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Friday, March 27, 2009

PHOTO OP: A hard habit to break for A-Rod + Rafa - but which is worse?

Andy Roddick was spotted getting his usual scratch on during a practice session in Miami today.

Now, A-Rod's crotch fondling is just as frequent as Rafa's butt picking. So which one is more, eh, distracting (read: which one are you gawking at the most)?


See more images of A-Rod here.

(image via Queerty, courtesy of Splash News; The Lonely Sandpiper)


  1. Well DEFINITELY Roddick's! At least Rafa's not digging for gold when he does the picking!

    Really Rich - I can't believe you even have to ask!

    *mind boggled*

  2. *nods in agreement*
    Yes. It's like A-Rod is checking to make sure it's there. Dude, are you THAT insecure? Or is it THAT small?

  3. At our house, we've been known to have drinking games themed on Andy's honks and Rafa's picks. People get tipsier more quickly during Rafa's matches but distraction level? The Roddick Honk seems more vulgar than Rafa's pick, but seems to happen less frequently.

    It's a tough call. :)

    Happy Friday, Rich!

  4. I prefer Andy's ball scratching to Rafa's butt picking. Perhaps it's because I grew up with boys and ball scratching was ridiculously commonplace. Plus I can't actually remember seeing Andy do that during a match but Rafa does it ALL the time.

    P.S. Do you think that some people don't like shaking Rafa's hand because they know where it has been?

  5. "Plus I can't actually remember seeing Andy do that during a match"

    Seriously? He does it ALL THE TIME during matches!

    And between the two, I won't shake Roddick's hands - at least Rafa's picking hands does not touch the skin.

  6. Rafa's picking is worse, he digs way too deep

  7. Babz in my defense...yeah.

    Anyway, I can't stop staring at Rafa's ass because I'm trying to figure out if his underpants are digging into his glutes creating the dreaded 4-cheek effect or if his pulling of the fabric whilst digging is causing the effect on his left butt cheek.

    Does anyone know?

  8. *mesmerized*
    I just can't stop staring at Rafa's ass.

  9. Rafa is really annoying with that arse picking thing - does he have crabs or something? Seriously he does it all the freakin' time during the match. Every single point. Every single serve. It drives me mad, particularly when I'm cheering for the opponent who happens to be losing to Rafa.

  10. I had to ask! Anything that brings attention to either nether region is fair game.

    But question: why aren't the lady ballers grabbing the boobs or scratching their stuff? Is it just a guy thing?? Or are they more disciplined (read: scratch when no ones looking)???

  11. Rich: So funny that you brought this up bc I was *this close* to asking you about it! HA! Anyways, the Rafa thing is a wedgie pick, as in he's grabbing his underwear and pulling it down & out. A-Rod is straight up grabbing his bits & kibbles and shaking them around. I'm sorry, that seriously grosses me out. It would be like the equivalent of a lady baller adjusting her camel toe. I'm less offended by the wedgie scenario without a doubt. I would not shake A-Rod's hand after that nonsense. Ewww.

  12. I'm with Sara. I've never noticed Andy doing that. Probably because I stay as far away from his matches as I can. So, I guess I'd pick him (ew pick) as being the more distracting, because Rafa's isn't distracting anymore. Plus, I quite enjoy a look at Rafa's lovely man lumps.

  13. Anon 6:33 - How could you not think Andy is the one fighting a mad case of crabs with the way he's always itching his crotch? WAY more suspicious to me than Rafa picking a wedgie. Get thee to a doctor and check out your junk, A-Rod. Hope Brooklyn is respecting herself and protecting herself!! Yikes.

  14. HA CLASSIC comments. And yeah I've seen A-Rod rough his stuff plenty o' times. I watch very, VERY closely.

  15. *sighs*
    I guess I have to be the voice of reason. (I'd rather be the voice of lust.)

    I work with both male and female bodies. Yes, there is a difference between men and women. Women tend to be more discreet. Men simply don't care. I'm not picking on either sex. It's just he way it is.
    I also work with a lot of professional male athletes. They are the worst, because no one has ever told them how disgusting they are. Sorry, I shouldn't have used "disgusting". I'll just say male athletes are usually trained by other males, and males simply don't care. (Except you, Richie, my electric love muffin!) My guys are always shocked when I don't allow certain things in my sessions. Then they learn they really don't need to *check* certain parts in my yoga class.

