over the off-season so he's used to the conditions.

    I could also get really excited about a rematch of the Rafa-Nando Oz semifinal. Slower hard court conditions will suit them well.

    It's a tough call but these days it's hard to pick against Rafa at any tourney, on any surface. He's brimming with confidence and knows he can get through and win big even when his game is in the crapper and his legs are burning.

    Hmmm - me thinks HE should partner with ReRe and they should give a joint master class to the WTA Tour.

  6. Rich - I know this is not the right place to post, but is there any site out there that streams WTA matches? The is only streaming the men's matches.

    As much as I'm enjoying watching them, I would sure love to mix it up?


  7. Pretty much all the matches are going to be good from here on out, doncha think? Andy has a tough road to haul to get to Rafa, though.
    But the best news is all the Stefanki shots! Keep fighting, A-Rod!

    Richie, I rely on you for all my tennis pix. Asking me if I've seen any is like asking me if I paid any attention to who was playing Rafa. I saw them embrace on DirecTV after the match. (I also slow-mo'd it back and forth several times. ;)) Could you maybe get a screencap from that? Did I even use that word right, screencap?
    I guess if you don't have DirecTV, this is all meaningless. Anyway, they both looked great, and Gilles must surely be in need of some consolation from Sara and me. ;)

  8. ash: try this one -,3,4,5,6

    natch: true enough. the matches are going to be great (now watch them turn terrible.) drats - no luck with the pic. oh well, we all have our VIVID imaginations.

  9. Thanks Rich.


  10. Whatever!!!!Doping Murray vs Animal Nadal???duh????!!!!!

  11. Rich, I couldn't help but notice this and I thought I'd pass it own to you and the Rafanatics. Nadal and Wawrinka just started and after they got through warming up, the camera lingered on Rafa sitting on the bench looking down his shorts.

    I'm sure some of your ladies and gents would love that shot.

  12. Oh I saw that, van....boy did I see THAT....ahhhh :)

  13. WHAT!?!? Did he actually look DOWN his SHORTS?!?!? I saw him fiddle with the hem a bit, but look down!? Did he look stunned? Amazed? I bet I would!
    Screencaps pleeeaaase!!!

  14. Wawrinka had deja-vu 7-6 7-6 just like last week in IW aganist Djok.


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