Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Lindsay has too many homes but not for long (she hopes)!

Monday, March 2, 2009

PHOTO OP: Lindsay has too many homes but not for long (she hopes)!

Lindsay Davenport and hubby Jon Leach, who are expecting their second child, have put two of their multi-million dollar California homes up for sale.

The first one is located in the Emerald Bay section of Laguna Beach and is listed at $6,395,000 with the following description:

Revel in chic California Riviera style and impressive ocean views from this very private Emerald Bay residence. An abundance of space - a luxury within Emerald Bay - is found here, amid 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths and an open, flowing floor plan…Each room in this tastefully appointed home is finished with luxe materials, including artisan stone and tile, custom paint finishes, plank hardwood flooring, plantation shutters. Finished garaging for 3 cars plus golf cart and world-class Emerald Bay amenities.

The second home is located on Solimar Beach in Ventura and is listed at $5,500,000 with the following description:
Beach front property located on a wide lot with 60ft of ocean frontage. Extensively remodeled, this Cape Cod style property has sweeping ocean and coastline views. 4 surf spots and access to sandy beach, this is an exclusive surfer’s paradise. Outdoor patio with BBQ area and gas fireplace.
Amazing views and fantastic locations on both. I wonder if they're downsizing because of the tough economic times or going for one really huge home with the new addition on the way?

In any case, I'll be staring at these photos all day instead of watching MORE snow falling here in NYC.

*daydreams of sunnier, warmer days*



  1. Interesting!

    Two multi-million dollar homes within 100 miles of each other? I guess rich people really do have their own logic. Considering what a bad time it is to sell real estate, I'm assuming that they need the money.

    Snow! Sounds pretty. . .

  2. NOT...PRETTY...ANYMORE!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Richie...I just shoveled 6 inches over the weekend. Of snow. ;) My heart goes out to you.
    Now I'm listening to a group of men speaking Spanish outside my windows as they replace all the wood that rotted over this winter. Hey, maybe they can translate the Rafa video!
    *runs laptop outside*

  4. I feel your pain natch! Yes do it to it - but make sure you put a computer condom on before heading out into the snow!!

  5. Don't worry about me, Rich. I'm always prepared for a condom emergency!
    *comes back in, shivering*
    They say they'll translate if I pay them another $75! Hmmm...why do contractors always find another reason to tack up the bill?

  6. Are you serious? It's STILL snowing? I propose we switch places - NOW.

    *dreams of NY*

  7. Yes dead serious - though it's slowing down. I wish we could switch - teleport to and fro at our own leisure.

  8. We can arrange playdates for the pooches - and stay at home alternately. Hmmm. This plan has much to recommend for it.

  9. Or we could meet up at one of Lindsay's oversized abodes - I'm thinking the one on the beach.

    I bet it's fully furnished and they don't even use it that much. We could have a big blowout!

  10. What mean you by "blow"out, I wonder...

  11. Just how many homes do these people have???

  12. babz: Well then we'd be required to invite Rafa...he'll be at Indian Wells soon so we should coordinate...instead of golf during his off time he can stop by.

    *calls Rafa travel agent*
    *suggests IW detour to lind's beach house party*

    allison: more than me! and according to Freaky Frites from GOTOTENNIS the areas the houses are located in are within 100 miles of each other.

    It does seem over the top to have such huge, expensive homes relatively close to each other. I guess they need to off-load them.

  13. hey Rich why havent u said about Simone Bolelli's new tattoo??

  14. anon: Completely off-topic, obvs, but DO TELL! I haven't seen it yet - must've been blinded by the Bolelli beauty. Image link maybe???

  15. *sits in front of the heater and sobs*

    I can't take it anymore!!!!!! And I have to show my friend from Spain around NYC tomorrow. she and I are doing it WRONG!

  16. OMG, people, you live in NYC!NYC PEOPLE!!You're lucky and you even don't know how fmuch, so celebrate it even with 10 inchees of snow!!!I like dream of visiting NYC, as every single person in my lil country, and you are lucky to live there!What I would give to have that life....Ofcourse that life only if you have like good job and great apartment IN you have that, well lucky bastards!:)


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