    I understand sports is different from yoga. In sports, things can get jostled and need to be adjusted. WAY more often with men than women. My own personal view is that these adjustments sometimes become habits that aren't corrected. But they are in MY class!

    Rafa, if you're interested, I can have your wedgie-free in 3 seconds! ;)

  16. natch: 3 seconds? You're def being kind. I'm thinking more like light speed here where Rafa's concerned. The boy wouldn't know what groped him.

    Okay so not the voice of reason - more like a reasonably lusty voice. Me thinks that fits better.

  17. Oh, Richie, you don't know how I've had to control myself with some of the views I get...

    Student: Natch, do you really have to hold me THERE in this pose?
    natch: Oh, yes. Yes I do. It's for my, I mean your, YOUR own protection.

  18. The thing that's odd is that Rafa does it wedgie or not. From what he's said in interviews (whether he's fessing up the truth or not), it started when he was young because his butt was too big and his undies rode up. Now he does it on court and off court. I honestly don't think he's aware he's doing it most of the time. It's like a nervous tick.

    At least he doesn't do this often:

  19. OMG - *drools* can he please do THAT more often? Not offensive in the least - quite the opposite in fact.

  20. miri,
    That's what I mean about it becoming habit-forming.

    *loooks at link*
    OH. MAH. GAWD.
    WHY doesn't THAT become a habit???
    Oh, I mean ditto, Rich.

    Rafa, I'm willing to help it become one. Call me.

  21. johanne: "bits and kibbles"? ROFL! Or how about "bite and nibble"? Or maybe not - if it's the crabfest you're talking about. Ick.


  22. @miri, I'm hoping that underwear is grey in colour and not actually that colour from lack of washing.

  23. thank god someone else has noticed the a-rod's incessant ball turns my stomach every time he does it, which is pretty much all the time when he plays...once you've had it pointed out you can't miss it...rafa's (cute)arse picking is nowhere near as revolting

  24. Rich: It's not easy to make me laugh and vomit at the same time. But you did it with that crabfest comment of yours!! :D

  25. It's clearly a nervous tic with both.

    Actually, Rafa tugs at his pants even outside tennis court, completely unawares, whenever he's about to do something demanding, like speak in public or perform a golf drive.

    Check out this excellent article from The Times - the Brit journo played golf with Rafa in IW two years in a row:
    “He's going to unpick the same ‘wedgie' that he does when he's about to serve,” I told Cynthia Gorney. “You're kidding me,” she replied, but there it was, as Nadal's khakis were pinched and yanked just before he unleashed a tumultuous drive. We could not help but laugh. “What?” Nadal asked, wanting to know what was so funny. Better not to answer.

  26. CRABS...????????

  27. RICH, I'm getting a bit sick of these pictures, including the ones of federer a few days ago. It's feels very intrusive, voyeuristic, and downright weird. Can you just stick to the tennis news?

  28. RiCH, lady ballers do that too.... pay attention to Venus's matches. She loves to pull forward the part of her dress below her neck/around her boobs and wipe her sweaty face with it.

    Get a towel, V.

  29. Marc, you do know we gay tennis fans love all these intrusive, voyeuristic, and downright weird pictures, right?

    If you want news, just go visit yahoo sport tennis site.

    I visit DtL daily for all these titbits....this is what made this blog the best tennis because RiCH posts not only news, but these images.

  30. Don't mind Andy's ball scratching but Rafa's butt picking does my head in,yuck!! I find Fed fiddling with his hair annoying too! lol Suppose their all have their rituals & habits.

  31. No contest. Definitely Roddick's gross very offensive constant ballgrabbing,something which is considered an obscene gesture of the very lowest taste here in Spain.

  32. Hands down Andy's...low life behaviour there from him...ball scratching, ew

  33. It appears that both Andy and Rafa are suffering from too much of a good thing, hence the constant adjusting and picking. ;)

    Either way, I'm not complaining.

  34. C'amon, Rafa's picking is cute!


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