Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JJ dumped out of Indian Wells by Anastasia, continues seasonal slumber

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PHOTO OP: JJ dumped out of Indian Wells by Anastasia, continues seasonal slumber

It's official: Jelena Jankovic is in a full-blown Serbian Slide.

The former top lady baller was shocked by rising 17-year old Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-4, 6-4 in the second round at Indian Wells. The former junior Grand Slam champ will face Karin Knapp for a spot in the fourth round.

I suppose it's not a total shock since JJ has been struggling mightily recently and also admitted her game is lacking that explosive first step after building up to much bulk in the off-season (not to mention some questionable training practices.) I can think of one aspect of her game that really could've used some beefing up though: her serve.

In any case, she really needs to get back to the basics of her game and what got her to the WTA Penthouse: speed, consistency, and accuracy of shot. It's never too late.

(image via getty)


  1. Haha! Awesome pic. How fitting with the post, and great title!

    The dress is not bad.

  2. She looks like Marylin Manson. I shit bricks!

  3. Says JJ:
    “I'm struggling in this moment to find my game overall and find the confidence on the court,''

    “My whole concept of the game, it's kind of off, especially during the points. I don't feel some of my shots that were my weapons before.''

    “Overall everything is wrong. I need a lot of work.''

    If only she could fix her problems! I like it when she brings the dramz but not that way...

    I really wonder what's in the water there in Indian Wells! The favorites are dropping like flies!

  4. Maja - I don't think the water there has anything to do with the favs dropping like flies, LOL! The problem has been going on way before IW, save Elena D who's been actually playing well.

    I think the other problem is these favs have been been playing way too many tourneys. They should take a page from the W sisters. Even Ana or Shrieka know when to say "no" to tourney directors.


  5. lol - I bet Maja knew the water has nothing to do with dropping of favorites!She was kidding man.

  6. She needs to:

    1) take a break to let her body and mind rest
    2)get back to basics and work on the serve
    3)burn that outfit.

  7. Anon - I was kidding too hence the LOL! Maja can see that I knew she was kidding. I'm agreeing with her.


  8. I quite like her dress and dont think its all that bad. At least she is realising what her problem is that is the most important step admitting and realising what your problem is. Now she has to work on getting back all the elements that made her a great player.


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