Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Even Rafa can't stand his own funk

Thursday, March 12, 2009

PHOTO OP: Even Rafa can't stand his own funk

Rafael Nadal was spotted freshening up during a practice session at Indian Wells.

Wait - why is that bottle so huge? Is he seasoning those pits or just deodorizing??

Must be pretty stank.

(image via reuters)


  1. Some nice talcum powder to prevent pit-chafing, no?

  2. super-sized for super stank, no??

  3. No, Rafa only smells of roses! He is perfect, no?!

  4. Leave Rafa alone. lol

    Rich um .. you know Mirka is pregnant? Fed says so himself on his site. How great is that? :)

  5. Mrs. Dash for the pits perhaps?

    BTW, Roger and Mirka are preggers!!!!

    I'm happy for them, considering all the crap they've been going through with Roger's tennis/coaching stuff

  6. Mirka & Roger are having a baby???? That's too awesome!

    Wonder how they'll name him/her...

    Roland for a boy and Paris for a girl?

  7. Cashmere, for either boy or a girl ROFL

  8. Wait a minute wait.

    Summer? When is summer? Is it time of Wimby? WHEN????

  9. How 'bout Ralph for a boy, Lauren for a girl???

    Me likes!!!

  10. *blinks*
    *rubs eyes*
    This is the first post ever I've seen on DtL with a photo of Rafa and comments about Fed. Usually, it's the opposite.

    I don't care what he's doing...he's SHIRTLESS! What more could I want? Well...I guess pantsless, too.

  11. Pretty sure I'd be down to sport Rafa's man-scent as a perfume. And besides, I'm mostly just staring at his treasure trail...Mmmmmmmm....

  12. Totally. Love. That. Fluffy. Treasure. Trail.
    Johanne, mmmmmmmm...indeed.

  13. >>Summer? When is summer? Is it time of Wimby? WHEN????<<
    OH! I just now got what you mean. Summer is about June through August up here. So any time between Wimby and the USO, she could pop.

  14. Oh God. If she births during a GS, do you think he'd pull out? What if she goes into labor during a GS final??

  15. He just does things, irrespective of who's watching or where he is. The least selfconscious celebrity ever. His armpits needed talcum, he sprinkles talcum on them.

    I remember his RG day-after photoshoot with the trophy: they brought this special tee with French inscription about making history with his 4 wins, and he simply changed shirts sitting there on the paraphet of the bridge, in front of all these photoreporters. Some great pics ensued, just like now.

    He's a natural.

  16. Now THIS is the picture they should have used for the Lanvin campaign.


    Classic Rafa.

  17. i wonder if how their sales would do if they used this image - maybe they could do a before and after. this one then the actual one.

    *writes lanvin, suggests ad campaign sequel*


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