Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Gilles has no idea where he is or what he's doing

Thursday, March 5, 2009

PHOTO OP: Gilles has no idea where he is or what he's doing

Gilles Simon was spotted looking morning fresh as he sat through his country's Davis Cup presser in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The Frenchies have battled the Czechs 13 times in DC play and hold a 7-6 advantage.

Let's hope Gilles gathers himself (and combs his hair) before hitting the courts this weekend. Just sayin'.

PS - Check out the ATP World Tour's breakdown of the opening ties here and VANtage Point predictions here.

(image via getty)


  1. I think it's cute.
    Look at those eyes. Pure mischief. I want to go out drinking with Gilles!
    (And shower with Rafa afterwards.)

  2. Natch,
    and while you are out drinking with Gilles, I'll do something with Rafa so that he needs a shower afterwards... (-:

  3. I'll dry him - on the bed. With my body.

  4. Now that's what I call teamwork!

  5. No def cute - and he looks like he probably has that "just rolled outta bed" smell too. Could be good or bad depending...

  6. Yeah, Gilles is a cutie. No doubt about it.

  7. Alright, girls (Rich, you're included), you all can keep him occupied. But I also want a massage from Tommy Haas. Then Ross can come in and rub his jaw all over my body. THEN I'll be ready to shower with Rafa.

    Richie, you're right about the smell. There's a study that proves it. Iirc, it's supposed to derive from an attraction to an opposite portion of DNA, so genes won't mutate. In other words, if you like someone's smell, theoretically your DNA will compliment his or hers. It doesn't always work out, but that's the way it's supposed to work.
    Geez, can you tell I worked with a bunch of academics last week? Any way, I volunteer to smell Rafa first thing in the morning and report back. I'll do it right after I feel him for Van.

  8. Uh...oh...
    *cries at thought of not liking Rafa's smell*
    Sorry, Rich. I think this post was originally about cute Gilles. Forgot.

  9. " In other words, if you like someone's smell, theoretically your DNA will compliment his or hers. "

    My psych major BFF told me this a while ago, and I was with someone then whose smell sometimes offends me, and I went "uh-oh" LOL.

    But yeah. Not worried about not liking Rafa's smell. For god's sakes we're so compatible I can smell him through my tv screen.

  10. Interesting natch. I always loved Kalil's smell actually.

    So if you like someone's smell it theoretically means it's complimentary but if you don't like their smell it could mean it's the same smell as yours or something completely different (and stinky to you I guess)?

  11. Rich,
    You and Kalil can have babies, then! Except one of you needs a uterus. I'll give you mine. Rather old, but never been used.

    If my memory is correct, then if you don't like their smell, your DNA is too similar, and your children could be hideous freaks. The way it was explained to me was that it was another example of survival of the fittest.

    I don't care if I don't like Rafa's smell. I don't want to bear his children, I want to f--k the hell out of him!

    But getting back to Gilles, I still want to hang out with him. Bed head, bad smell, he'd still be a bunch of fun. I am dying to get on a scale with him. I still think I outweigh him.

  12. >>If my memory is correct, then if you don't like their smell, your DNA is too similar, and your children could be hideous freaks.<<

    Just to jump in on the smell thing, I've heard of this too. Saw a show about sexual attraction on the Discovery Channel a while back, and they were doing this experiment in Austria I believe, where women smelled the sweaty just-worked-out-in t-shirts of several different men, and then rated the smells in terms of how repulsed or attracted they were to it. Interestingly enough, one of the women was related to one of the men, and she was absolutely DISGUSTED when she smelled his shirt (not knowing who it belonged to, obviously). The scientists were then talking about how our sense of smell can be used to detect a relative (subconsciously)in order to ultimately avoid incest. Very primitive type stuff. Anyways, thought it was interesting and just wanted to share :)

    P.S. Mmmmmm Rafasmell...definitely NOT related!!

  13. I read something about that too, and it kinda does make sense, even without the scientific reasoning. I don't think I've ever smelled a relative of mine and get, er, turned on.

    Oh my. Did we turn this into a science blog?

  14. I love it all! Such interesting stuff - my geeky side is all tingly.

  15. I just love anything that has to do with sex! Knowledge is power, you know.

  16. Oh, how I adore the French. Maybe I should spend the summer in Switzerland stalking them.

    *buys ticket to Neuchatel*

  17. Yeah, that smell thing is totally true. I've heard and read about it lots of times already.
    And johanne, as I recall, that experiment did indeed take place in Austria! We had a show about it, too.

    I think smell is very important for (sexual) attraction. I remember having a male friend who was totally in love with me and also totally adorable boyfriend material, except for the fact that his smell (though it wasn't bad) didn't really attract me. We never got together.
    On the other hand, my current real life crush (sorry Rafa :P) smells incredible to me, and his scent always lingers in my conscience even days after I've met him. *swoon*

    Now back on topic: Gilles is soooo cute!!! Baby Pom!!!
    And don't get me started on f*cking the hell out of Rafa. o_O

    Sorry for the neverending post. LOL

  18. sonja: LMFAO!!! Screw Gilles, I want to hear more about you and your man!!

  19. ROFL Rich...

    Well he isn't exactly "my man" yet - but I'm sure as hell working on it, I swear.


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