Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Ballers hit up SEO party - so what did they wear?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

PHOTO OP: Ballers hit up SEO party - so what did they wear?

The top ballers in the world gathered for the annual Sony Ericsson Baller Party last night at LIV Club in the Fontainebleau Hotel.

The big trend for the ladies? Bold animal prints. Some did it well while others did it questionably. The boys stayed conservative with button-down shirts, suit/jackets, and jeans.


Serena Williams: Still working old Hollywood glamour, still looking sexy

Maria Sharapova: Only Shrieka could pull off Marrakech Pants. Plus, loving the accessories. The hair? Meh.

Novak Djokovic: Not breaking any new ground here, but Nole's duds fit him well and the pop of stripes + color are a good touch.

Venus Williams: Great dress, beautiful lines

Bethanie Mattek-Sands: Color me shocked. I can't believe it but B actually looks pretty good here.


Jelena Jankovic: Okay - what's up with JJ these days? First her game falls apart and now she looks like she's attending a funeral. *yawn*

Rafael Nadal: Really Rafa? You couldn't find a shirt to fit you?? Just show up topless then.

Caroline Wozniacki: Hey Wozzi, someone wants their piñata back.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: A snake died for that?

Agnieszka Radwanska: Cute dress, wrong shoes.

James Blake: You really should've taken up banking...or insurance sales.


Fernando Verdasco: CHEESEBALL.

Dominika Cibulkova: Tonight's entertainment is here boys. Get that pole ready.

(images via getty, great tennis photos)


  1. lmao@A snake died for that?

    Nando looks like he's going bowling.

  2. What's Nando wearing? Seriously, he now creeps me out. The bed-hopping, the hair, now this. Rico Suave of Tennis. Ick.

    Rafa, not the best look. The shirt looks like it was from Uncle Toni's closet. I hope it's just the angle but he looks a bit thin and tired there :(

  3. Rafito always looks scared and confused on the red carpet...and rarely looking hip and stylish too....oh well, boy feels the best in his natural habitat, shitless, sweaty on the court...
    Fernando is a milk-man going to town or who is he?What a waste of hotiness.
    Masha?Hum, with all that posibilites of sexy dresses, you go for that mess?Hair is not worth commenting.
    Serena, fierce!
    Ivanović didn't go?

  4. Rafa looks like he just had sex.
    Nope. Wasn't me.

  5. Blake looks fine imo. Boring but not that bad...
    Masha? Wtf? She could have done sooo much better! The hair, the make up... she tried way too hard but failed for once!
    Rafa looks like a little boy *awwww*

    Oh and where are Fed & Ana? Would have loved to see some nice pics of them...

  6. Marrakech Pants

    Is that what we're calling MC Hammer pants now...

  7. Ghastly and embarrassing. Where's the sense of fashion? Not even the Williams sisters have it. Maria does, thankfully, but where's Roger? He's the only male who knows how to "WORK IT".

    Very disappointing. No wonder tennis is viewed as a joke when million dollar players schlep in from bed and dont care what they look like.

  8. I actually kind of KIND OF like what JJ's wearing but if I were her I'd be pissed that Serena stole my Madrid 2007 dress.


  9. Where is that tennis viewed as a joke, pal?Not the case.Thank God.
    They all have more important things to do on daily basis, then to think about red carpet clothes.Basically, if you know w/clothes, you look great, but some of them obviously lack some fashion sense and good taste, but that's just how they are, it tells more about they would be pleasent to look at perfect duds and dresses, and perfect looks on all of them, but that would rob us from getting to see them as they really are, people with flaws and their own characters what can be seen on clothes too.

  10. Maria really does look like she's ready to break out with "Too Legit to Quit" - but, that's stylish to some.

  11. OK, I'm expanding the complaints; I'm sitting in the middle of a blizzard during my spring break.

    Cibulkova's dress would have been really cute if it had gone atleast three inches past her knees. Note: if you're short showing so much leg doesn't make you look taller.

    Tabasco: I don't know if he's a runaway construction worker/ranch aid or the reincarnation of a village person.

    James: get a tailor that jacket looks too big.

    Agie: fantstic dress, love the hair and those two outweigh the shoe question for me.

    Anastasia: NO. Trousers with snake print are wrooong on many levels plus, though you are a beautiful girl, you don't quite have the body type for leggings.

    Caro: You look pretty. I repeat YOU look pretty the dress however looks lake a tissu-paper penguin.

