Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: K-Swiss goes off-shore fishing, nets Anna K. (how lucky)

Friday, March 6, 2009

PHOTO OP: K-Swiss goes off-shore fishing, nets Anna K. (how lucky)

K-Swiss has released images from their Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign starring Anna Kournikova.

The original Russian glamourpuss, who hasn't completely shut the door on a comeback apparently, looks typically sexy in these black and white photos. She'll be starring in two TV spots and a series of print ads for the sports apparel brand.

So, what was the one of the themes here? Off-shore fishing?? C'mon, even Anna can't make this net look hot - we all have our limits.



  1. I love the photos where she's not working the fishing net look... She still looks pretty damn good. I've kind of missed having her around.

  2. Yeah of course. But the whole idea was executed horribly.

    She still looks hot - especially splayed out on top of all those balls. Lucky.


  3. Yeah, she still looks darn good.

    Say what you will about her, Shrieka, Naturana, and all the other imposters have NOTHING on her. Well, in the looks department anyways.

    To this day, I can't see what everyone sees in Shrieka - maybe if I cropped her head off some photos I would get with the club ;)

  4. Hmm. I kinda like the second picture actually. *shrugs*

    Wouldn't throw her outta my bed.

    I know, I know, I accept my fate. :D

  5. anon: she's def prettier than Shrieka though not NaturAna IMO. But she pulls off the whole sex kitten thing better than any of the wannabes on the Tour.

    babz: we know, we know - HA!

  6. I definitely got her hype, she is pretty and she exudes "sex." When she was playing and in front of the camera, it comes across.

    Ana I, love her but she just seems so girly, baby fist pumping, smile while talking, pink, puppy dog tails and baby seals cute. Maria? I never got it from the shoulders up. lol

  7. In my case Ana K's looks are not to my taste at all, but I fully agree that she does have that 'sex' factor and she *knows* how to work a camera... even though the net 'concept' is so laughable and ill-conceived.

    It's to her credit that she (mainly) pulls it off.

    Pamela, could not agree more about Ana-Ivo or Maria, though in Maria's case it's not just shoulders up, but also the shoulders down for me. I see a tall, (relatively) thin girl. Her body has never impressed me. Nor has it struck me as particularly 'sexy', but hey.

  8. anna k is prettier than shrieka but not against ana ivanovic. sexier, yes, but ana ivo is way ahead when it comes to the looks department.

    i think the latest swimsuit wannabe-model wta girls on SI (makiri, dani h, golovin) can learn a lot from anna k.

  9. Anna Kournikova in her prime time was a babe with the biggest B!She supposedly had anorexia or anyhow f** her body up, and lost her appeal big time¨!Last couple of years she was a walking skeleton, and screwed her beauty.When I remember her perfect body as an teenager or early tweenties, and that perfect hair, she was incredible!She was the bomb!Ana Ivanovic is a natural beauty, that fairly filled Kournie's department, but she and Masha both are too tall, they're giants!Kourni is 1,75cm tall which is ideal for women, and that combined with the looks, and the sex appeal, puts her in the first place.But it's good to have different types of beauties.All of them have really beautiful faces, but two of them are giants, that are only minuses....


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