Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Fed flashes his MBB in Miami

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PHOTO OP: Fed flashes his MBB in Miami

Roger Federer was spotted flashing his Mustached Belly Bump during a practice session at Crandon Park in Key Biscayne for the Sony Ericsson Open. It seems Svetlana Kuznetsova joined the former No.1 during the session (couldn't hurt faltering game I suppose.)

Okay, not usually a fan of MBB's but at least Fed's doesn't make me want to throw up chunks like David Nalbandian's or Vince Spadea's. I mean, theirs even smiled back. GROSS.

See more images below + here.

PS - Thanks to LynnLovesTennis!

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  1. mbb?, what mbb? I have to say my eyes went directly to the... shorts. ahem... wow

  2. You guys are so silly, you need to hang out with my wife and the rest of her male friends, it's all good by the way, I just prefer seeing pics of Ana Ivanovic, Maria Karilenko and Tatiana--hmm I love me some Tati.

    Come on Rich, you know old Roger has never been a buff tenista. He's never been muscular, even when he was making the rest of the guys on the tour look like his harem of bitches.

    If Fed is serious about playing into his mid 30's ala Andre he's gonna have to lose that gut though. He should drop Nike as his sponsor and switch to Adidas so he can take advantage of Gil and the gang's awesome mentoring techniques. If they can turn old Phau Hawk Fernando in a top tenner I know Roger can start workin on Rafa again. All he needs to do is shore up his backhand and get more aggressive on the 2nd serves.

    I want more Tati!

  3. I want more Tati too though I'm thinking in a very different way. But she's still on injured-reserve so we'll have to wait and see.

    If Tati busts out some slutty pics, I'll post them just for you Nate W. Deal?

  4. Rich-

    You are the man. Next time Irina and I come to new york(maybe in September for the Open) we'll have to play some tennis. What level are you? I'm a 4.0--if I didn't serve like Guillermo Coria I'd be a 4.5.

    I can't wait to see some skanky Tati pics. My wife is from Venezuela and she always claims how hot Jimy Szymanski is, you heard of him? I'm just trying to return the favor for giving me more access to Tatiana.

    Later dogg.

  5. *covers mouth* they all need to stay dressed. 0.0

  6. What does MBB mean?

    Sorry, cant get into it. Roger's hairy body is so gross to me.....

  7. LOL - at this point I think Coria is a 4.0. I've actually never been rated but if I were to I'd say about a 4.0.

    I actually went for a hit today (it broke 50 degrees in NYC - I was happy.) My serve has hurting but the groundies were sharp.

    Sounds good - hit me up!

  8. b2012: OMG - I think the worst MBB offender has to be Nalby's especially when it was rolling in slow motion in that video. I swear it lives and breathes all on its own. And it smiled. Pinky swear.

    anon: MBB = Mustached Belly Bump

  9. LOL agreed. Nalby's does have a life of its own. *shudders*

  10. >>Mustached Belly Bump<<
    *slaps thigh*
    God, I missed this place.

  11. >>I think the worst MBB offender has to be Nalby's especially when it was rolling in slow motion in that video. I swear it lives and breathes all on its own. And it smiled. Pinky swear.<<
    *spits wine on screen*
    Oh, Richie...
    ...I missed you most of all. :D

  12. natch: ROFL! Can't wait to take on Andre + Steffi at that Wimby exo. I think I'll wear my sneaky pink knickers - for distraction of course. I'll take all the advantages I can get against those two. If I have to use my body, so be it. I've done that for free, so why not when I'm getting paid?

  13. Richie,
    I swear I played one day in what had to be 75mph winds. I held my own. So I am road-tested and ret-ta-go. But...erm...I was planning on NOT wearing any knickers. We might match (I got burned in some verrrrry unexpected places.)

  14. @anonymous. My eyes keep being drawn to the same place.


  15. anon 1+2 : LOL! Even Sveta is curious - or horny.

  16. Nate

    I'm from Venezuela,and let me tell you that Szymanski kind of looks like Michael J Fox,short,brunette, and baby face.He is now the Venezuelan Davis Cup Captain.

    In my opinion Nicolas Pereira, a player who was ranked in his days among the top 50(beat Becker and Muster) looks way better, even in his forties. There is also a current player named De Armas, not so good of but good looking and with a hot body.

    I hope you can use this info to please your wife.

  17. Oops, it should say not so good of a player


  18. That first pic make me want to throw him some Mardi Gras beads.

  19. Check out pregnant lady in the white headband's face in the second picture.


    Anon 1, you're a person after my very heart!

  20. @anonymous 1 and 2: Me too.
    -anonymous 3

  21. LMAO @ anonymous #1! I did the same thing!

  22. whahahah!!!!!!!!

    fed's crotch outline was really visible....

    and sveta is just staring on it!

  23. "Check out pregnant lady in the white headband's face in the second picture."

    BWHA! :D

    And Sveta is TOTALLY staring. Hehe.

  24. I'm telling you - she's either drooling over it or wondering why hers looks bigger in shorts.

  25. Hey Anon, now that you say it, Nicolas Pereira is the guy my wifey was talking about. I just remember Jimy being the better player out of the two. Bueno chamo, ojala que pases bien. Realmente, prefiero Alisa Machado o Gabriela Espino. Son guapas!

  26. anon: MBB = Mustached Belly Bump

    rich, please submit this to urban dictionary. I tried looking it up but it wasn't defined yet. ;)

  27. I always thought Sveta is gay....

  28. anon 12:48 - I so submitted MBB to Urban Dictionary and they're going to publish it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    anon 2:25 - I've never seen proof either way. No shots/rumors of her with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe she's asexual and spawns buds to reproduce. Who the hell really knows - but I'd like to so I can blog about it. In a good way. With good intentions. Only.

  29. Federer should get his belly waxed. And his anus, too. Say no to dingleberries, Roger!

  30. Nate

    Gracias chamo, todo bien. What city is your wife from? I guess you've been in Venezuela before. My last visit to US was a month ago.

    About your choices, I pick Gaby.Alicia is kind of slutty.I don't know if you have seen her sex tape?


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