    Rafa: I understand that it is difficult to look good when you are constantly being ravaged by Natch, Babz and the other rafa-lunatics (there is now a level above rafanatic; this one involves a greater willingness to commit crime i.e. kidnapping and false imprisonement)but you're the #1 player you have to look good. My advice: embrace your own style (i.e. sweaty, half-naked doing some kind of sport.)

    Mattek: good
    Venus: good yet somehow questionable, idk why.
    Nole: Ok, stiff, boring.
    Maria: Those are beige hammer-pants; I don't know what's around your neck and I don't like your hair. How the HELL did you manage to make this shit look good? I hate you (I love what I can see of the shoes)
    Rere: you're rocking JJ's dress. lol

  12. I'm sorry but Maria looks like crap and a half. Her hair looks like a limp Farrah Fawcet 'do. Serena looks great! JJ makes me sad. Bring back the glitter!

  13. Cheese ball captures Fernando's overall vibe PERFECTLY! But at least he doesn't know he's a cheeseball, that makes him kind of endearing!

  14. Hilarious post Rich! And hilarious comments. LMAO!

    Here's my two cents:

    Serena - classy. Flove.

    Masha - daring, kinda weird, but I like it when people try something new (or old skool if we're talking MC Hammer LOL). The hair though - WTF?? Get a fresh hair-dye, dammit!

    Nole - solid.

    Venus - love the colours and the matching watch.

    Bethanie: Wow, this isn't even carazay! Hate the hair colour though. Too Peggy Bundy.

    JJ: A little boring, but okay to me.

    Rafa: Classic. He obviously isn't the "dress up fancy" kinda guy. The shirt looks wrinkly. And natch, he DID look like that when I left him in the hotel room after... um... golf lessons. :P

    Caro: HUH?!

    Nastia: OUCH. Here's Peggy Bundy again. And the shoes: ew. Big mishit!

    Agi: Love it!

    James: Oh well. Better than Mr. Wrinkly Shirt. ;)

    Nando: You. Cannot. Be. Serious. Did he just come in from branding cattle?!

    Dominika: Oy. Pit babe, anyone?

    /end of rant LOL

  15. I'm obsessed with Shrieka's hardcore 80's moment - maybe it IS my inner MC Hammer.

    *calls therapist*

  16. Sara,
    *hums Pink Floyd's "Lunatic Fringe"*
    LMAO! I agree with most of what you said. I'm not going to split hairs about what I disagree on, just because your post was so funny! :D

    *shakes angry fist*
    Welllll...okay then. Clean him up and send him to me! Nobody else minds if he drops out of the tourney for one night, do they?

    Hammer pants were never cool. They can't be made to look good. There is no way possible.
    Parachute pants, on the other hand...;)

    Hold on...
    *pictures Rafa in parachute pants*
    *pictures Rafa's crotch in parachute pants*
    send him to me in a pair of those, stat!

  17. novak is by far the best here!
    nando's outfit makes me internally vomit. as does
    seriously, what is with maria's hair?!

  18. Anon 2:21PM I agree about Nole (but I would...). I'm kinda loving Masha's pants in a really bad-but-yet-so-good way... And Nando? Well, I kind of expected it from him. I actually now just find him really funny...

  19. anon 2:21 - HA! internal vomit is the worst. IT BURNS.

    derangedsoviet: finally! someone gets the shrieka moment here - so good in a horrific 80's way. LOVE. You're right on with Nando too - he's fashion comedy.

  20. Novak is the best of the lot.

  21. Oh my. Fernando, your Feliciano will be so upset with you leaving the house like that...

  22. Rafa off court just doesn't have the swagger, on court he's irresistible, off court....well...he's just the skinny island boy.

    When I finally get to sleep with him I hope he brings the on court Rafa lol!


  23. Nole was the best while the rest were just forgettable....
    too bad roger wasn't there.he's by far the most fashionable and stylish one.

  24. Nole is decent - but nothing remarkable imo, and yet he manages to be one of the best dressed people there which is depressingly telling. Venus' dress is nice enough but she's being overly casual with those flats. Rafa usually looks well put-together so I don't know what went wrong...

    Serena and sexed up, cheesy leopard print - I don't like. I will close my eyes tight and try to pretend that I didn't see yet another ghastly outfit on Maria.
    The other criticisms are on point.

  25. ROFL! These comments are fucking CLASSIC.

  26. Rafa: The shirt IS a tad large, but the photo is bad, angle and light are awful. Miami Masters always makes its red carpet look like a police lineup. Here's a better view:

    Check out his Lanvin trainers:

  27. Domi oozes sex! Cute little sex machine.


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